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Burroughs Parts

32-2733-7765 Unisys DP 1150/1825 Pulley 6Dhz      
32-55T080x1/8s Burroughs TE1599 Encoder Drive Belt
32-75-2010-901 Burroughs Smart Jogger      
32-8214-1029-000 Burroughts SS Hopper Flag w/Separator Arm Assy      
32-8227-1792-000 Burroughs SS Open Hopper Flag w/Sep Arm Assy      
32-8227-4014-004 Burroughs SS Elite Main Dr Belt      
32-8227-4015-002 Burroughs SS Elite Rear CIS Wall Assy w/ CIS and Harness      
32-8227-4022-000 Burroughs SS Elite Front Image Wall Assy      
32-8227-4203-000-FI Digital Check SS Elite155 Felt Holder (Felt Insert Only)      
32-8227-4774-000 SmartSource Professional Elite FRU Power Switch      
32-8227-4782-000 Burroughs SS Elite FRU Main PCBA Assy w/Main PCBA and ESD Shield      
32-8228-1502-000 Burroughs SS Flag and Separator Assy      
32-SSP230100-PKA Burroughs Two Pkt 30 dpm -100 Hem Fdr w/Inkjet      
32-WRA008530 T2700 Black Ink Roll      
32-WRA008575 T2700 Tri-Color Ink Roll