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Tellerscan Parts

47-130007-03 Digital Check TS210/220/215/230/240/4120/CX30/BX7200 Scanners (Large)Cleaning KitIncl.25 Cards & 6 Alchohol Swabs
47-130007-03-C Digital Check Large Cleaning Kit - Compatible
47-130007-04 Digital Check TS210/220/215/230/240/4120/CX30/BX7200 Scanners (Small) Cleaning Kit - Incl 5 CL Cards & 2 Alchohol Swabs
47-140084-01 TellerScan 350EBS/400E Dr.Roller Assy
47-140092-01 TellerScan 350EBS Sep. Roller NLA
47-140093-01 TellerScan 350EBS/400E 1st & 2nd Feed Roller
47-140096-01 TellerScan TS400E Dr. Rllr Assy Complete Just Roller See 47-140084-01
47-140096-01-T TellerScan TS400E Dr. Roller Tire (Tire Only)
47-140109-01 TellerScan TS400 Assy, Belt Pulley
47-140114-01 Tellerscan TS350 Power Assy
47-141147-03 TellerScan 350/350E Main CPU PCBA
47-143020 TS220 Power Supply
47-143104 Teller Scan TS240 Mylar Exit Pkt Guide
47-144101-01 TellerScan TS220/230 Check Pusher (1st Feed Roller)
47-144101-01-T TellerScan TS220/230 Feed Roller (Position 1) (Tire Only) Check Pusher
47-144101-02 TellerScan 4120 Assy, Check Feed Roller - Position 1 TS220 (O-Ring)
47-146104-M Roller Assy
47-146104-M-T TellerScan TS220/230 Feed Roller (Position 2) (Tire Only)
47-146106-02 Teller Scan TS240 InkJet Holder & Cartridge w/Cable & Screws
47-146106-U TellerScan TS-230 Ink Jet Holder W/Cable - Good Used
47-146107-01 Digital Check Plastic Curve w/MICR
47-146128-S Digital Check Feed Roller Bushing
47-146131 Teller Scan TS240 Inner Plastic Curve w/Micr Roller & Spring
47-146132-01 TellerScan TS240 Assy Sync Emitter PCBA w/o Magnet
47-146132-02M Teller Scan TS240 PCB, Sync Sensor-Emitter w/Magnet
47-146138 TellerScan TS200/220/230 CIS Module Color w/82uf + Filter Cap
47-146141-M TellerScan TS230 Discriminator Roller
47-146141-M-FR TellerScan TS230 Discriminator Assy Feed Roller (Roller Only/Rubber)
47-146230 TellerScan TS240 Roller Flanged 12MM OD 3MM ID
47-148021-01 TellerScan TS230 Power Supply
47-148050-01 TellerScan TS230 Main Board
47-148050-02 TellerScan 4120 Main Board
47-148052-01 Digital Check TS-240 PCBA, Exit Sensors-Detector
47-148052-02 Digital Check TS-240 PCBA, Exit Sensors-Emitter
47-148161CIS-U Digital Check Teller Scan TS230 Front Camera Good Used
47-151121 TellerScan 4120 Assy, Reverse Tire TS4120U Ground
47-151160 Digital Check TS4120, Reverse Gear
47-151161 TellerScan TS230 Discriminating Roller
47-151161-01 Tellerscan TS240/TS4120 SADR ReplaCable Foam Discriminator Roller
47-151163 TellerScan 4120 Assy, 2nd. Feed Roller (Clutch & Bushing & Rubber)
47-151180 Digital Check TS4120 Exit Sensor TX and Exit Wall
47-153050-50 Teller Scan TS240 ES PCB
47-153103 Teller Scan TS240 Plastic Base w/Bumpons
47-153104 Teller Scan TS240 Center Cover w/Light Pipe
47-153104-01 Teller Scan TS240 Top Center Cover w/Light Pipe-Long Cutout
47-153105 Teller Scan TS240 Top Outer Cover w/Absorption Pad
47-153110-01 TellerScan TS240 Assy Solenoid/Exit Wall-Long
47-153120-01 TellerScan TS240 PCBA, Feeder Sensor/LED Indicator
47-153126 TellerScan TS240 Outer MICR Curve w/Rollers, Magnet, MICR Assy
47-153131 Teller Scan TS240 Inner Micr Curve w/Roller
47-153133 Digital Check TS-240 Assy. Printer Carriage
47-153143-02 Digital Check TS240 Assy 1st Feed Roller
47-153160 TellerScan TS240 Assy, CIS & Support, Fixed w/Exit Sensor
47-153161-01 Teller Scan TS240 CIS Support, Hinged w/Snap Retainer & Exit Sensor
47-153161-UV TellerScan TS240 Assy, UV CIS Support, Hinged w/Exit Sensor
47-153209 TellerScan TS240 InkJet Absorption Pad
47-153237 Teller Scan TS240 Domed Label DCC
47-153305 Teller Scan TS240 Feeder Brkt & Sensor/LED Holder
47-153312 Teller Scan TS240 Check Exit Tray Slide
47-1536106 Tellerscan TS220/TS230 Feed Roller, Position 2 / 146104
47-154021-03 Tellerscan 500 Power Supply
47-154387 TellerScan Ink Cartridge Clip
47-155117-01 Tellerscan TS500 Replaceable Discriminator Roller
47-364012-01 Digital Check TS220 Solenoid w/Cable
47-391800-01 TellerScan TS230 Ink Jet Cartidge Holder, NLA
47-913019 Digital Check TS-250 PCBA, SYNC Detector
47-913022 TellerScan TS240 PCBA Feeder Emitter
47-921046 TellerScan TS220/230 CIS Support Assy Hinged
47-921084-01 See 47-144101-01-T
47-921084-01-U TellerScan TS220/230 Feed Roller Good Used
47-921085-01 TellerScan TS220/230 First Pinch Roller
47-921091 TellerScan TS220/230 Assy Press. Lever
47-921091-01 TellerScan TS220/230 Assy Press. Lever Notched Rllr
47-928747-01 Teller Scan TS240 Tumbscrew, for Hinged CIS Door MS (Nylon 6/6)
47-BE0030 TellerScan TS240 Belt
47-BE0031 TellerScan 4120 Belt
47-CA0049 Teller Scan TS240 Cable, USB 2.0 Blk (Molded A Male to B Male)
47-CX30 Digital Check CheXpress CX30
47-IS0035 Digital Check Cleaning Kit (Large)
47-IS0036 Digital Check Cleaning Kit (Small)
47-MS0083 TS210/220/230/215/4120 & Digital Check CX30 Ink Cartridge
47-MS0095 TellerScan TS-240 Replacement 4 Line Ink Jet Cartridge
47-OR0013 Teller Scan TS400 O-Ring Large
47-SP0092 TellerScan TS350 EBS SpRing,recoil-Exit Flapper
47-TS220E-R TellerScan TS-220E IJ Scanner - Refurbished
47-TS240-100IJ TellerScan TS-240 100 Dpm Check Scanner with Ink Jet
47-TS240-50IJ TellerScan TS-240 50 Dpm Check Scanner with Ink Jet
47-TS4120-R TellerScan TS-4120 Refurbished