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Maverick Parts

35-0038084 Reduction Pulley
35-0038106 Motor Pulley (60hz)
35-0K00YA Magner 75M Power Supply
35-0K00YA-U Magner 75M Power Supply, Good Used
35-0M002V See 38-0038202
35-0M00E4 Magner M95 On/Off Switch {Black}
35-0M00Y9 Magner 40 DAy Cleaning Kit- Replaces 35-0R0083
35-0N0052 Magner 915 Feed Belt
35-0N005F Magner 915 V-Belt
35-0N005G Magner 915 Timing Belt
35-0R0083 See 35-0M00Y9
35-0Z0008 Magner Currency Cleaning Card 10/pk
35-1107-0888 Magner 935 Tube Attachment Coin Outlet Sleeve
35-116XL025G Magner 75 Timing Belt
35-1193-1180 See 35-1193-1190
35-1193-1180-U Magner 930/100/110 Sensor - Good Used
35-1193-1190 Magner 930/100/110 Sensor
35-1193-1190-U Magner 930/100/110 Sensor - Good Used
35-1194-0880 Magner 110 DisplAy Case Label - Operation Panel OverlAy
35-12020301 Magner 935 Feed Belt
35-12020304 Magner 935 Lower Drive Belt
35-12020307 Magner 935 Upper Drive Belt
35-12020307 Magner Upper Drive Belt
35-12020308 Magner 935 Timing Belt
35-1K2-00077-1 Magner 75 Front Cover
35-1K2-00079-0 Magner 75 Back Cover
35-1K2-00080-1 Magner 75 Outer/Rear Door
35-1K2-00146-1 Magner 35-3 Cover, without Sheet Key
35-221EP002 See 35-2P0109
35-221MA003 Magner 20 Stacker Roller
35-221MM001 Magner 20 Top Pinch Roller
35-221MM002 Magner 20 STop Roller Assy
35-221MM010 Magner 20 Guide Roller Used w/232MB006 beaRing
35-222MA001 Magner 20 Start Roller Base
35-222MA004 Magner Gear, One Step
35-222MM008 Magner 20 Power Rotary Roller Shaft
35-222MM009 Magner 20 Roller, Metal
35-222MM010 Magner 20 Power Rotary Roller
35-222MM013 Magner 20 Tension Roller also order 232MB007
35-222MX001 See 35-MAG1112
35-222MX003 See 35-MAG0512
35-222MX004 See 35-MAG0522
35-222MX371 Magner 20 Belt
35-222MX372 Magner 20 Belt
35-232MB006 Magner 20 BeaRing for 221MM010
35-232MB007 Magner 20 Tension Roller BeaRing for 222MM013
35-232X001 Magner Model II 20 Stacker Motor
35-2P0109 Magner 220 DisplAy Board
35-3K2-00881 Magner 35 Sheet Key
35-3K2-00901 Magner 70 Asst. Roller
35-3K2-01378-0 See 35-4K2-04540-0
35-3K2-01658-1 Magner 75 Motor Pulley
35-3K2-01659-1 Magner 75 Stacker Wheel Pulley
35-3K2-01686-0 Magner 75 Note Holder Right and Left Set
35-3K2-01782-1 Magner M75 Touchpad Plain
35-3K2-01786-1 Magner M75 Touchpad PPR
35-3K2-01877 Magner 75 Sheet Key
35-3K2-018771 Magner 75 SheetKey
35-3K2-01897 Magner 75MD Sheet Key
35-3K2-02404-0-L Magner 35-3 Feed Roller Left
35-3K2-02404-0-R Magner 35-3 Feed Roller Right
35-3K3-02366-1 Magner 35-3 Touchpad
35-4K2-00430-4 Magner 75 Bronze Bushing
35-4K2-00508 See 35-4K2-04317
35-4K2-00623-5 Magner35-DC Separation Roller Double
35-4K2-00677TPS708 Magner 75 Sensor Count Recieve PCB
35-4K2-01553 See 35-3K2-00901
35-4K2-01560-2 Magner 35 Feed Roller Rubber
35-4K2-01619 Magner 70 R. Roller
35-4K2-01623-5 Magner 35 Core "A"
35-4K2-01626 See 35-3K2-01378
35-4K2-01678-1 See 35-4K2-04538-0
35-4K2-01678-3 Magner 70 Feed Roller
35-4K2-02172 Magner 70 Key DisplAy
35-4K2-02205-1 Magner 75 Clutch Holder with One WAy Clutch
35-4K2-02604-0 See 35-4K2-04318-0
35-4K2-02606 Magner 35, Kick Roller
35-4K2-03641-0 See 35-4K2-04309
35-4K2-03674-0 See 35-4K2-05751
35-4K2-03675-2 See 35-4K2-05750
35-4K2-03678-1 Magner 75 Separating Roller
35-4K2-03678-1-G Magner 75 Separator Roller Assy ReGrind (Cust Core Req.)
35-4K2-03678-1-R Magner 75 Separator Roller Assy Recoat (Cust Core Req.)**Don't sell this rollers aren't right yet***
35-4K2-03737-0 Magner 35-3/75 Kick Roller-Rubber
35-4K2-03887-1 Magner 75 Power Supply
35-4K2-04121-1 Magner 70/75 Pass Roller Rubber
35-4K2-04309-0 Magner 75 Bill Guide Roller
35-4K2-04317 Magner 70 Kick Roller
35-4K2-04318-0 Magner 75 Guide Roller
35-4K2-04538-0 Magner 75 Feed Roller {replaces 3K2-03753-0}
35-4K2-04538-0-H Magner 75 Feed Roller Hub
35-4K2-04538-0-U Magner 75 Feed Roller(Urethane) (Replaces 3K2-03753-0)
35-4K2-04540-0 Magner 35-3/70 Center Roller replaces 3K2-01378
35-4K2-04540-0-T Magner 75, Center Roller, Tire Only
35-4K2-04569-3 Magner 35/75 Sep. Roller
35-4K2-05600-1 See 35-4K2-04569-3
35-4K2-05750 Magner 75, Bill Guide Holder
35-4K2-05751 Magner 75, Bill Guide Shaft
35-4X213P Magner 75 Belt
35-8 Magner 75 Waved SpRing Washer
35-8.2X12X0.5 Magner 75 Poly Slider
35-900-100017 Magner 920/930 Coin Feed Belt
35-926-12020303 Magner 926 Drive Belt
35-926-311000 Magner 926 Centrifical Disk Assembly
35-B40S2M236 Magner 35-3 Timing Belt 118 Tooth 3.8" wide
35-B75MXL6.4 Magner 75 Timing Belt
35-CDS709-P-5 Magner CDS709 Security Paper(5pk)
35-CDS709-P-50 Magner CDS Security Paper (50pk)
35-DLC-4645P Magner M75 DisplAy
35-HCAGU-7 Magner 920 Coin Feed Belt
35-KAS-10001-0 See 35-KAS-10004-0
35-KAS-10001-1 Magner M75 Plasma DisplAy Board
35-KAS-10004-0 Magner M75 Feed Motor- Replaces KAS-10001-0
35-KAS-10006-0 Magner 75 Power Supply
35-KAS-10007-0 Magner 75 Power Supply
35-KAS-10008-0 Magner 75 MG Sensor PCB Assy.
35-KAS-10009-0 Magner 75 MG Sensor PCB Assy.
35-KAS-10066 Magner 75 Main Board
35-LNR-1680HHR See 35-W688ZZLNR
35-MAG0220 Magner 20 Belt
35-MAG0221 Magner 20 Belt
35-MAG0512 Magner 20 Power Roller Rubber
35-MAG0522 See 35-MAG0530
35-MAG0530 Magner 20 Power Sliding Roller Base W/ Rubber Replaces MAG0531 & MAG 0522
35-MAG0531 See 35-MAG0530
35-MAG0706 Magner 20 Guide Roller
35-MAG0751 See 35-221MM002
35-MAG1112 Magner 20 Start Roller Rubber (Kick Rubber 222MX001)
35-MAG1203 See 35-222MM013 & 35-232MB007
35-MAG1301 See 35-222MM008
35-Magner 75 Manual Magner 75 Parts Manual
35-Magner Pelican 305 Magner Pelican 305 Coin Counter/Sorter
35-MAGNER-75-B Magner 75 Currency Counter Basic
35-MP4207 Magner 75 Q3 Transistor
35-MP4212 Magner M75 Q3 Transistor replaces MP4207
35-RD34 Magner Pallet Knife
35-W688ZZLNR Magner 75 Ball BeaRing