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Pitney Bowes Parts

98-001106 P/B Flange
98-02000016400 Becker VT 4.25 Vacuum Pump Rotor
98-04.00.16 Formax 630/640/Hasler/Neopost Folder Inserter Rubber Paper Puller
98-04.18.75DF Formax/Neopost/Hasler Folder Inserter Jogger Tire Only
98-04.29.76 36MM Folder Inserter 36MM Transportation Roller (Tire Only)
98-074157 Neuberger Pump Rebuild Kit
98-086444 P/B Cable Tie
98-10005-008 P/B LH Side Guide
98-10005-009 P/B RH Side Guide
98-10006-007 Pitney Bowes Feed Roller
98-10006-069 Pitney Bowes Blue Roller
98-10006-070 Pitney Bowes 3/4 inch Nip Roller
98-10008-024 Pitney Bowes Separator Release
98-1000853 P/B Olympus II Idler Pulley
98-10009-002 PB 1500-IJ Slide Guide Mounting Bracket
98-10009-046 P/B Bracket Side Guide
98-100097 P/B F20 Latch-Tool Operated
98-10010 P/B Shaft-Drive Gear Lower
98-1001088-01 P/B Olympus II Belt 143 X .75
98-10011-002 P/B W790 Plate Roller Mtg (Tongue)
98-100114 P/B Compression Latch
98-1001376-05 P/B Olympus II Input Sensor
98-1001380-01 P/B Olympus II Belt 124.375 X1.5
98-10014-001 Pitney Bowes Urethane Belt
98-100143 P/B Washer Counter Sink
98-1001566-01 P/B Olympus II Belt 140 X .75
98-1001567-01 P/B Olympus Transport Belt
98-1001574-01 P/B Olympus II Belt 1.5 X 1 inch Idler Assy
98-1001580-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 79.75 x 1.5
98-1001581-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 26.25 x 1.5
98-1001582-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 41.0 x 1.5
98-1001583-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 65.5 x 1.5
98-1001584-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 79.0 x 1.5
98-1001585-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 35.25 x 1.5
98-1001586-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 32.25 x 1.5
98-1001588-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 33.25 x 1.5
98-1001589-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 12.25 x 1.5
98-1001590-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 97.25 x 1.5
98-1001759 P/B #10 Washer
98-100176 P/B Spring Anchor
98-1001829-01 P/B Olympus II Transport Belt
98-10020-316 Pitney Bowes 1500-IJ Ratchet Handle KNob
98-10020-503 Pitney Bowes Feeder Chassis Assy.
98-1002085-01 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 30.25 x 1.5
98-1002270-01 P/B Olympus II Super Compliant Roller 3.063 x 1.5
98-1003122-01 Pitney Bowes Belt/Olympus Sorter
98-1003189-02 P/B Olympus Grooved Feeder Belt
98-1005280-01 P/B Olympus II Upper Clutch Bushing
98-1006402-03-R P/B Olympus II Pocket Assm, V2.2 - Rework
98-1006403-01 P/B OlympusII MultiTier Super Compliant Rllr 3.163X1.0
98-1008917-01 P/B Olympus II DC Pocket Belt 15.875 x .875
98-1009959-01 P/B Olympus II Motor Coupling
98-1011721-01 P/B Olympus II, CCW MS Kicker Compliant Roller Assy.
98-10908460RB Moore 3100 High Speed Rlr
98-10908490RB Moore 3100 Low Speed Rlr
98-110050 P/B Plunger Assy.
98-110068 P/B Plunger Assy.
98-11400221 Moore Timing Belt
98-11400357 Moore Spline Shaft w/o BeaRings
98-11400430 Moore Loop Control Board Assy
98-11400607 Moore Gear 12T
98-11758090 Moore 8500 Paper Guide
98-11761660-R Moore 3400 Burster Roller Low. Slow Speed Recoat
98-11761660-RS Moore 3400 Burster Roller Low. Slow Spd Recoat & Sleeved
98-11762130RB-R Moore 3400 Burster Roller Low. High Spd Recoat
98-11762130RB-RS Moore 3400 Burster Roller Low. Hi Spd Recoat & Sleeved
98-11764800 Moore 7400 Cord Assy.
98-11775990 Moore 3400 SpRing Finger Assy (1.75)
98-11776000 Moore 3400 SpRing Finger Assy (1.79)
98-11776010 Moore 3400 SpRing Finger Assy (1.90)
98-12004-006 PB Vacuum Conveyor Shaft Overhead 16�
98-12007-011 PB Vacuum Conveyor Block, Locating
98-120096 P/B Taper Pin-Set of 5
98-12011-003 PB Vacuum Conveyor Plate, Nip Roller Adj
98-12011-010 PB Vacuum Conveyor Plate, Nip Roller Mtg
98-120166 Pitney Bowes Detector Sensor
98-120410 Pitney Bowes 1225/1250 Feed Belt Drive Pulley
98-121013 Pitney Bowes 1225, Shaft 5/16-18 Thd PP
98-121212 Pitney Bowes 1250, Pivot Pin
98-121504 Pitney Bowes 1250 Disc Chip Deflector
98-121508 Pitney Bowes 1250 Bushing
98-121600 Pitney Bowes LA 1225/1250 Frt Knife
98-121601 Pitney Bowes LA 1225/1250 Lg Rear Knife
98-1225-U Pitney Bowes 1225 Letter Opener {Used}
98-125126 P/B LA-1200 Letter Opener Chip TrAy
98-126501 Pitney Bowes LA-1200 Rubber-Foot
98-126503 Pitney Bowes 1200/1225/1250 Large O-Ring
98-126505 P/B 1225/1250 Roller, Rubber Feed Belt Drive
98-126507 P/B Letter Opener Foot
98-126511 Pitney Bowes 1225/1250 Feed Roller
98-126511-1200 Pitney Bowes 1200 Sep. Tire No Tread
98-126512 PB 1250 Stacker Disc - Square Hole
98-126514 Pitney Bowes 1250 Disc, Stacker w/round hole
98-126700 Pitney Bowes LA1200 Mtr Dr. Belt
98-128049 P/B 1225 Leaf SpRing Support Bracket Assembly
98-128049-U P/B 1225 Leaf SpRing Support Bracket Assembly Good Used
98-128051 P/B 1225 Pulley Assembly
98-128056 PB 1250 Stacker Disc Assembly
98-128057-U P/B 1250 Stacker Plate Assy
98-128059 Pitney Bowes 1250, Motor Pulley Assy
98-128117 P/B 1225 Transp. Knife Assm
98-128146 Pitney Bowes 1200 Recepticle
98-128147 Pitney Bowes 1250 Feed Plate Assembly, New Style
98-128155 P/B 1225/1250 Letter Opener Catcher TrAy
98-128155-U P/B 1225/1250 Letter Opener Catcher TrAy Good Used
98-128400 Pitney Bowes LA-1200 Thrust BeaRing Assy
98-128444 Pitney Bowes 1250, Connector Assy
98-128445 Pitney Bowes 1250 Feeder SpRing Cord Assembly
98-128449 PB 1225 Power Switch
98-128615 P/B 1225 Feed Arm
98-128615-U P/B 1225 Feed Arm Good Used
98-13000055 P/B P/B Hunkler Air Shaft Clip 45mm
98-13-0102 PB Vacuum Conveyor Knob Knurled Thumb
98-130118 P/B Screw
98-13750497 P/B 2560 Tractor Feed Belt
98-13750498 Pitney Bowes Belt (Studded)
98-13950840 P/B 2560 Slitter Blades
98-13954520 Pitney Bowes 2560 Slitter blade/ center lower
98-13959250 Pitney Bowes 2560 Slitter Blade Upper/Lower/center upper
98-1415007 P/B Mailing Machine Collar
98-1431022 P/B APS Drive Sprocket
98-14601060 Moore 8500 Drive Pulley 3/8P 18G
98-14601063 Moore 8500 Rev Sensor
98-14601065 Moore 8500, Shaft, Belt Drive
98-14601068 Moore 8500 Drive Belt Pulley
98-14606840 Moore 8500 OutFeed Roll Assy
98-14607990 Moore 8500 Hub and BeaRing Assy
98-14608320 Moore 8500 Optical Sensor
98-14608870 Moore KBMM Drive Module
98-146090 P/B 60-R / HSR-50 Collator Feed Roller
98-14609300 Moore 8500 CPU Module
98-14609310 Moore 8500 Cam Follower Assy
98-14609350 Moore 8500 BeaRing Assy
98-1465 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Nut 1/4 X 20
98-1465000 P/B Collator Pull Out Unit Roller
98-1465808 P/B AS-100 Collator VFS Rubber Feed Roller
98-1465821 P/B Collator Feed Roller
98-1465841 P/B Collator Feed Roller
98-1465845 P/B Collator Feed Roller
98-1465854 P/B Collator Feed Roller
98-1480905 P/B ROTO 30 Collator Pull Out Roller
98-15203030 Moore 8700/8800 Tractor Assy, Right
98-15203040 Moore 8700/8800 Tractor Assy, Left
98-1565014 P/B Collator Tac 10 Feed Roller
98-1580020 P/B Key
98-1580502 P/B Key Square 4 X 13mm (158-0502)
98-160112861 P/B Plate Center Ink Jet
98-160130 P/B Self Clinch Nut
98-16013486 P/B Top Cover Belt
98-16013491 P/B Cover Rear Belt
98-16013496 P/B Cover Top Belt
98-16014-090 P/B Vacuum Belt Set
98-17000076 Moore 3400 Lower Pivot Bushing
98-17000209 Moore 3400 Sprocket
98-17000226 Moore 3400 Pin Block
98-17000281 Moore 3400 Guide Bushing
98-17000520 Moore 8740 Capture Switch Assy
98-17001440 Moore 3400 Idler, Sprocket Assy
98-17001520 Moore 8740 Tailgate Motor Assy
98-17001530 Moore 3400 WiRing Diagram Motor
98-17001590 Moore 8740 Idler Pulley Assy
98-17001690 Moore 8740/3400 tailgate Contact PCB
98-17001700 Moore 8500 Guide Wheel Assy
98-17001840 Moore 8740 Pulley/Spindle Assy
98-17002270 Moore 8740 Tilt Switch Assy (061912)
98-17002560 Moore 8740 Lead Screw Assy
98-17002580 Moore 8740 Vertical Lift Tube Assy
98-17002820 Moore 8740 Guide Roller Assy
98-17002830 Moore 8740 Wheel Race/Stud Assy
98-1700347 P/B Bearing
98-1700348 P/B Bearing
98-1700363 P/B Bearing
98-1700370 P/B Bearing
98-1700380 P/B Bearing Plug
98-1701001 P/B Bearing
98-1701006 P/B Bearing
98-170-218 P/B Mail Machine Bottom Assembly BeaRing (set of 3)
98-170-223 P/B Mail Machine Top Assembly BeaRing
98-1707039 P/B Bearing
98-1730008 P/B Flanged Snap in Bearing
98-1750004 P/B Bearing
98-1750041 P/B Flanged Bearing
98-1750057 P/B 1225 BeaRing
98-1750061 P/B Bearing
98-1750085 P/B Flanged Bearing
98-1750140 Pitney Bowes 1225 Flanged BeaRing
98-175081 P/B 1225 Washer
98-1750912 P/B Bearing, Clip
98-1750918 P/B Bearing Clip
98-1750945 P/B Bearing Bushing Flanged
98-1750946 P/B Bearing Bushing Flanged
98-1750947 P/B Bearing Clip
98-1750948 P/B Bearing Clip
98-1750949 P/B Bearing Bushing Flanged
98-1750951 P/B Bushing 35mm X 9mm **
98-1750961 P/B Flanged Bearing
98-1750963 P/B Bearing Bushing Flanged
98-175-0963 P/B Gtrax, HPI Bearing Bushing Flanged
98-1751991 P/B Stud Flush Head
98-175257 P/B Stud Flush Head
98-1755000 P/B Flanged Bearing
98-1755004 P/B Flanged Bronze Bearing
98-1755019 P/B Bearing Bushing Flanged
98-178210 P/B Tickometer 2713 Upper Feed Roller
98-178210-R Upper Feed Roller Tickometer Model 2713 Recoated- CUSTOMER Must PROVIDE CORE
98-180010331 P/B Cover, Lower RH Formed
98-180010341 P/B Cover, Lower, LH Formed
98-18004024 P/B Tensioner Shaft Assy
98-18005-008 P/B Flowmaster, FPS Inner Finger
98-18005010 P/B Guide Env. Chain RH 6X9 18005-010
98-18005011 P/B Guide Env. Chain RH 6X9 18005-011
98-18005077 P/B Guide Env. Hopper 18005-077
98-18005-090 P/B Flowmaster, FPS Outer Entering Finger
98-18007077 P/B Wedge Shuttle 18007-077
98-18019-005 P/B Flowmaster, PLC Servo, FPS, Brush Sealer
98-18021-066 Pitney Bowes 24V Separator Motor
98-1810-14A P/B 1810 Stacking Rubber (Old # 1899015)
98-181017624 P/B FD40 Worm Gear
98-181029986 see 181500210
98-181029991-U P/B FD40 Speed Control Board, 120V/100V (Good Used)
98-181030408 Pitney Bowes FD40/DF500 Microswitch
98-181031125 P/B FD40 Flat Belt
98-181031126 P/B FD40 Stacker Belt
98-181033016 P/B FD40 Round Belt
98-181033082 See 98-181033016
98-181033128 P/B FD40 V Belt
98-181033142 P/B FD40 Round Belt
98-181045712 Pitney Bowes FD-30/40 Teflon Strip, 2 RequiRed
98-181130020 Pitney Bowes FD30 V-Belt
98-181500210 Pitney Bowes FD-40/DF-500 Potentiometer
98-1820 Belt-U Pitney Bowes 1820 Drive Belt-Used
98-182017328 P/B FD40 Fold Roller (184005846) (4 per Machine) (Short Shaft)
98-182017329 P/B FD40 Fold Roller (184005847) (2 per Machine) (Long Shaft)
98-182017340 P/B FD40 Stacker Drive Shaft w/Worm Gear
98-182041207 Pitney Bowes FD 40 Nut
98-1820-Belt 98-1820-Belt Flat Belt & Roller Kit-Used
98-1820-Gear Pitney Bowes Model 1820 Gear
98-184001113 Pitney Bowes FD30/ FD40 Intermediate Roller
98-184003936 P/B FD40 Feed Roller Complete
98-184004401 Pitney Bowes FD-40 Encoder Disc
98-184005107 P/B FD40 InFeed Roller .159 ID
98-184005107-A-.280 P/B FD40 InFeed Roller .280 ID
98-184005846 See 98-182017328
98-184005846-R P/B FD40 Fold Roller Recoat 182017328 (Cust Core Req.)
98-184005847 see 98-182017329
98-184005847-R P/B FD40 fold Roller Recoat Long Shaft (Cust Core Req.)
98-184005943 Pitney Bowes FD-40/DF-500 Setting Screw With Gear
98-184006038 see 98-184009269
98-184006091 P/B FD40 Motor, 120V/100V Complete
98-184006091-U P/B FD40 Motor (Good Used)
98-184006813 Pitney Bowes FD30 Foam Roller
98-184009269 P/B FD40 Retard Roller
98-1850422 P/B Collar � Split One Piece 15mm ID (185-0422)
98-1850451 P/B Collar � Split One Piece 20mm (185-0451)
98-1850505 P/B Collar-Coupling Assy 8MM ID (185-0505)
98-1862501 P/B 1863 Seperator Stone
98-1865101 P/B 1831/1861 Folder Main Roller O-Ring Belt
98-1865102 P/B 1831/1861 Folder Main Roller O-Ring Belt
98-1865103 P/B Folder 1831/1861 Stacker DriveO-Ring Belt
98-1865501 P/B Folder Idler Pulley O-Ring Belt
98-1865502 P/B Folder Stacker Drive O-Ring Belt
98-1865505 P/B 1831/1861 Folder First Feed O-Ring Belt
98-1865510 P/B 1830/1860 Folder Foot
98-1880101 Pitney Bowes 1831 First Feed Roller (Must Return Core)
98-1886513 Pitney Bowes 1861 Folder Ejector Roller
98-1886513 P/B 186X Foldamax Ejector Roller
98-1899015 P/B 1810 Main Roller 3/8" ROD (Use new # 98-1810-14A)
98-190008 P/B Knob Thumb Screw
98-190145 Hand Knob Phenolic Plastic w/Threaded Stud
98-190157 P/B Handle-Teardrop W/M6 X 32MM Stud (19-0175)
98-2000165 P/B Inserter DI800/F580 Sensor Refl
98-20004007 P/B Shaft, Drive
98-20004022 P/B Pin Spring Long
98-2000701 P/B APS, MPS, FPS, Flowmaster Magnet
98-20-0229 P/B F550, Washer
98-200317 P/B, MPS, HPI, Drive Pulley Spacer
98-205GTFA P/B Flange, 5mm
98-2125002 P/B Spring, Compression
98-2125009 P/B Spring
98-2125010 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125011 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125012 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125013 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125014 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125015 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125017 P/B HPI Tension Spring 2.06 N/MM
98-2125018 P/B APS, MPS, Tension Spring 1.57 N/MM
98-2125020 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125021 P/B Compression SpRing **
98-2125023 P/B SpRing
98-2125037 P/B SpRing
98-2125038 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125039 P/B Ext SpRing
98-2125039 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125040 P/B Compression Spring
98-2125051 P/B SpRing
98-2125054 P/B Compression Spring
98-213-0305 See 98-128449
98-213-0305-U P/B 1225 On/Off Switch Used
98-2131903 P/B HPI Cutter Button Sw. lllum. White (213-1903)
98-2132336 P/B HPI Cutter Switch-Push Button 3A
98-2132508 P/B Epic Switch Solid State 20 MA Spst (Y501155)(213-2508)
98-2132554 P/B Switch Push Button SPDT 3/4 A @ 125V
98-213-7088 P/B F350 Reed Switch
98-213-7096 P/B F350 Switch Magnetic Reed
98-213-7100 Pitney Bowes DI350 Reed Switch
98-214-0745 PB Relay-SPST NO 10A24VDC
98-2190199 P/B Y684405 Pneumatic Cylinder Valve Only
98-2190199/200 P/B Y684405 Pneumatic Cylinder Valve WITH Base, (Includes 2190199 Valve & 2190200 Base)
98-2190213 P/B Valve
98-2210207 EMC Circular Friction Dr. Roller
98-2210207-N EMC Circular Friction Dr. Roller Rubber (NEW Cust Core Req.)
98-2210207-R EMC Circular Friction Dr Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-222008 Pitney Bowes LA-1200 SpRing-Base Lock Key
98-224641 Laurenti DC Servo Motor
98-225401B NLA
98-228949-G Laurenti 9012 Shaft Gate Cover (Tire) Green IMPROVED
98-23-0021 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Retainer Clip
98-23-0037 P/B F550, E-Clip/Retainer
98-23-0043 P/B 1225 Clip-Ret.
98-23-0505 P/B Di950 E-Clip M dwr
98-230740 Laurenti Shaft Gate Cover Hub (w/BeaRings)
98-230740-NB Laurenti Shaft Gate Cover Hub (No BeaRings)
98-23200019-00 P/B 2560 Slitter/Merger Pin Belt Ramp
98-234640 NLA
98-23500088 Inserco Ultra 2000, Feeder Belt
98-24000013 Hunkler Rubber Buffer (0240.00013)
98-243MF6S P/B Flange
98-2440160 P/B Grommet Edging
98-2440173 P/B Gasket Roll 1/4w x 1/8T x 36"
98-2440175 P/B Gasket Seal 3/8" x 3/8"
98-244-0201 Pitney Bowes HPI Bumper
98-244-0302 P/B 1225/1250 Rubber Foot
98-2440717 P/B Gasket Roll 3/4w x 5/8t x 40"
98-260339 P/B Ext Retaining Ring
98-260350 P/B Retaining Ring
98-261252 P/B Retaining Ring Internal
98-261257 P/B Retaining Ring Internal
98-266012 P/B Retaining Ring
98-266077 P/B Ring Retaining Ext. Spiral 18mm (26-6077)
98-27-00036005 Opex Zipsort Pinch Roller Tire
98-27-00036011 Opex Pick-Off Tire
98-27-00036011-G Opex Pick-Off Tire - Green
98-27-01181214 Opex ZipSort Stripper Bands
98-27-3302903R Opex 3600 Roller (Just Roller)
98-27-403A6005-2 Motor
98-275-0503 Pitney Bowes 1225 Power Cord
98-291119 P/B Threaded Steel Insert MSX 12.5mm
98-3110282 P/B Shaft
98-3110283 P/B Hub, Double Sprocket
98-3114076 Pitney Bowes S8000 Bushing Roller
98-3118235 P/B Spacer
98-311893 P/B Inserter Hub - Old Style
98-313085 P/B Sprocket, 20T 1/4P
98-3131001 P/B Gear
98-315102 P/B Insertamax Gripper Finger
98-315103 P/B Series 8 Ram Blade
98-3155123 Pitney Bowes HPI Plate-Pivot Link Short
98-3162102 P/B Inserter Hub - New Style
98-3165003 P/B Inserter Conversion Unit Roller
98-3165008 P/B Inserter Ejector Roller
98-3165010 P/B Inserter Chicken Plucker Roller
98-3165011 P/B Inserter Depressor Roller
98-3170098 P/B F20 Screw 3/16 HX BL
98-318001L P/B Inserta Max III Finger Assy-Ram
98-3180817-U PB 1250 Earth Strap (Good Used)
98-3181781 P/B Inserter Turntable Gripper Button
98-3181783 P/B Series 11 Main Feed Roller Assy
98-3181838 Pitney Bowes Sep Roller BKT Carrier
98-3182597 P/B Inserter Chain Assy. Ram
98-3183474 Pitney Bowes Shaft Assy FD DR 248
98-3183477 Pitney Bowes #3 FDR Shaft
98-318446 Pitney Bowes Stone Separator
98-3184602 Pitney Bowes Brake, Main Magnetic
98-3184603-R Pitney Bowes Refurb Clutch Assy
98-3184623 P/B Inserter (Series 7) Flapper Roller
98-318652 P/B Inserter Concentric Roller
98-3187558 Pitney Bowes S8000 Roller, Deman Feed
98-3187628 P/B Series 7 Inserter Clutch (No Gear or Connector)
98-3188230 P/B Assy-Double Sprocket Env.. F. Dr.
98-3188232 Pitney Bowes Assy Dbl Sprocket
98-318835 P/B Inserter Take Up Sprocket
98-3188847 P/B Inserter (Series 7) Flapper Roller Assy
98-3188877 Pitney Bowes Sprocket Assy - 1/2 P
98-3189342 Pitney Bowes SLTR Burster 3171
98-3201597 P/B SpRing
98-320219 P/B SpRing
98-320630 Laurenti Roller
98-3262011 P/B Mail Machine VPS Roller
98-3340-Motor-U P/B 3340 Burster Motor, Good Used
98-3365003 P/B Inserter Feeder Drive Roller
98-3365011 P/B Inserter Pick Up Roller
98-3383013 P/B 3340 Inserter O-Ring Assy Pulley
98-3383147/48 P/B 3340 Inserter 1st & 2nd Stationary Drive Roller
98-3383201 P/B 3340 Inserter Cover
98-3383202 P/B 3340 Inserter Cover
98-3383206 P/B 3340 Inserter Cover
98-3386011 P/B Inserter Bridge Idler Roller
98-3386141 P/B 3340 Inserter Upper Flap Opener Pressure Roller
98-3386170 P/B 3340 Inserter Lower Flap Opener Pressure Roller
98-35441-0245 GUK FA 36/4 Thrust Bearing
98-35441-0252 GUK FA 36/4 Thrust Ring
98-35444-0064 GUK FA 36/4 ES Belt
98-35444-0136 GUK FA 36/4 ES Belt
98-3601-0240 GUK FA 36/4 Round Belt
98-363GTF10A P/B Flange
98-363MF6S P/B Flange Steel
98-36403-0336 GUK FA 36/4 Thrust Ring
98-36403-0388 GUK FA 36/4 Bottom Lever
98-36403-0389 GUK FA 36/4 Top Lever
98-365-5412 Formax 2200-10 Timing Belt
98-375014 P/B Washer
98-3GM915A9 P/B SpRing
98-400403205 P/B Ber. Sensor
98-401417 P/B H/A Rat 1 50k FIM LED/Photo
98-401432 P/B H/A Rat 1 50k FIM North M5
98-401473 P/B H/A Rat 1 50k FIM North M6
98-403GTF10A P/B Flange
98-410257 P/B Olympus II, 3" X .75" Compliant Roller
98-410449 P/B Olympus II 2.5" x 1.5" Roller
98-410450 P/B Olympus II 2.5" X .75" Roller
98-410455 P/B Olympus II 3" X 1.5" Roller
98-410624 P/B Olympus II Belt 45 X 1.5
98-410957 Pitney Bowes Olympus Stacker Belt
98-411674 P/B OlympusII Single Tier NonCompliant Rollr Dur
98-411701 P/B Olympus II Belt 38.206 x 1.5
98-411753 P/B Olympus II Belt 152 X1.5
98-411760 P/B Olympus II Belt 45.5 x 2
98-411847 P/B Olympus II, 2.55" X .75" Compliant Roller
98-411894 P/B Olympus II Keyed Crowned Pulley
98-411898 P/B Olympus Auger Belt
98-411901 P/B Olympus II Drive Pulley
98-4139518X Hasler Postage Meter WJ95 Ink Cartridge
98-4165009000 P/B Frame Joint
98-426553-1 P/B 5675 Mail Machine Upper First Feed Idler
98-426554-1 P/B 5675 Mail Machine Lower First Feed Roller
98-428450 Pitney Bowes LA-1200 Toggle Switch Assy - AC
98-428558 P/B 5675 Mail Machine Upper Idler Roller
98-4400063 P/B L/H Lock Assy Cutter Tractor (44-00063)
98-4402040 P/B MPS CMC Pinless Cutter Assy
98-466503 P/B LA1200 Narrow Impression Roller
98-466505 P/B LA1200 Separator Roller
98-4684475 P/B APS 18MM Wide Vac Deck Belt
98-500009 P/B Washer Plain (50-0009)
98-500017 P/B Washer Plain (50-0017)
98-5000178 Mid-South E2 Optical Kit Encoder
98-500578 P/B 4.3mm ID Plain Washer
98-500618 P/B Washer Plain 5.1IDx2.1 mm thick
98-500722 P/B .500ID x .036 Thick Washer Plain
98-500735 P/B, MPS, TNT, Plain Nylon Washer
98-500735PB P/B MPS/TNT Plain Washer 12mm ID X 6.5mm Thk
98-503712 See 96-S3PP4G
98-508-0041 P/B Vacuum Cup W/Locking Ring
98-5080042 P/B Y684405 Pneumatic Cylinder Vacuum Cylinder W/ Shaft
98-508-0043 Pitney Bowes MPS Vac. Cup Adapter
98-5080044 P/B Y684405 Vacuum Generator ASSY. Includes 5080044 Vac Gen, 5080046 Filter Element, 5091045 Suction Filter Unit, P3200118 Muffler
98-5080046 P/B Y684405 Pneumatic Cylinder Filter Element Only
98-5080048 P/B Vacuum Bellows Sucker GRN DRU 1/8 Bore
98-5081000 P/B Y684405 Pneumatic Cylinder Manifold Adapter
98-5091077 P/B Y684405 Pneumatic Cylinder Adj. M5 Nipple
98-5093025 P/B Y684405 Pneumatic Cylinder Fitting, Male Elbow #6 Tube
98-5093074 P/B Elbow
98-5093075 P/B FTG Adapter
98-513431 Rietschle Pump Vane
98-513702 Gavehren Pump Vane
98-520016 P/B Lockwasher � Helical Spring .193X.334
98-520170 P/B Lock Washer Int. Tooth .195x.65 (52-0170)
98-520508 P/B External Tooth Lock Washer, Zinc
98-53052 Moore 385 Ink Roller for Check Signing Kit
98-53163 B&H Inserter Lower Kick Out Roller
98-54-0058 P/B Collator O-Ring Belt
98-54-0060 P/B 1250 Stacker O-Ring
98-54-0073 P/B Collator O-Ring Belt
98-54-0076 P/B Collator O-Ring Belt
98-54-0122 P/B O-Rings
98-545154 P/B Outer Plate
98-5465053 P/B Mail Machine Impression Roller
98-5480291 P/B Mail Machine Ink Roller
98-5610061 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Shaft
98-5611102 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Stub Shaft
98-565-0002 P/B APS Master Link
98-565001 P/B 5600 Sector Feed Rubber
98-5650025 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Rear Flap Moistener SpRing
98-5650031 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Drive Chain (5655)
98-565-0044 P/B APS Chain
98-565-0044 P/B Inserter Chain #25
98-565-0705 P/B APS Chain
98-5651041 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Letter Guide Bracket
98-5651041 P/B Hub
98-5651042 P/B Roller
98-5651264 P/B Mail Machine Brush Holder Bracket
98-5651265 P/B Mail Machine Tape Moistening Unit Brush
98-565318 Pitney Bowes F500 Belt
98-5656001 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Letter Guide Bracket
98-5656001-L P/B 5600 Mail Machine Long Letter Guide Bracket
98-5660020 P/B Timing Belt 566-0020
98-5660022 P/B Timing Belt 566-0022
98-5660024 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Output Pulley Belt
98-5660027 P/B Timing Belt 566-0027
98-5660045 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Tape Advance Drive Belt
98-5660055 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Bump Wheel Drive Belt
98-5660056 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Take AwAy Roller Belt
98-5660057 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Conveyor Drive Belt
98-5660058 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Bump Wheel Main Drive Belt
98-5660061 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Impression Drive Belt
98-5660062 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Seal Roller Belt
98-5660066 P/B 6100 Mailing Machine Take-AwAy Roller Timing Belt
98-5660082 P/B 3340 Inserter Timing Belt
98-5660083 P/B 3340 Inserter Timing Belt
98-5660090 P/B F500 1/5 Pitch Timing Belt
98-5660099 P/B F500 Timing Belt, No Exports
98-566-0211 Pitney Bowes Timing Belt
98-5660319 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Moistener Assy Main Drive Belt
98-566066 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Bump Drive Belt
98-5660911 Pitney Bowes 6100 Drive Belt
98-5660916 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Drive Belt
98-5660917 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Moistener Assy Main Drive Belt
98-566-1013 P/B Series 8 Double Sided Timing Belt
98-5661019 P/B Timing Belt 566-1019
98-566-2008 Pitney Bowes Timing Belt, LOC 09
98-5662011 P/B Timing Belt 113 T
98-5662012 P/B Timing Belt 69T
98-5662013 P/B Timing Belt 566-2013
98-5662015 P/B Timing Belt 566-2015
98-5662017 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Operating KNob
98-5662025 P/B Timing Belt 566-2025
98-5662047 P/B Timing Belt
98-5662048 P/B Chassis HTD Timing Belt 566-2048
98-5662057 P/B Timing Belt 84 T
98-5662058 P/B Belt Timing-3MM HTD 184T X 9MM W (566-2058)
98-5662063 P/B APS/MPS Broker Fold Timing Belt (566-2063)
98-5662066 P/B Timing Belt 566-2066
98-566-2066 Pitney Bowes Belt HTD
98-5662067 P/B Belt Timing � 3MM HTD 78T X 9MM W (566-2067)
98-5662068 P/B Belt Timing � 3MM HTD 95T X 9MM W (566-2068)
98-5662084 P/B Timing Belt 3mm DS
98-566-2084 Pitney Bowes Timing Belt, 3mm HTD DS
98-566-2092 PB DI900/950 Timing Belt 3mm HTD
98-5662127 P/B Belt Timing � 3MM HTD 82T X 15MM W (566-2127)
98-566-2131 PB DI900/950 Timing Belt 5mm HTD
98-5662158 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Tape Trip Handle
98-5662177 P/B Timing Belt 5mm GT 100T 9mm
98-5662184 P/B Timing Belt 184T
98-5662186 P/B Timing Belt 3mm 142T 15mm
98-566-4008 P/B Timing Belt, 3mm FHT-3 105T 9.5mm Wide
98-566-4009 P/B Timing Belt
98-566-4010 P/B Timing Belt, 2mm FHT-2 150T
98-566-4011 P/B Timing Belt, 2mm FHT-2 290T
98-566500 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Foot
98-5665001 P/B 6100 (Belt Bump Wheel) Sector Feed - Set of 2
98-5665002 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Sector Feed Checks (set of 2)
98-5665008 P/B Timing Belt 140T
98-5665009 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Letter Drive Belt
98-566-5009 P/B 5600/HPI Mail Machine Letter Drive Belt
98-5665010 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-5665011 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-5665013 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-5665014 P/B HPI Double Timing Belt
98-5665016 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Bumper
98-5665018 P/B Timing Belt 566-5018
98-5665021 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Print Adjustment Stud Bumper
98-5665024 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Soft Impression Roller
98-5665029 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Oscillator Bumper
98-5665031 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Ejector Drive Belt
98-5665070 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Lower Feed Belt
98-5665505 P/B Second Conveyer Roller
98-5665507 P/B 5675 Mail Machine Upper Second Feed Roller
98-5665624 P/B 5600 Impression Rubber
98-5667001 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Drive Unit Belt
98-5667002 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Conveyor Drive Belt
98-5667003 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Sector Feed Drive Belt
98-5667004 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Sector Feed Drive Belt
98-5667033 P/B Timing Belt
98-5667041 Pitney Bowes DI350 250T Timing Belt
98-566-7047 P/B F350 Conveyor Timing Belt
98-5667056 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-5667070 P/B Belt Timing 3mm GT (566-7070)
98-5667072 P/B APS Timing Belt
98-5667072 P/B Timing Belt 566-7072
98-5667080 P/B Timing Belt
98-5667084 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-5667085 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-5667109 P/B HPI Timing Belt 3MM GT C87T
98-5667112 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-5667113 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-5667118 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-5667119 P/B Timing Belt 5mm GT 55T
98-5667130 P/B Timing Belt 3mm GT 82T
98-5667131 P/B MPS Timing Belt 3MM GT Double Sided
98-5667132 P/B Timing Belt 566-7132
98-5670530 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Motor Drive Belt
98-5670712 P/B 1250 Letter Opener Main Dr. Belt *PolyFlex*
98-5670713 P/B 1250 Letter Opener Belt
98-5670715 P/B 1225 Main Dr. Belt
98-5680002 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Lower Sector Feed Shaft
98-5680009 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Roller
98-5680086R P/B 5600/5655 Mail Machine Ejector Roller - Set of 2
98-5680118 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Hard Impression Roller
98-5680122 P/B Mail Machine Gripper & BeaRing Assy Roller
98-5680289 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Lower Ink Roller
98-5680463 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Tank Only for Tape Moistening Unit
98-5681002 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Stacker TrAy
98-5684017 Pitney Bowes 1225/1250 Stone
98-5686056 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Side Guide Handle
98-57210-1002 Belt (EMC Machine)
98-5760713 P/B 1225/1250 Letter Opener O-Ring Belt
98-5769K22 P/B Flexible Magnetic Strip 1/8" x 1/2" w
98-58515 P/B 1225 Washer
98-5890201 P/B Disc Spring Washer Plain
98-5890421 P/B Wave Washer (589-0421)
98-5890423 P/B HPI Wave Spring Washer
98-5890500 P/B Wave Spring Washer
98-5890502 P/B Wave Spring Washer 22mm
98-5890508 P/B Wave Spring Washer 42mm
98-5890518 P/B Wave Spring Washer 31.72mm ID (589-0518)
98-5891322 P/B Washer BellevilleSpring 14 mm OD (589-1322)
98-5891330 P/B Washer Disc Spring 12.3mm
98-5900008 P/B HPI Lid Shock
98-5900010 P/B HPI Lid Shock
98-5900013 P/B Gas Spring 40#
98-5900015 P/B HPI Lid Shock
98-5900016 P/B Gas Spring � 400NX 160mm Stroke
98-5900019 P/B Gas Spring
98-5900025 P/B Gas Spring 445NX 80 mm Stroke
98-5900027 P/B Gas Spring
98-59-0012 Pitney Bowes F550, Dowel Pin
98-5910201 P/B Bearing Ball-375 ID Sealed (591-0201)
98-59102021 P/B Flanged Bearing
98-5910269 P/B Bearing
98-5910279 P/B Ball Bearing
98-5910280 P/B Ball Bearing
98-5910284 P/B Ball Bearing
98-5910285 P/B Ball Bearing
98-591-0289 PB Vacuum Conveyor Sealed Bearing
98-5910290 P/B Ball Bearing Snap Ring
98-5910291 P/B Ball Bearing Snap Ring
98-5910307 P/B Ball Bearing
98-5910309 P/B Ball Bearing
98-5910401 P/B Ball Bearing With Collar
98-5910401 P/B HPI Dual Accumulator Single Row Bearing w/Collar (591-0401)
98-5910402 P/B Ball Bearing
98-5910403 P/B Ball Bearing Sealed with Snap Ring
98-5910513 P/B Ball Bearing
98-591-0657 Pitney Bowes F550 BeaRing
98-5911252 P/B Bearing, Needle Metric
98-5911253 P/B Bearing, Needle Metric
98-5911256 P/B Bearing
98-5911258 P/B Roller Bearing
98-5911260 P/B Roller Bearing
98-5911261 P/B Roller Bearing
98-5911276 P/B Roller Bearing
98-5911282 P/B Roller Bearing
98-5911282 P/B Roller Bearing (591-1282)
98-5911309 P/B Bearing Spacer
98-5911511 P/B Bearing, Thrust
98-5911512 P/B Bearing, Thrust 12mm
98-5911513 P/B Bearing, Thrust 28mm
98-5911516 P/B Bearing, Thrust 14mm
98-5912020 P/B Ball Bearing
98-59120201 P/B Low Friction Bearing
98-5912229 P/B 5mm ID Sealed Bearing (591-2229)
98-5912235 P/B APS, MPS, Ball Bearing Double Sealed
98-5912239 P/B Double Shield Ball Bearing
98-5912242 P/B Ball Bearing Double Sealed
98-5912248 P/B HPI Ball Bearing Double Sealed
98-5912249 P/B Ball Bearing Double Sealed
98-5912254 P/B Ball Bearing Double Sealed
98-5912255 P/B HPI Ball Bearing Double Sealed
98-5912256 P/B Ball Bearing Double Sealed 20mm ID
98-5912257 P/B Bearing Double Sealed
98-5912258 P/B Bearing Double Sealed
98-5912259 P/B Bearing Double Sealed
98-5912302 P/B Bearing Ball Double Sealed 8mm
98-5912306 P/B HPI Cutter Bearing 6mm (591-2306)
98-5912310 P/B Bearing (591-2310)
98-5912313 P/B Bearing Ball 15mm
98-5912318 P/B Bearing Ball 17mm
98-59125K731 P/B Solid Core Round Belting Urethane
98-5913001 P/B APS, MPS, Press Fit/Self Align Bearing
98-5913008 P/B Self Align BeaRing Flange Mount
98-591-3008 P/B Flange Bearing � Self Align
98-5913012 P/B HPI Bearing Rod End 5MM ID M5 LH THD
98-5913013 P/B HPI Bearing Rod End 5MM ID M5 RH THD
98-5913015 P/B HPI Molded Roller w/Shaft
98-5913017 P/B Bearing Cam Follower
98-5913018 P/B Bearing Rod End
98-5913019 P/B Bearing Rod End
98-5913020 P/B Bearing Spherical .500ID
98-5913022 P/B Bearing Roller Molded
98-5917032 P/B Bearing, Ball Rubber DDL SL
98-5923001 P/B HPI Flat Belt Pulley 29MM OD
98-596253 P/B Dowel Pin
98-6012020 Moore 8500 Relay Board
98-6015140 Moore 8500 Stuff Board
98-6015260 Moore 8500 Dual Minibus PCB
98-6110000 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Seal Roller Spindle
98-6133003/004 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Transmission Gears - set of 2
98-6133014 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Sector Worm Gear
98-6162046 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Pulley Drive Tension Roller
98-6162075 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Idler Roller
98-6165033 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Conveyor Belt
98-6168005 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Flap Moistener Belt (6168015)
98-6168013 P/B 6100 Mailing Machine Flap Moistener Belt
98-6168015 Pitney Bowes 6100 Moistener Belt (6168005)
98-616-8015 See 98-616-8005 (Same)
98-6180020R P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Ejector Roller - Set of 2
98-6180037 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Take AwAy Roller - Set of 2
98-6180083 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Clutch Spindle Assembly
98-6180123 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Tank Only for Tape Moistening Unit
98-6180276/7 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Bump Wheel Arm BeaRing
98-6180375 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Idler Roller
98-6180418 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Tension Assembly Roller
98-6180446 P/B 3200/3250/6100 Mail Machine Stacker Assembly TrAy
98-6265003 P/B 6200 Mail Machine Ejector Roller-Set of 2
98-6280050-N P/B 6200 Mail Machine Narrow Impression Roller
98-6280050-W P/B 6200 Mail Machine Wide Impression Roller
98-6280219 P/B 6200 Mail Machine Upper Feed Roller Shaft
98-6284020 P/B 6200 Mail Machine Lower Feed Roller Shaft
98-6284066 P/B 5600/6100 Mail Machine Ink Roller
98-661017022-I P/B Swing Arm Insert Split Gripper Arm IMPROVED
98-665000002 P/B APS Acum. Dr. Roller (No Collar/wsetscrew)
98-665000020 P/B APS 3/4 Pullout Roller (No Collar w/setscrew)
98-665001005 P/B APS Roller Reg. Drive (No Collar w/setscrews)
98-67-2155 Pitney Bowes 3250 V-Belt
98-680829 P/B Screw- Button HD Cap 10x32x.25(68-0829)
98-685223 P/B Screw Button Head Cap
98-697150 P/B Screw � Flat HD Hex Socket M3 X 8MM (69-7150)
98-697154 P/B Screw-Flat HD Hex Socket M3 X 16MM (69-7154)
98-697200 P/B Screw � Flat HD Hex Socket M4 X 12MM (69-7200)
98-7000103 B&H MBO Inserter Folder Roller
98-7000103-A-45 MBO Folder Roller 45 w/BeaRings
98-7000103-R MBO inserter Folder Roller Recoat {Core RequiRed}
98-7002859 Vacuum Pump Vane
98-7010329 MBO Safety Clutch Handwheel w/Friction Bearing
98-7012 P/B Magnetic Latch
98-71-0009 P/B 1225 Nut
98-7119000363 Hunkler Rewinder Gear
98-71-500611 Fluence Compliant Assy Pulley Driven
98-71-500814-S Fluence Shaft Assy (Shaft and Brgs Only)
98-71-505233 Fluence Reel Enclosed 28 Ext
98-71-641107000 Fluence Carriage-Linear Rail 30MM
98-71-68514410626 Fluence Coupling Spider, Urethane, Open Ctr (3/min)
98-71-GFM-1012-05 Fluence Flange Bearing
98-72-0615 Pitney Bowes 1250 Screw for Rubber Foot
98-725204 P/B Machine SEMS PH Pan w/ Lock washer
98-740137 P/B Olympus II Shaft Assy
98-740268 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 36.0 x 1.5
98-740282 P/B Olympus II Transport Belt
98-740283 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 42.25 x 1.5
98-740290 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 55.5 x 1.5
98-740291 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 60.5 x 1.5
98-740293 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 69.0x 1.5
98-740532 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 18 x 1.5
98-740533 P/B Olympus II Transport Belt
98-740577 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 38.5 x 1.5
98-740597 P/B Olympus II Feeder Compliant Roller Assy
98-740742 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 101 x 1.5
98-740905 P/B Olympus II, 1.5 DBL Compliant Idler
98-740913 P/B Olympus II, Noncompliant Roller Hub Assy., Limited Availability
98-740914 P/B Olympus II, Dbl. Noncompliant Roller Hub Assy.
98-740923 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 22.25 x 1.5
98-740924 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 81.25 x 1.5
98-740925 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 25.0 x 1.5
98-740926 P/B Olympus II Transport Belt
98-740927 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 56.75 X 1.5
98-740928 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 68.25 x 1.5
98-740929 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 59.25 x 1.5
98-740930 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 42.5 x1.5
98-740932 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 54.75 x 1.5
98-740933 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 13.75 x 1.5
98-740937 P/B Olympus II Belt, Transport 77.75 x 1.5
98-740956 P/B Olympus II 3DW Complient Shaft
98-7443025 Stielow IM3003 Brown Vacuum Cup
98-745230 P/B Zinc Machine Screw
98-750457 P/B Set Screw 8-32 (75-0457)
98-755758 SetScrew M6 25 Plastic Pivot (6N25P13/PL) (25/min)
98-756900 P/B SS Cone PT Hex Socket
98-76.04.66 Folder Inserter Transportation Roller
98-76.04.67 Formax/Hasler/Neopost Folder Inserter Transport Roller
98-76.06.45 36MM Folder Inserter 36MM Transportation Roller (Tire Only)
98-7ZX00268 P/B Slide- Side Guide
98-800528 P/B Hex Nut
98-800549 P/B M2.5 Nut x 2mm Thick Steel/Zinc
98-800628 P/B Nut Self-Locking M6 Steel 80-0628
98-807049 P/B Nut Square M4 Thread
98-815078 P/B Socket Head Cap Screw
98-815222 P/B Screw Socket Head Cap
98-815232 P/B Screw Socket Head Cap
98-815248 P/B Screw Socket Hd Cap M6 X12mm (81-5248)
98-815276 P/B Socket Head Cap Screw
98-815278 P/B Socket Head Cap Screw
98-815287 P/B Socket Head Cap Screw
98-832002 P/B Bolt-Stopper W/Bumper Hex M4X20MM (83-2002)
98-8382008-R Pitney Bowes Diff Feed Board
98-8407005 P/B Hub-Knurled Long
98-8410002 P/B Screw Jack
98-8410086 P/B Shaft Slitter Output
98-8410164 Pitney Bowes Shaft KNob Carriage
98-8410165 Pitney Bowes Shaft Clutch
98-8410207 P/B Shaft Trimmer Lower
98-8411021 P/B Screw Pin Up L/W Guide
98-8413008 P/B O'Ring Pulley
98-8413013 P/B Hub Roller
98-8413014 P/B Pulley
98-8413027 P/B HPI Cutter Catch Roller
98-8413028 P/B Roller
98-8414021 P/B Hub Outer Roller
98-8415004 P/B APS, MPS, TNT, Torsion Spring Clamp Collar
98-8415004 P/B APS, MPS, TNT, Torsion Spring Clamp Collar
98-8415007 P/B HPI Hub Collar
98-8416021 P/B Blade Cutter Upper ROTO Bin
98-8416022 P/B Blade Cutter Lower
98-8421007 P/B APS, MPS Torsion Spring
98-8431010 P/B 60T Clutch Sprocket
98-8431015 P/B APS Sprocket
98-8440052-U Pitney Bowes 1250 Main Drive Motor, Used
98-8445091 P/B Hinge Pivot Support RH
98-8446002 P/B LH Side Plate
98-8446025 P/B Bar-Cover Support Folder
98-8446030 P/B HPI Bearing Block
98-8446075 P/B Support Side Guide
98-8462058 P/B APS, MPL DEFL Moistener
98-8462072 P/B Thrust Bearings
98-847006 P/B Shaft- Spring Mounting
98-8480000 P/B HPI Fold Roller
98-8480016 P/B APS 16T Idler Sprocket
98-8480176 P/B Inserter Housing Adj. Idler Assy.
98-8480198 P/B O-Ring Ply Assy
98-8480202 Pitney Bowes Assy. Clutch & Sproket
98-8480209 P/B Assy-Fold Roller 20A
98-8480280 P/B RH Hinge Assy
98-8480282 P/B G-Trax Baum Folder Pulley Assy (For Y180656)
98-8480283 P/B Assy-Take Away Roller
98-8480284 P/B APS Inserter Input Roller Assy
98-8480284-R P/B APS Assy Roller Input Recoat (Cust Core Req.) -RA
98-8480284-RA P/B APS Insert Input Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-848035 P/B Roller Trimmer Upper
98-8480369 P/B APS Take-Up Pulley
98-8480370 P/B APS Drive Pulley
98-8480435-A Pitney Bowes APS Inserter Roller Assy. (Do Not sell this assembly, use "-N")
98-8480435-N Pitney Bowes APS Inserter Roller Assy (nylon bushing)
98-8480469 Pitney Bowes APS Inserter Folder Roller
98-8480469-N P/B APS Folder Roller Natural Rubber
98-8480471 Pitney Bowes APS Inserter Folder Roller
98-8480471-N P/B APS Folder Roller Natural Rubber
98-8480588 P/B Assy-Roller Trimmer Lower Right
98-8480589 P/B Assy- Roller Trimmer Lower Left
98-8480591 P/B Assy Roller Trimmer Upper
98-8484012 P/B Sprocket 60T
98-8484069-R Pitney Bowes L/R Tractors
98-8484103 P/B Series 8 Encoder New Burster
98-8484158 P/B APS Sealer Belt
98-8484219 P/B APS, FPS, HPI Socket Jam Screw
98-8484219 P/B APS, FPS, HPI Socket Jam Screw
98-8484224 P/B Headless Press Fit Bushing
98-8484243 P/B APS, MPS, G-Trax TT706 Thrust Bearing
98-8486000 Pitney Bowes S8000 Pressure Roller
98-8486010 P/B Roller Assy
98-8486011 P/B Roller Take Away Assy
98-8486012 P/B Out Put Roller Slitter
98-8486018-A P/B APS Assy Sealer Roller
98-8486018-R P/B APS Assy Sealer Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-84860351 P/B Roller
98-8486036 P/B Roller Trimmer Lower
98-84860361 P/B Roller
98-851049 P/B Female Terminal 22-24 AWG
98-851057 P/B Contact Receptacle 26-22 AWG
98-851093 P/B FPS, Flowmaster, MPS Contact Receptacle 26-22 AWG
98-8521000 P/B SpRing Pressure Roller
98-8580065 Pitney Bowes SoleNoid Rotary
98-8580076 Pitney Bowes Guidewire Assy
98-8586003 Pitney Bowes 927W Drive Roller
98-8586003-RA Pitney Bowes 927W Drive Roller -Recoat (Customer Core RequiRed)
98-8586003-U Pitney Bowes 927W Drive Roller-Used
98-86.04.16DFB Folder Inserter Ejection Roller Exit Tire
98-861-0083 Pitney Bowes 6100 Motor, Loc-16
98-8620018 P/B Air Pressure Gauge
98-8620022 P/B Filter Regulator -1/4� NPT (862-0022)
98-870016 P/B Hex Socket Nut
98-8718002 P/B Roller Hub
98-8780055 P/B APS Roller (Urethane)
98-880116 P/B Snap in Bushing
98-880126 P/B Snap in Bushing
98-880127 P/B Snap in Bushing
98-880339 P/B 1.750 Hole Plug Dome
98-88038 P/B Bearing
98-880414 P/B Snap Bushing .750ID
98-880415 P/B Snap in Bushing
98-880422 P/B Snap in Bushing 294 ID
98-9020556 Stielow IM3003 Vacuum Cup Blk
98-91771A146 P/B 6-32 Threaded x 3/8" Length Pit Machine
98-92000A006 P/B M1.6 x .35 x 10mm Screw Pan Head PIT
98-92865A865 P/B 3/4-10 x 7 1/2" Steel Threaded Cap Screw
98-9295024 Pitney Bowes Model 1820 Motor/bracket/Gear Assy.
98-9295399 Pitney Bowes Right Tractor
98-95.11.07 Formax/Hasler/Neopost Folder Inserter Upper Separation Tire
98-95.11.23 Formax/Hasler/Neopost Folder Inserter Lower Separation Roller
98-95.11.67 Formax/Hasler/Neopost Folder Inserter Upper Separation Tire
98-95.11.68 Formax/Hasler/Neopost Folder Inserter Lower Separation Tire
98-95.20.07 Formax/Hasler/Neopost Folder Inserter Collator Belts (Set of 3)
98-96.10.00DF Folder Inserter Exit TrAy Belts (Set of 2)
98-96.43.64 Formax Transportation Roller
98-96.93.94 Folder Inserter Transportation Tire (Tire Only) (A96.93.94)
98-96500 P/B 5600 Mail Machine Upper Feed Belt
98-97.59.52DF Formax/Hasler/Neopost Folder Inserter Jogger for Envelope Feed (Set of 2 w/Tires)
98-970052 P/B MPS, APS, FPS 26mm DIA Hose Clamp
98-980064 Ultra 2000 SoleNoid SpRing
98-980207 Inscerco Collar, Set 980207 (replaces U30021)
98-985921 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Filter
98-987067 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Module
98-99000-004 Secap Jet 1 Tabber Red Feed Belt
98-99000-005 Secap Jet 1 Tabber Red Elevator Belt
98-99000-006 See 98-566-0211
98-99000051 P/B Belt-3/4"w x Roll
98-99000-063 P/B Timing Belt
98-99003006 P/B Ball Bearing 2 Seals
98-99003-007 See 98-591-0289
98-99003010 P/B Bearing-Linear
98-99003-015 Pitney Bowes Nylon Washer, 5/16 X 1/16 thick
98-99003039 P/B Bushing 1/2" x 3/4" x 1/2"
98-99003052 P/B FPS Flowmaster Cam Follower � dia
98-99004-001 Pitney Bowes 1500-IJ Separator Adjustment KNob
98-99004-002 See 98-13-0102
98-99004-003 PB 1500 IJ Ratchet Handle
98-99004-004 PB Vacuum Conveyor Knob
98-99005005 P/B Spring Shuttle
98-99005007 P/B Spring Double Detect & Gate Adjust
98-99014-004 P/B FPS Gas Spring 20#
98-99017055 P/B 5/8 12-8 2 pc. Split Shaft Collar
98-99021001 P/B 1624 1/2" Bore
98-99028084 P/B Fitting, Make Elbow 3/8 Tube x 1/8 NPT
98-99032004 P/B Stud- Threaded 10-32 x 2 1/2"
98-99033002 P/B Shoulder Bolt 1/4 x 5/8
98-99039035 P/B Nut, Pem 10-24
98-99039036 P/B Nut, Pem 1/4-20
98-99039046 P/B Stud Flush 1/4-20 x1/2" Large
98-99039057 P/B Nut, Pem 10-32
98-99039092 P/B Nut, Pem 8-32
98-99039137 P/B Nut Pem, #4-40
98-99039169 P/B Stud, Flush Head, 1/4-20 x 3/4
98-99039214 P/B Pem Nut, 3/8-16
98-99039243 P/B Pem Nut, M2-5
98-99039245 P/B Pem Weld Nut, 1/4-20
98-99039246 P/B Pem Nut, 55T M5
98-990415 P/B M4 x 10m Hex Socket Cap Screw Patch
98-99437A175 P/B M10 Nut Self Clinching
98-994680 Inscerco Ultra 2000Belt (was U30046)
98-A6A22M022FA P/B Flange
98-A6A22M024FA P/B Flange 25/pkg
98-A6A22M026FA P/B Flange 25/pkg
98-A6A22M044FA P/B Flange 25/pkg
98-A6A52M030FA P/B Flange
98-A6A52M032FA P/B Flange 25/pkg
98-A6C54M025FS P/B Flange
98-B9010732 Friden 5001 Letter Opener Feed Roller
98-B902.34.45DF HSM/Neopost Letter Opener Transport Rollers (Set of 2)
98-BES2645410100 Formax Roll-Fold Idler
98-BES2645410100-R Formax Roll-Fold Idler Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-BES2647990100 Formax Roll-Fold, Main Drive
98-BES2647990100-R Formax Roll-Fold, Main Drive Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-BM710126 P/B Epic Rocker Switch On/Off/Auto
98-C1061M Moore 3400 Power Nut
98-C192V Moore 8500 Compression SpRing
98-C307J Moore Timing Belt
98-C3116E Moore Motor 90vdc
98-C3447E Moore Speed Control
98-C4174E01 Moore 3400 STop/Jog Fwd Switch
98-C4174E02 Moore 3400 Run/Jog Rev Switch
98-C417J Moore 8500 Timing Belt
98-C5140E Moore Regent Drive Module
98-C525B Moore 8500 BeaRing
98-C53J Moore Belt
98-C5598E Moore 8740 SpRingloaded Contact Pin
98-C5637E Moore 3400 Push Button Switch
98-C693M Moore LoveJoy Coupler 1/2 Bore
98-C695M Moore Spider
98-C8194A Neopost DS-200 Feed Tire
98-CE08019941 Pitney Bowes Y25S Tractor Pins-Metal .142
98-CE21051134 P/B APS Blade Pressure SpRing
98-CLD061701 P/B End Cap-Tube
98-CLD061702 P/B Tube
98-CLSM42 P/B Pem
98-CS01040 P/B Standoff Clutch
98-CS01110 P/B Assy-Bearing Plate
98-CS01119 P/B Blade-Gutter 1/4"
98-CS0208 P/B Assy-Envelope Guide Vacuum
98-CS02198 P/B Shaft
98-CS02199 P/B Shaft
98-CS02427 P/B Assy-Take Away
98-CS02428 P/B Assy- Roller Take Away
98-CS024281 P/B Roller
98-CS03541 P/B Pulley, Fixed Orange Belt
98-CS044881 P/B Roller
98-CS04878 P/B Shaft-Fold Roller 2up
98-CS04879 P/B Fold Roller-2up
98-CS05945 P/B Plate-Envelope Guide Vacuum-Bottom
98-CS05946 P/B Plate-Envelope Guide Vacuum-Top
98-CS06398 P/B Assy-Fold Roller A 60A
98-CS06399 P/B Fold Roller 'A' 60A
98-CS06401 P/B Assy Fold Roller B 60A
98-CS06402 P/B Fold Roller 'B' 60A
98-CS06403 P/B Fold Roller
98-CS07698 P/B Idler Stud
98-CS10205 P/B Shaft, Clutch
98-CS10206 P/B Advance Shaft
98-CS10209 P/B Shaft, Clutch
98-CS11028 P/B Sealer Shaft
98-CS12010 P/B Post, Idler Mtg
98-CS170031 P/B Flapper Shaft
98-CS45770 P/B Block-Chute Guide
98-CS45870 P/B Support Block
98-CS46113 P/B Plate, Bearing
98-CS46114 P/B Plate, Clutch
98-CS80504 P/B Assy-Bearing Block
98-DI950-HCEFES PB DI950 Hi Cap Env Feeder Exit Shaft
98-DIB-C-0006 Data-Pac DIB 24� Short Drive Belt
98-DIB-C-0039 Data-Pac DIB Omron 81 Sensor
98-DIB-C-0041 Data-Pac DIB Omron 61 Sensor
98-DIB-C-0139 Data-Pac DIB 28� Long Drive Belt
98-DMI772-1 P/B DM Infinity Mailing Systems Ink Cartridge (Black)
98-DMI-772-2 Pitney Bowes DM Infinity Mailing System Ink Cartridge (2pk) (Black)
98-DOA-P501-DB Gast DOA Series Diaphragm Compressor, 1575 RPM, 1/8 HP, 1.1 CFM
98-DT80036 Pitney Bowes DM Mega Print Head
98-DZ40001 Laurente Cutter Steel Pin Belt
98-F300333AAA P/B User Interface Assy
98-F300543 P/B Tank Moistener
98-F362876 Pitney Bowes Inserter Roller Stepped Moistener
98-F362915 P/B DI350 Moistener Turbulence Generator
98-F380460 P/B Separator Roller (F380659)
98-F380659 P/B DI380 Seperator Roller
98-F380726 Pitney Bowes DI350/DI400 Cover Assy., Front Left
98-F384332 P/B DI600 Interlock Switch
98-F384333 P/B DI600 Interlock Switch
98-F386301 P/B F350 Bobbin Wheel Assembly
98-F386337 P/B F350 Wheel 40mm Dia.
98-F386352 P/B F350/DI380 Sep. Block Assy
98-F386368 P/B PaperFeed Wheel Assembly
98-F386370 P/B Separator Hub Assembly
98-F386371 P/B F350/DI380 Separator Pad Assembly
98-F386392 P/B Carrier Brush Assembly
98-F390321 P/B DI380 Moistener Kit
98-F414314 P/B F500 Bushing, Fold Rollers
98-F462241 P/B F401 Roller, Top Plate Assy
98-F462626 Pitney Bowes F550 Flange BeaRing
98-F462656 PB Roller-Int Arm & Exit
98-F462701 P/B F401 Roller Rear, Entry Bracket
98-F462783 Pitney Bowes DI 180 Roller, TIRE Only
98-F465309 See Part Number F565309
98-F465310 Pitney Bowes F500 Tire-Int Arm & Exit roller
98-F465312 Pitney Bowes F500 Top Exit Roller
98-F465316 See 98-F565316
98-F465317 Pitney Bowes F500 Deck Exit Roller
98-F465323 See 98-F565323
98-F465326 See 98-F565326
98-F480412 PB F500 Quene Station Mounting Assy
98-F480646 Pitney Bowes F500 Inserter, Hub, Left Side
98-F480650 Pitney Bowes F 500 Inserter, Hub, Right side
98-F480664 PB F500 Stone Assembly
98-F480711 Pitney Bowes F553 Roller
98-F483478 P/B Inserter DI800/F580 Harness Q sta Sensor
98-F483529 Pitney Bowes F500 Optical Sensor
98-F484030 Pitney Bowes F500 Belt
98-F484300 PB F550 Belt
98-F484301 F484301 Pitney Bowes DI800 Drive Belt
98-F484555 Pitney Bowes F550 BeaRing, Flanged
98-F486679 Pitney Bowes F500 Drive Roller
98-F565001 Pitney Bowes F500 Tire Leap Frog
98-F565002 Pitney Bowes F500 Accumulator roller
98-F565003 Pitney Bowes DI 180 Roller
98-F565003-A Pitney Bowes DI 180 Roller, Tire Only
98-F565309 Pitney Bowes F500 Belt (F465309)
98-F565316 P/B F500 Flat Drive Belt
98-F565318 P/B F500 Flat Belt - Drive
98-F565323 PB F500 Flat Belt 19
98-F565326 PB F550 Upper Insert Belt, F465326
98-F586148 P/B F550 Inserter Roller
98-F700474 P/B HCE Top Separator Roller Assy
98-F7004741 P/B Support
98-F7004742 P/B Separator Roller
98-F710105 P/B Shaft, Aligner Roller
98-F746000 P/B Guide, Upper Folder (Extrusion)
98-F762325 P/B Di950 Lever, Tail Prop
98-F765003 PB DI900/950 Belt - Prefold Accum.
98-F780057 PB DI950 Assy Fold Motor
98-F780100 PB DI950 Assy Transport Drive Shaft (25.4)
98-F780101 Pitney Bowes Transport Drive Shaft Assy.
98-F780183 P/B DI900 Stacked Feed Tray Assy (Sheet)
98-F780184 P/B DI900 Shingled Feed Tray Assy (Insert)
98-F780260 PB DI-900/950 Assy Feed Roller HCEF
98-F780275 Pitney Bowes DI-900/950 Shaft, Tar, HCEF, Assy
98-F784000 PB DI950 Idler Pulley Assy Long
98-F784003 PB DI900/950 Tensioner - Pulley/Arm Assy (Inner Plane)
98-F784021 Pitney Bowes DI900 / DI950 Stepper Motor Assy.
98-F784050 PB DI950 see F780057
98-F784053 PB DI900/950 Cable - SoleNoid Actuation
98-F784083 PB DI950 Assy Sub Assy Solenoid
98-F784103 Pitney Bowes HCEF Feed Belt
98-F786009 PB DI-900/950 Tank, Moistener
98-F790007R PB DI950 HCSF Board
98-F790011 P/B Pre Fold Accumulator Belt
98-FB65316 Flat Drive Belt
98-FHLSM48 P/B Pem M4 x 8 Low Displace Stud SS
98-FL0000365 P/B Manifold Vacuum
98-FL0000368 P/B Nut Plate
98-FL00017 P/B HPI, FPS, APS, MPS Infared LED High Intensity
98-FL00017 P/B HPI, FPS, APS, MPS Infrared LED High Intensity
98-FL00034 P/B Drive Shaft- Diverter Ramp
98-FL00104 P/B Shaft-Ramp Belt Support Roller
98-FL00245 P/B End Shaft Pusher
98-FL00274 P/B Idler Stud Heavies Divert
98-FL00276 P/B Belt Timing-Heavies Divert V-Bin
98-FL00296 P/B Shaft
98-FL00308 P/B Tube
98-FL00314 P/B Assy-Pusher Tube
98-FL00317 P/B Spacer
98-FL00320 P/B Assy; Spacer Bearing
98-FL00324 P/B Bar
98-FL00325 P/B Guide Lower Chain
98-FL00326 P/B Guide
98-FL00329 P/B Assy Pusher Chain 10X13
98-FL00334 P/B Assy-Actuator
98-FL00339 P/B FPS Double Wide Entering Finger
98-FL00382 P/B Plate, Vacuum Top
98-FL00397 P/B Harness, Friction Feeder Integrity
98-FL00416 P/B Spacer, Vacuum Supply
98-FL00417 P/B Assy- Manifold Vacuum
98-FL004171 P/B Manifold
98-FL00424 P/B Bar, Envelope Chain Guide Support
98-FL00443 P/B Adapter, Vacuum Hose
98-FL00450 P/B Plate, Pusher Extension
98-FL00451 P/B Plate, Pusher Extension 9.24"
98-FL00452 P/B Plate, Pusher Extension 7.75"
98-FL00453 P/B Plate, Pusher Extension 6.88"
98-FL00454 P/B Plate, Pusher Extension 6.25"
98-FL00456 P/B Plate, Pusher Extension
98-FL00457 P/B Plate, Pusher Extension 11.88"
98-FL00478 P/B L/H Front Camera
98-FL00479 P/B R/H Front Camera
98-FL00481 P/B Plate
98-FL00482 P/B Assy-Pusher Guide, LH
98-FL00483 P/B Assy- Pusher Guide, RH
98-FL00489 P/B Block, Pusher
98-FL00490 P/B Arm Locking
98-FL00491 P/B Pin, Locking Arm
98-FL00493 P/B Assy, Locking Arm
98-FL00515 P/B Shaft, Collator Drive, 6x9
98-FL00623 P/B Spacer Push Arm Bearing
98-FL00624 P/B Bar, Pusher Link
98-FL00625 P/B Assy- Bar/Spacer Left
98-FL00626 P/B Assy- Bar/Spacer Right
98-FL10003 P/B Front Table Roller
98-FL10005 P/B Tensioner Pivot Shaft
98-FL10006 P/B Tensioner Arm Shaft
98-FL10019 P/B Shaft Pusher Drive
98-FL10020 P/B Shaft Finger Drive
98-FL10021 P/B Shaft Pusher Drive
98-FL10025 P/B Shaft, Edge marker
98-FL10030 P/B Tube, Manifold Block
98-FL10034 P/B Shaft, Transmission, 10x13
98-FL10049 P/B Tensioner Pivot Shaft
98-FL11002 P/B Shaft, Eccentric Roll
98-FL12000 P/B Spring Pin, Short
98-FL13001 P/B Roller, Idler
98-FL13003 P/B Pulley, Turnover
98-FL13800 P/B Separator Roller
98-FL138001 P/B Roller, Idler
98-FL138002 P/B Roller Separator
98-FL16001 P/B Drive Adaptor-Front Table
98-FL20003 P/B Extension Spring Double Detect
98-FL37000 P/B Gear Shaft
98-FL40002 P/B Cam, Finger
98-FL45009 P/B Block, Front Table Idler
98-FL45022 P/B Block- Cover Mount
98-FL45067 P/B Block-In feed Conv. Bearing
98-FL450671 P/B Block In feed
98-FL45090 P/B LH Front Block
98-FL45091 P/B LH Front Block
98-FL45092 P/B LH Rear Block
98-FL45093 P/B RH Front Block
98-FL45103 P/B Plate, Finger Bearing Mtg
98-FL45107 P/B Guide, Lower Env
98-FL45110 P/B Cam Pusher Left Rear
98-FL45111 P/B Cam Pusher Right Rear
98-FL45119 P/B Standoff
98-FL45124 P/B Sealer-Deck Support
98-FL45830 P/B Deck-Raised
98-FL50022 P/B Guide-Envelope Exit
98-FL51028 P/B Shield-Input Roller
98-FL51134 P/B Guide-Lower Envelope
98-FL62060 P/B Drag Strap-24"
98-FL62821 P/B Drag Strap-5"
98-FL80002 P/B Assy-Pulley
98-FL80020 P/B Knob, Pusher Reset
98-FL80026 P/B Assy-Bearing Block
98-FL80087 P/B Water Pressure Regulator
98-FL80151 P/B Assy-Push Guide-LH
98-FL80152 P/B Assy-Push Guide-RH
98-FL80803 P/B Exit Roller Transport
98-FL84023 P/B Sensor, Diffuse
98-FM1800-Motor Pitney Bowes FM1800 1/8 HP Motor
98-GPH810T5L/4 Lamp - UVC 4 Pin Ultraviolet (091014)
98-GW-0880 Baumcut BC 558-P-2 Chain (per ft)
98-H165000 R-150 Mail. Mach. Rubber Low. Reaction Roller
98-H165001 R-150 Mail. Mach. Impression Rllr (4/set)
98-H165002 R-150 Mail. Mach. Rubber Exit Rllr (2/set)
98-H165005 R-150 Mail. Mach. Rubber Dr Rllr-Input
98-H165006 R-150 Mail. Mach. Rubber Dr. Rllr-Output
98-H165007 R-150 Mail. Mach. Rubber Up. Reaction Roller
98-H200025 Pitney Bowes DI200 Carrier, Idler Stacker
98-H200032 Pitney Bowes DI200 Gas Shock
98-H200032-C Pitney Bowes DI200 gas Shock compatible
98-H200081 Pitney Bowes DI200 Switch, Long Flag
98-H200084 Pitney Bowes I200 Sensor Pack Straight Arm (H282037)
98-H212007 P/B DI200 Inducer (Cut Back) Pin
98-H220022 P/B Di200 SpRing - Nip - Moistener
98-H221022 Pitney Bowes DI200 SpRing, Stacker Base, RH
98-H221023 Pitney Bowes DI200 SpRing, Stacker Base LH
98-H221035 PB DI200 Torsion - Decurler Right
98-H221036 PB DI200 Torsion - Decurler Left
98-H223005 P/B DI200 SpRing-nip-Insertion
98-H233003 Pitney Bowes DI200 61 Tooth Gear
98-H240001 Pitney Bowes DI200 Cam 51 Tooth
98-H262018 P/B DI200 Idler Frame
98-H262117 P/B Di200 Bracket - Sensor - Insert
98-H262209 Pitney Bowes DI200 Stacker TrAy
98-H262210 See 98-H262238
98-H262225 P/B DI200 Inducer (Cut Back) Roller
98-H262238 Pitney Bowes DI200 Exit Cover
98-H272006 See 98-H200032
98-H280028 Pitney Bowes DI200 Transport Shaft Assy
98-H280043 Pitney Bowes DI200 Moistener Tank
98-H280046 Pitney Bowes DI200 Drive Shaft Assy
98-H280058 Pitney Bowes DI200 Main Frame Drive Shaft Assy
98-H280059 Pitney Bowes DI200 Collation Drive Shaft Assy
98-H280063 Pitney Bowes DI200 Sheet Fdr 2 Shaft Assy
98-H280105 See 98-H200025
98-H282037 See 98-H200084
98-H286001 Pitney Bowes DI200 Fold Drive Roller Assembly
98-H286002 Pitney Bowes DI200 Fold Idler Roller Assembly
98-H286015 Pitney Bowes DI200 Carrier, Dual Belt, Envelope Feeder
98-H286016 Pitney Bowes DI200 Carrier, Single Belt, Envelope Feeder
98-H286020 Pitney Bowes DI200 Orbital Roller 28 Diam.
98-H286024 Pitney Bowes DI200 Nip Shaft Intermediate
98-H286037 Pitney Bowes DI200 Insertion Roller
98-H288058 PB DI200 Assembly - Idler Frame
98-H290000ABB Pitney Bowes DI200 Moistener Wick Spares Kit
98-H584216 Pitney Bowes Documatch Roller Kit
98-H711900036 PB UW6 Spurpinion (7119.00036.3)
98-HTD610-5M-15 Timing Belt for SJVB-TUV
98-I000006 P/B 10-32 x1 18-8 PH Flat HD.M./S
98-JDC98103 Pitney Bowes DI 180 Roller, Tire Only
98-JDC98104 Pitney Bowes DI 180 Roller, Tire Only
98-KF09932525-R P/B APS D Roller Segment Recoat (Cust Core Req) 10 min.
98-KF09934505 Pitney Bowes APS Urge Roller
98-KF09934505-R P/B Urge Roller Recoat NLA
98-KF09934505-RA Pitney Bowes APS Urge Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.) NLA
98-KFM3001004 P/B APS, MPS, FPS, Bearing Clamp Collar
98-KFM9009013 Flat Belt (Twisted)
98-LA122-KA-U P/B LA1200 Knife Assy, Good Used
98-MD00033 P/B Insert Plate
98-M-S025026 Martin Yale 1501 Timing Belt
98-M-S62000136 Martin Yale 62001 Hold Back Wheel (all SN's)
98-MSI485216 P/B Sleeve Bushing 3.0ID I Glide HD M/S
98-NCJPD10-025-DCN0612N P/B Pnuematic Cylinder
98-NT1186 Stabilus 855827552G Strut
98-NX00258 P/B PaperFeed Wheel Assembly
98-NX00533 Pitney Bowes DI600 Accumulator Belt
98-P3200118 P/B Y684405 Pneumatic Cylinder Muffler Only
98-PB1225-BK Pitney Bowes 1225 Belt Kit
98-PB1225-R Pitney Bowes 1225 Mail Opener-Refurbished
98-PB1250-BK Pitney Bowes 1250 Belt Kit
98-PB1250-R Pitney Bowes 1250 Mail Opener-Refurbished
98-PBLA1200-BK Pitney Bowes LA1200 Belt Kit - Does Not inlude 126700 (Motor Drive Belt)
98-PFED00072A Neopost 1200 Feed Tire
98-PFED0048AB Neopost 1200 Feed Tire
98-R000010 P/B Nut for Assy R480967
98-R000014 P/B Service Parts-Spring Cam Replacement
98-R061425-616 Hunkler Unwinder Rubber Bladder
98-R118014 P/B APS, MPS Hub Spring
98-R121001 P/B SpRing Aligner Balls 1050
98-R144000 P/B APS, MPS Clamp Collar & Hub
98-R145043 P/B Guide Lock
98-R162002 P/B APS, MPS 2050 Ball Housing
98-R162007 PB Cap-Aligner Ball 1050 Seitz
98-R184001 P/B APS Inserter Ball Aligner 1050
98-R184009 Pitney Bowes Transport Belt 2050 Fax Machine
98-R184072 P/B APS Idler Roller Assy
98-R184072 P/B APS Idler Roller Assy
98-R184123 P/B APS Drive Pulley 25T
98-R186016 Pitney Bowes S8000 Searle Roller
98-R186017-T P/B APS Inserter Roller/Tire -A
98-R186017-TA P/B APS Inserter Roller Tire
98-R284034 P/B APS Motor
98-R400002 P/B Spring-Ram Rod Cam
98-R400003 P/B Cam-Lift- Ram Rod
98-R410049 P/B Ram Rod
98-R412005 P/B Pin-Ram Rod Cam
98-R445107 P/B Key-Upper Ram Rod
98-R451147 P/B Cam
98-R4511471 P/B Cam
98-R470015 P/B Screw Ram Rod Lift
98-R480967 P/B Assy-Ram Rod
98-R618022 P/B Hub, Brake
98-R645017 P/B Support-Cross, Top
98-R680009EE P/B Vacuum Pump Mocon Box
98-R682005 Pitney Bowes SFC Controller
98-R683042BB P/B Cable Assy- Power 220V
98-R683042DD P/B Cable Assy- Power 220V
98-R683097R P/B Series 8 Clutch
98-R683123 P/B Assy-LED Lamp (Yellow)
98-R683192AA P/B Series 8 ENC FDR Clutch CQEP New Design
98-R684027 P/B APS Spring Clip
98-R684066 Pitney Bowes Brake, Main Magnetic
98-R692042 PB Flowmaster Infared LED
98-R692043 P/B Flowmaster Optical Detector
98-R710003 P/B MPS/Epic Nip Idler Shaft
98-R710010 P/B MPS/Epic Nip Idler Roller Hub Shaft
98-R784000 ABCR P/B Turbo Jet Print Engine
98-RD00185 P/B 6 Ft Right Angle Remote Head Cable
98-S11000B Opex/B&H S1 Optical Shaft Encoder
98-S3121850 P/B Groove Pin
98-SPRK-38015 Baumcut BC 558-P-2 Sprocket
98-SR00316 P/B Hexagonal Standoff
98-SR00402 P/B Pulley, Idler, Round Belt
98-SR00403 P/B Stud, Idler
98-SR00583 P/B Assy- Idler Round Belt
98-SR007871 P/B Insert
98-SR007872 P/B Insert, Short
98-SR007873 P/B Tube
98-SR00788 P/B Assy- Roller Urethane Notched
98-SR007881 P/B Tube
98-SR007883 P/B Inserter
98-SR00793 P/B Assy, Roller Drive
98-SR00794 P/B Assy, Roller Frame Front
98-SR00795 P/B Assy, Roller Frame Rear
98-SR00796 P/B Assy, Lift Manual Feed
98-SR00797 P/B Assy, Drive Housing MF
98-SR00800 P/B Frame- Roller Front
98-SR00801 P/B Frame- Roller Rear
98-SR00802 P/B Bar-Mounting
98-SR00803 P/B Pulley- Drive Rollers
98-SR00811 P/B Shaft-Drive
98-SR00812 P/B Assy-Drive Pulley
98-SR00813 P/B Pulley, Timing
98-SR00814 P/B Pulley, Round Belt
98-SR00815 P/B Housing, Drive Shaft
98-SR00817 P/B Spacer
98-SR00823 P/B Round Pulley, Manual Feed
98-SR008231 P/B Pulley
98-SR00824 P/B Frame, Flat Belt Drive
98-SR008241 P/B Frame
98-SR00825 P/B Shaft, Manual Feed
98-SR00826 P/B Spacer, Manual Feed
98-SR00827 P/B Spacer, Short Manual Feed
98-SR00828 P/B Assy-Flat Belt Drive
98-SR01019 P/B Assy-Pulley Timing XL 64T
98-SR01128 P/B Plate
98-SR01145 P/B Post
98-SR01146 P/B Reader Mount Assy
98-SR01147 P/B Flange
98-SR01360 P/B Guide
98-SR01423 P/B Guide
98-SR01432 P/B Handle-Cam
98-SR01546 P/B Olympus II Transport Belt
98-SR04100 P/B Block-Guide, Layover
98-SR04101 P/B Plate-Attachment
98-SR10027 P/B Threaded Rod, 1/4-20 x 17in L
98-SR10065 P/B Roller, Settling Station
98-SR100651 P/B Roller
98-SR10082 P/B Drive Tube, 65Hz
98-SR100831 P/B Drive Tube, 65Hz
98-SR11004 P/B Standoff
98-SR13812 P/B Adjustment Nut
98-SR14003 P/B Spacer #10 x 1/2
98-SR18224 P/B Pulley
98-SR31000 P/B 1.35 Pulley w/ Hub
98-SR31001 P/B Pulley-Driven
98-SR45009 P/B Mail Track Support
98-SR45010 P/B Sensor Standoff
98-SR45011 P/B Reflector Bracket
98-SR45012 P/B Vertical Support
98-SR45039 P/B Standoff, Separator
98-SR45042 P/B Cylinder, Pivot
98-SR45043 P/B Cylinder Pivot Bearing
98-SR45069 P/B Rail Labeler
98-SR45085 P/B Plate, Side Mount
98-SR45124 P/B Clamp, Deflector
98-SR45600 P/B Block, Sensor Mtg
98-SR45604 P/B Edge Guide Support
98-SR62003 P/B Olympus II Belt 80.5 X .750
98-SR72005 P/B O'Ring Belt, Rollers
98-SR72055 P/B Bearing
98-SR83287 P/B Assy- Pop-Up Roller Sensor-Center
98-SR90161 P/B Air Piston, Drive Rollers
98-TO1128 P/B Single Brush Lesson Motor
98-TO1165 P/B Brush Assy
98-U10002 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Gear Motor
98-U10008 Inscerco Ultra 2000 SoleNoid
98-U10026 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Fuse Holder
98-U10039 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Fuse
98-U10126 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Switch
98-U10251 Inscerco Eye Harness Gate, Blue Wire
98-U10310 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Board
98-U10326 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Stepper Motor
98-U10385 Inscerco Ultra 2000EA Stepp. Mtr.
98-U184096 P/B DI350 Moistener Cap/Valve
98-U200150 See 98-U200439/U200438/U200440
98-U200156 Inscerco Ultra System Belt
98-U200202 Inscerco Ultra Systems SC100 Mill Cutter Assy
98-U200215 Inscerco Ultra Sys SC100 Cutting Blade
98-U200220 Inscerco Ultra Systems SC100 Mill Cutter Assy Refurb.
98-U200340 Ultra 1000 Mail System V Belt
98-U200438 Inscerco Ultra Systems SC100 Insert
98-U200439 Inscerco Ultra Sys SC100 Screw
98-U200440 Inscerco Ultra Systems SC100 Holder
98-U200443 U200443 Suction Cup
98-U30011 Ultra 2000 Suction cup (27-P05109-05) (98-U200443)
98-U30016 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Gear Belt
98-U30021 See 98-980207
98-U30029 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Retainer
98-U30031 Inscerco Compression SpRing
98-U30032 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Retaining Ring
98-U30043 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Torsion SpRing
98-U30044 Inscerco Ultra2000 1/8 Ret. Ring
98-U30045 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Belt Pulley
98-U30046 See 98-994680
98-U30064 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Redi Roller
98-U30093 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Folder Arm
98-U30122 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Belt, Slicer
98-U30133 Inscerco Ultra 2000 O Ring
98-U30134 Inscerco Ultra 2000 O Ring
98-U30135 Inscerco Ultra 2000 ORing
98-U30136 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Belt
98-U30137 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Belt
98-U30138 Inscerco Ultra 2000 O Ring
98-U30139 Inscerco Ultra 2000 O Ring
98-U30140 Inscerco Ultra 2000 O Ring
98-U30142 Inscerco Ultra 2000 O Ring
98-U30143 Inscerco Ultra 2000 O Ring
98-U30144 Inscerco Ultra 2000 O Ring
98-U30155 Inscerco Lower Knife
98-U30156 Inscerco Upper Knife
98-U30157 see 98-980064
98-U30190 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Retaining Ring
98-U30197 Inscerco Photocell Bracket
98-U30215 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Gate Arm Pin
98-U30251 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Strut, Gas
98-U30252 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Bracket, Strut Support-Cover
98-U30253 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Bracket, Strut Support-Lower
98-U30271 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Rubber Shock Mount
98-U30279 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Rod
98-U30344 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Spacer
98-U30504 Inscerco Ultras 2000 SpRing Pin
98-U30519 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Pulley
98-U30675 Inscerco Ultra 2000 O Ring
98-U30700 Inserco Milly 2.0 Feed Belt
98-U30738 Inscerco Ultra 2000 SpRing Pin
98-U30751 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Bracket, Opening Knife
98-U30752 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Adjusting Plate
98-U30753 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Stud, Knife
98-U30769 Inserco Milly 2.0 Drive Belt
98-U40039 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Gate
98-U40307 Inscerco Ultra 2000 Front Knife
98-U40308 Inscerco 2000 Rear Knife
98-U50015 Inscerco Felt Filter
98-U765002 P/B APS Idler Sleeve
98-UM10011 P/B Drive Shaft, 3 Roller
98-UM10111 P/B Drive Shaft Roller
98-UM10112 P/B Drive Shaft 3 Roller
98-VT4.25 VT4.25 Becker Vacuum Pump 17.7 cfm
98-VTN-26 VTN-26 Rietschle Pump 18.8 cfm
98-WA600S Dyconn WA600S (Hydro Series) Articulating TV Monitor Wall Mt. Full +/-90 deg Motion Swivel & Tilt
98-Y006789 Gas Shock Kit
98-Y100010 P/B Turn Bar- Extension 8 1/2"
98-Y100011 P/B Turn Bar- Extension 7"
98-Y100025 P/B Sensor Bracket Upper
98-Y100195 P/B Assy- Drum Roller
98-Y1001951 P/B Drum Roller
98-Y1001952 P/B Drum
98-Y100405 P/B Roller-Rubber Retard-90Druo
98-Y1004051 P/B Rubber Retard
98-Y100406 P/B Roller-Rubber Retard-60 Duro
98-Y1004061 P/B Roller
98-Y100407 P/B Roller- Rubber Retard- 40 Druo
98-Y1004071 P/B Roller
98-Y100409AA P/B Kit, Rubber Separator Roller
98-Y100409CC P/B Kit, Rubber Separator Roller
98-Y100413 P/B Shield, Retard Roller
98-Y1005101 P/B Upper Deck
98-Y100638 P/B Bracket-Photocell
98-Y100664 P/B Pulley-Timing 25T
98-Y100673 P/B Brush Support
98-Y100674 P/B Brush Support
98-Y110005 P/B Shaft Upper Exit Drive
98-Y110040 P/B Lower Spindle Block
98-Y110041 P/B Spindle Upper
98-Y110047 P/B Clutch Shaft
98-Y110070 P/B Shaft Feed Roller
98-Y110072 P/B Shaft Bearing
98-Y110081 P/B G-Trax Shaft Roller
98-Y110087 P/B Enhanced Alpha Transfer Module Gear Box Shaft
98-Y110088 P/B Stud, Spring Idler
98-Y110138 P/B Shaft Roller Guide
98-Y110139 P/B Rod- Exit Roller
98-Y110198 P/B Enhanced Alpha Transfer Module Exit Shaft
98-Y110256 P/B Stud, Spring Retainer
98-Y110264 P/B Advance Shaft
98-Y110267 P/B Shaft Clutch with Brake PVT Section
98-Y110283 P/B Input Shaft
98-Y110287 P/B Shaft support Clutch
98-Y110292 P/B Lower FIM Shaft
98-Y110293 P/B FIM Split Drive Shaft
98-Y110294 P/B Shaft FIM Lower
98-Y111056 P/B Stud Spring Retainer
98-Y112003 P/B Enchanced Alpha Transfer Module Extension Pin
98-Y113007 P/B Pulley- Idler
98-Y113012 P/B Pulley- Idler Crowned
98-Y113051 P/B G-Trax Divert Stacker Drive Belt Roller
98-Y113074 P/B Roller
98-Y115000 P/B APS, FPS Flowmaster MPS Clamp Collar Top Carriage
98-Y115008 P/B Collar Split
98-Y116022 P/B Link Pin Diverter RH
98-Y116023 Link Pin Diverter LH
98-Y116025 P/B Standoff Deck Extension
98-Y116027 P/B Enhanced Alpha Transfer Module Knob
98-Y116030 P/B Threaded Shaft
98-Y117000 P/B Roller Clutch
98-Y117001 P/B Knob, Knurled
98-Y118004 P/B Bearing House
98-Y118044 P/B Hub Pivot Section
98-Y121005 P/B Buffer Torsion Spring RH
98-Y121006 P/B Buffer Torsion Spring LH
98-Y145053 P/B Locating Button
98-Y145224 P/B Block-Shaft Mount
98-Y145278 P/B Block-Roller Guide
98-Y145290 P/B Latch- Jam Cleaning
98-Y145291 P/B Bracket-Conv. Latch
98-Y145307 P/B Block- Frame Adjust
98-Y145404 P/B Block-Cover Sensor
98-Y145556 P/B Plate Rail- Universal
98-Y145590 P/B Cross Brace
98-Y146107 P/B Lower NIP Roller Exit
98-Y146109 P/B Lower NIP Roller Carbide
98-Y146112EE P/B Extrusion x 12.844
98-Y146114 P/B Cross Brace
98-Y146115 P/B HPI RH Side Frame
98-Y146115 P/B HPI Side Frame RH
98-Y146116 P/B HPI LH side Plate
98-Y146116 P/B HPI Side Frame LH
98-Y150528 P/B Bracket Restraining
98-Y162021 Pitney Bowes Plastic Slide Block
98-Y180026 P/B G-Trax Pulley Idler Assy
98-Y180030 P/B Roller Assy, Lower LH
98-Y180036 P/B APS Fold Sprocket � High Speed
98-Y180038 P/B Roller Assy, Upper RH
98-Y180042 P/B Enhanced Alpha Transfer Module Bearing Housing Assy
98-Y180054AA P/B APS Cable Assy Int.
98-Y180058 P/B Roller Assy, Upper LH
98-Y180059 P/B Roller Assy Lower RH
98-Y180148 P/B Aps, FPS, G-Trax Enhanced Alpha Transfer Module Spring Idler Assy
98-Y180175 P/B Arm Assy
98-Y180501 P/B Enchanced Alpha Transfer Module Turnbar Ext. Assy
98-Y180526 P/B Enchanced Alpha Transfer Module Turnbar Ext. 7 West Assy
98-Y180614 P/B Shaft- Assy, O'Ring Drive, Upper
98-Y180646 P/B Pivot Hub Assy
98-Y180669 P/B Enhanced Alpha Transfer Module Idler Roller Assy
98-Y183137 P/B Jumper Assy- J20
98-Y184008 P/B APS, FPS, HPI Adjust Handle
98-Y184025 P/B Bearing
98-Y184032 P/B Spring Locating Pin
98-Y184133 P/B HPI RAT Carriage Spring Roller Spring
98-Y184135 P/B Bearing
98-Y184136 P/B Needle Bearing
98-Y184140 P/B APS, MPS, G-Trax 6mm Shoulder Bolt
98-Y184241 P/B Clutch Bearing
98-Y184251 P/B Read Tool-Indexing Plunger
98-Y184299 P/B M6 Press on Know (100/pkg)
98-Y184360R P/B Series 8 Incremental Optical
98-Y184392 P/B G-Trax Enhanced Alpha Transfer Module HPI M6 Socket Head Shoulder Screw
98-Y184485 P/B Flowmaster, FPS, MPS, APS Clamp Collar 16mm Bore
98-Y184516 P/B Latch Idler Roller Assy
98-Y184539 P/B Flowmaster FPS Clutch Drive Belt 3MM HTD X 9MM X 108T
98-Y184557 P/B APS, MPS, FPS 8MM Bore Nylinter Bushing
98-Y186002 P/B Roller Hub Lower
98-Y1860021 P/B Roller
98-Y186003 P/B Roller Hub Upper
98-Y1860031 P/B Roller
98-Y186020 P/B APS Roller Tire Hub Assy
98-Y186020-R P/B APS Roller Tire Hub Assy Refurb. (JDC Cust Core Req.)
98-Y186020-T P/B APS Roller, Tire
98-Y200061 P/B Ramp
98-Y200062 P/B Carriage Slide
98-Y200070 P/B Assy O'Ring Pulley
98-Y2000701 P/B Pulley
98-Y200071 P/B Carriage Guide
98-Y200074 P/B Wheel- Reverse Accumulate
98-Y200076 P/B Support Ramp- Reverse Accumulate
98-Y200077 P/B Shaft Reverse Accumulate
98-Y200097 P/B Bracket-Carriage-Reverse Accumulate
98-Y200098 P/B Wedge
98-Y200100 P/B Extrusion Nut
98-Y200103 P/B Wheel- Reverse Accumulate (Large)
98-Y200110 P/B Ramp, Reverse Accumulate
98-Y200111 P/B Thin Ramp, Reverse LH
98-Y2001111 P/B Ramp
98-Y200112 P/B Thin Ramp, Reverse RH
98-Y2001121 P/B Ramp
98-Y200113 P/B Thin Ramp LH Edge
98-Y2001131 P/B Ramp
98-Y200114 P/B Thin Ramp RH Edge
98-Y200121 P/B Assy-O'Ring Pulley, 0.85D
98-Y2001211 P/B Pulley
98-Y200411 P/B Roller, Folder Top
98-Y200517 P/B Mount, Gas Shock, Right
98-Y210037 P/B Shaft, Clutch
98-Y211014 P/B Stud, Idler Drive
98-Y213003 P/B Hub Roller
98-Y213008 P/B Roller, Take Up Flanged
98-Y213009 P/B Roller
98-Y216020 P/B Thumb Screw-Wire Chain
98-Y216021 P/B Thumb Screw-Ground Wire
98-Y216022 P/B Thumb Screw- Rotate Camera
98-Y216023 P/B Knob-Lens Locking
98-Y216024 P/B Knob-Camera Height
98-Y218001 P/B Hub, Clutch Pulley
98-Y245088 P/B Block, T-Nut Adjustable
98-Y245089 P/B Scanner Bar, Adjustable
98-Y245094 P/B Clamp-Ramp, Removable
98-Y245100 P/B T-Nut Long
98-Y245102 P/B Block Bearing Prefeed
98-Y245110 P/B Spacer Bock Clutch Mount
98-Y245112 P/B Bearing Block Take Away
98-Y245119 P/B Adjustable Mount
98-Y245123 P/B Large Adjusting Block
98-Y245129 P/B Post-Scanner Mtg
98-Y245130 P/B Block-Scanner Mtg
98-Y245440 P/B Title Plate, Folder Motor Mtg
98-Y246104 P/B Nut-Scanner Track
98-Y246110 P/B Hub-Camera Rotate
98-Y246111 P/B Spacer-Extrusion
98-Y251525 P/B Strap Bracket, Folder
98-Y251526 P/B Strap, Folder Entrance
98-Y256005 P/B Plate- Clamp, Cable Chain
98-Y258057 Pitney Bowes HPI Flipper Extension
98-Y262045 P/B Spacer, Idler Short
98-Y262047 P/B Thrust Bearing
98-Y271002 P/B Plate Stud
98-Y280054 P/B Bearing Block Prefeed
98-Y280059 P/B Assy Roller Take Away
98-Y280063 P/B Bearing Block Take Away
98-Y280077 P/B Assy Roller Take Up
98-Y280085 P/B Assy Scanner Mount
98-Y280473-A P/B APS Inserter Assy Roller Take
98-Y280473-R See 98-Y280473-RA
98-Y280473-RA P/B APS Assy Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y280504 P/B Tire/Hub Assy
98-Y281124 P/B Assy Fold Cluster Sub
98-Y290053 P/B Shaft
98-Y290056 P/B Drive Shaft
98-Y290058 P/B Shaft
98-Y290066 P/B Shaft
98-Y290068 P/B Shaft
98-Y300076 P/B Guide, Adjustable
98-Y300079 P/B T-Nut, Off-line Feeder Tray
98-Y300081 P/B Support, Off-line Feeder Tray
98-Y300092 P/B Assy-Off-line Feeder Tray
98-Y300093 P/B Brace Off-line Feeder
98-Y300094 P/B Tray, Off-line Feeder
98-Y300095 P/B Guide, Upper
98-Y300137 P/B Plate-Guide Mtg
98-Y300138 P/B Guide-Envelope
98-Y300139 P/B Shaft-Idler 13.19 LG
98-Y300140 P/B Shaft-Idler 10.43 LG
98-Y300141 P/B Shaft-Idler 12.62 LG
98-Y300142 P/B Shaft-Idler 9.84 LG
98-Y300187 P/B Screw- ASYS Captive Panel
98-Y300249 P/B Top Wear Plate, VAC Base
98-Y300313 P/B Roller, Rotate Drive
98-Y300317 P/B O'Ring Roller Idler- Rotate
98-Y3003171 P/B Roller Idler
98-Y310067 P/B Gate Shaft-Solenoid
98-Y310068 P/B Pivot Shaft- Gate
98-Y310302 P/B Shaft- Drive, Stack ADV
98-Y310703 P/B Stud Idler, Drive Belt
98-Y310704 P/B Stud Idler, Drive Belt
98-Y310800 P/B Clamp Collar-Spring Tension
98-Y310801 P/B Rod-Pivot
98-Y310802 P/B Crown Roller-T/O Driver
98-Y310803 P/B Tensioner Shaft
98-Y311074 P/B Input Idle Shaft
98-Y311079 P/B Fold Roller
98-Y313055 P/B Roller-Hold Down
98-Y313072 P/B Input Drive Roller
98-Y313073 P/B Input Drive Roller
98-Y3130731 P/B Roller
98-Y313075 P/B Urge Roller 85 Durometer
98-Y3130751 P/B Roller
98-Y313077 P/B Urge Roller B80 Durometer
98-Y3130771 P/B Roller
98-Y314034 P/B Nylon Bushing-Urge
98-Y316000 P/B Standoff, WOF Sub-Cabinet
98-Y317000 P/B 3 Roller Drive Shaft
98-Y317000 P/B Drive Shaft, 3 Roller
98-Y3170001 P/B Drive Shaft
98-Y317001 P/B Drive Shaft Roller
98-Y317002 P/B Drive Shaft
98-Y3170021 P/B Shaft
98-Y318031 Pitney Bowes Hub, Tension Roller
98-Y318038 P/B Bearing Spacer
98-Y330700 P/B Epic Drive Belt Idler Pulley
98-Y330801 P/B Pulley 22T, 3mm HTD
98-Y330802 P/B Pulley, 110T, 3mm HTD
98-Y340703 P/B Bearing Housing, Machined
98-Y340800 P/B Spacer Block-Entry
98-Y340803 P/B Spacer-Entry Idler
98-Y340805 P/B Rod
98-Y340806 P/B Clamp-Skew Sensor
98-Y340808 P/B Clamp-Guide Entry
98-Y345082 P/B Slide Plate
98-Y345123AA P/B Set Up Block
98-Y345123BB P/B Set Up Block
98-Y345123CC P/B Set Up Block
98-Y345123DD P/B Folder Setup Block
98-Y345123OO P/B Folder Setup Block
98-Y345123PP P/B Folder Setup Block
98-Y345123QQ P/B Folder Setup Block
98-Y345123RR P/B Folder Setup Block
98-Y351172 P/B Input Idler Frame
98-Y351423 P/B Bracket, Reverse Accumulate LED
98-Y370706 P/B Hinge, Vbin Top Cover
98-Y380110 P/B Assy, Roller-Hold
98-Y380180 P/B Assy, Urge Roller
98-Y380181 P/B Assy, Input Drive Roller
98-Y380182 P/B Assy, Input Idler Roller
98-Y380189 P/B Assy, Urge Roller
98-Y380709 P/B Petal Roller Drive
98-Y3807091 P/B Petal Drive
98-Y3807092 P/B Rollers
98-Y380710 P/B Assy, Petal Roller Drive
98-Y381096 P/B Assy, Fold Cluster Sub
98-Y381112 P/B Folder Setup Block Kit
98-Y384120 P/B Hinge, Cover SDS
98-Y384140 P/B APS/MPS Spring Plunger
98-Y384146-S-LH P/B HPI 2 Roller Assy Fwd SpRing LH
98-Y384147-S-RH P/B HPI 2 Roller Assy Fwd SpRing RH
98-Y4001141 P/B Ramp
98-Y400336 P/B End Cap Idler Drive Side
98-Y400337 P/B End Cap Idler Drive Gear
98-Y400338 P/B Roller Core Idler Drive
98-Y4003401 P/B Molder Idler Roller
98-Y400340-CG P/B HPI Molded Idler Roller Assy (Cust. Supplied Gear & Brg.)
98-Y400340-R P/B HPI Molded Idler Roller Assy Refurb. (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y400340-R-1 P/B HPI Molded Idler Roller Assy LARGER O.D. (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y400373 P/B HPI Divert Drive Shaft
98-Y400388 Pitney Bowes SpRing, Roller Compression
98-Y400391 P/B Assy- Dual Accumulate Chute
98-Y400400 P/B Spacer-Frame
98-Y400401 P/B Roller Flexible Deck
98-Y4004011 P/B Roller
98-Y400410 P/B Clamp Collar Bar
98-Y400449 P/B Deck-Scan, refeeder
98-Y400477 P/B HPI Entrance NIP Roller
98-Y4004771 P/B Roller
98-Y400483 P/B HSN Lower OP Side Frame
98-Y400485 P/B Side Frame
98-Y4004851 P/B Frame
98-Y400486 P/B Side Frame Base-NonOP
98-Y400487 P/B Side Frame Belt OP
98-Y400488 P/B Side Frame Belt NonOP
98-Y400489 P/B Belted Assy
98-Y400490 P/B Base Frame Assy
98-Y400501-R P/B Assy Molded Drive Roller Refurb
98-Y400501-R-C P/B Assy Molded Drive Roller Refurb Plus Core (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y400503 P/B Assy-Deflector HSN Upper Bottom
98-Y400510 P/B Assy-HSN Upper Deck
98-Y400512 P/B End Cap
98-Y400513 P/B HPI MPS Coupling 10mm X 10mm
98-Y400516 P/B HPI FPS Coupling KTR 10mm Half
98-Y400517 P/B Roller Core Idler Drive
98-Y400518 P/B HPI Long Screw Stud
98-Y4005191 P/B Roller Core
98-Y4005192 P/B End Cap
98-Y4005193 P/B Drive Roller Sub Assy
98-Y400521 P/B Photocell Tube
98-Y400524 P/B HPI Ramp Crown Log
98-Y4005241 P/B Ramp
98-Y400537 P/B HSN Molded Drive Roller
98-Y4005371 P/B Molded Drive Roller
98-Y4005372 P/B Roller Core
98-Y400539 P/B End Cap
98-Y400544 P/B Ramp Input Bar
98-Y400549 P/B Block, Cover Mount
98-Y400551 P/B NonOP Side Frame
98-Y4005511 P/B Side Frame
98-Y400553 P/B Tensioner-Flexible Deck
98-Y4005531 P/B Tensioner
98-Y400554 P/B Lower Divert Operator Side Frame
98-Y4005541 P/B Divert
98-Y400563 P/B H/A High Speed NIP Motor
98-Y400564 P/B Harness Assy-Upper Dump Motor
98-Y400565 P/B Harness Assy-Divert Motor
98-Y400566 P/B Harness Assy- HEI Lower Dump Motor
98-Y400567 P/B Harness Assy- HEI Upper Export Motor
98-Y400568 P/B Harness Assy- HEI Lower Transport
98-Y400586 P/B Roller-Belt-NIP
98-Y4005861 P/B Roller-Belt-NIP
98-Y400587 P/B HPI NIP Shaft Belt
98-Y400595 P/B HPI Dump Roller Shaft
98-Y-400595 P/B HPI Dump Roller Shaft
98-Y400598 P/B Assy- Vacuum Drum Feed 50k
98-Y400599 P/B Deck Drive Roller
98-Y4005991 P/B Roller-Belt-NIP
98-Y400600 P/B Motor Mount
98-Y400601 P/B Flag
98-Y400603 P/B Valve Refeed
98-Y400606 P/B Belt Entrance Deck
98-Y400607 P/B Photocell Bracket- Ramp
98-Y400608 P/B Assy-Jack Shaft-Short
98-Y4006081 P/B Timing Pulley
98-Y400609 P/B Assy-MOD Timing Pulley 36T
98-Y400620 P/B Tie Bar- Slide Frame
98-Y400622 P/B Slide Frame OP Side
98-Y4006221 P/B Slide Frame
98-Y400629 P/B APS Timing Pulley 24T
98-Y400648 P/B Tie Plate
98-Y400656 P/B APS Timing Pulley 48T
98-Y400670 P/B HPI, APS, MPS Divert Drive Timing Pulley
98-Y400670 P/B APS, HPI, MPS Divert Drive Timing Pulley
98-Y400671-A P/B HPI Divert Foam Roller
98-Y400671-AI P/B HPI Divert Foam Roller IMPROVED
98-Y400674 P/B HPI HEI Accum. Flat Belt
98-Y400675 P/B HPI HEI Divert Flat Belt
98-Y400679 Pitney Bowes HPI Main Roller
98-Y400679 P/B Main Roller Rubber Band Set
98-Y400679-R Pitney Bowes HPI Main Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.)**
98-Y400680 P/B End Cap
98-Y400682 P/B HPI Flexible Deck w/Edging
98-Y400682 P/B HPI Flexible Deck w/Edging
98-Y400684 P/B Roller Core
98-Y400687 P/B Output Deflector Deck
98-Y400689 P/B Bottom Lower Fixed Deck
98-Y400696 P/B Assy-Upper Chute
98-Y400699 P/B HPI Catch Plate
98-Y400700 P/B Lower Deck Slide Block
98-Y4007001 P/B Lower Deck
98-Y400718 P/B Plunger Ball
98-Y400723 P/B H/A HEI Folder
98-Y400727 P/B Handle Top Lower Deck
98-Y400728 P/B Shield Lower Deck Spring
98-Y400740 P/B Lower Entrance Top Deck
98-Y400741 P/B Assy-Deck Lower Top
98-Y400742 P/B Rail Assy
98-Y4007421 P/B Rail Bracket
98-Y4007423 P/B Support Rail Bracket
98-Y400743 P/B Rail Assy
98-Y4007431 P/B Rail Top
98-Y4007432 P/B Rail
98-Y4007433 P/B Support Rail Bracket
98-Y4007434 P/B Support Rail Bracket
98-Y400780 P/B H/A Safety Chain Jumper-Accumulate
98-Y400822 P/B Locator, y-axis
98-Y400823 P/B HPI Vlier Plunger
98-Y400824 P/B Spacer- Relieved
98-Y400859 P/B HPI Divert Drive Interm Timing Pulley
98-Y400859 P/B HPI Divert Drive Interim Timing Pulley
98-Y4008591 P/B Pulley
98-Y400880 P/B Assy- HEI Cabinet Electrical
98-Y400887 P/B Assy-Divert Finger
98-Y400895 P/B Divert Finger
98-Y400896 P/B Assy- Finger Clamp
98-Y4008961 P/B Finger Clamp
98-Y400902 P/B Deck-Divert Fingers
98-Y400903 P/B Mounting Plate-Divert Air Cylinders
98-Y4009031 P/B Plate
98-Y400917 P/B Pointer- Paper Size
98-Y400923 P/B Valve, 1,4" Line
98-Y400924 P/B Tiebar, Front-Belted Frame
98-Y400925 P/B Assy. Left Scanner Blow Off Hose
98-Y400926 P/B Assy. Right Scanner Blow Off Hose
98-Y400933 P/B Divert Guide Strap
98-Y400934 P/B Divert Guide- Strap-Spring
98-Y400935 P/B Divert Guide- Strap- Rubber
98-Y400936 P/B HPI Accum. Ramp Bearing Assy
98-Y400945 P/B Hinge-Short
98-Y4009451 P/B Hinge
98-Y400946 P/B Hinge-Medium
98-Y4009461 P/B Hinge
98-Y400947 P/B Hinge-Tall
98-Y4009471 P/B Hinge
98-Y400948 P/B Hinge-Base
98-Y4009481 P/B Hinge
98-Y400951 P/B Stop Tube- Divert
98-Y400952 P/B Shaft- Divert Finger
98-Y4009521 P/B Shaft- Divert Finger
98-Y400965 P/B Basic 6 Roller Folder Assy
98-Y400984 P/B Bin Tray Slide Plate
98-Y400986 P/B Bin Tray Strap
98-Y400988 P/B Label HEI Accumulator Board Layout
98-Y400990 P/B HPI HEI Accumulator Ramp
98-Y4009901 P/B Ramp
98-Y400994 P/B Assy. Singulator Head Refeed
98-Y400995 P/B H/A HEI Accumulator HSNIP
98-Y400996 P/B H/A HEI Accumulator Divert
98-Y400997 P/B H/A HEI Accumulator Upper Export
98-Y400998 P/B H/A HEI Accumulator Lower Export
98-Y401000 P/B Divert Chute- Strap
98-Y401003 P/B Ramp Bar
98-Y401004 P/B Slide Frame
98-Y401006 P/B Deflector HSN Reverse
98-Y401009 P/B Deck Upper Reverse Accumulate- Moveable
98-Y401010 P/B Stud
98-Y401011 P/B Stud
98-Y401012 P/B Timing Pulley-Transport Drive
98-Y401013 P/B HPI Transport Drive Roller
98-Y401014 P/B HPI HEI Accumulator Ramp Clip
98-Y401028 P/B HPI Air Cylinder Assy
98-Y401031 P/B HPI Downstream Deflector
98-Y401033 P/B Side Frame Belted Accum. Reverse OP
98-Y401034 P/B Side Frame Belted Accum. Reverse NonOP-Lower
98-Y401036 P/B Side Frame Belted Accum. Reverse NonOP-Upper
98-Y401037 P/B Side Frame Base Accum. Reverse OP
98-Y4010371 P/B Side Frame Base
98-Y401038 P/B Side Frame Base Accum Reverse NonOP- Lower
98-Y401039 P/B Side Frame Base Accum Reverse NonOP-Upper
98-Y401040 P/B Hinge Base- Reverse
98-Y4010401 P/B Hinge
98-Y401043 P/B HPI Gear Pulley Assy
98-Y401063 P/B HPI Rocker Army Assy
98-Y401080 P/B Assy-Duam Accumulate Divert
98-Y401081 P/B H/A APS HEI Accumulator Divert
98-Y401082 P/B Support, SHT FDR Deck
98-Y401087 P/B Reverse Belted Frame Assy- Lower
98-Y401088 P/B Reverse Base Frame Assy-Upper
98-Y401093 P/B Reverse Belted Frame Assy-Upper
98-Y401094 P/B Reverse Base Frame Assy-Lower
98-Y401105 P/B Slide Frame- Reverse NonOP Tool less
98-Y401109 P/B Slide Frame- Reverse OP Tool less
98-Y4011091 P/B Slide Frame
98-Y401120 P/B Assy Reverse HEI Cabinet- Electrical
98-Y401238 P/B HPI Northport Belt
98-Y401265 P/B Assy Roller Spring Single
98-Y401356 P/B HPI 44T Turnbar Idler Pulley
98-Y401360 P/B Turnbar Pulley Assy 50T
98-Y401406 P/B HPI Exit Roller Cutter O-Ring
98-Y401406 P/B Clear Urethane O-Ring (Y402406)
98-Y401423 P/B HPI Conveyor Idler Roller
98-Y401425 P/B HPI Conveyor NIP Roller
98-Y401426 P/B Conveyor Drive Roller
98-Y401427 P/B Shaft Idler Roller
98-Y401437 P/B Shaft, NIPS
98-Y401438 P/B Roller
98-Y401439 P/B HPI NIP Roller Assy
98-Y401477 P/B Support
98-Y401489 P/B Pulley 42T
98-Y401537 P/B HPI Pulley 44T GT2
98-Y401547 P/B HPI HEI FIM Flat Belt
98-Y401552 P/B HPI Broker Fold Flat Belt
98-Y401590 P/B Idler Roller
98-Y401635 P/B MPS, TNT Long Housing Assy
98-Y401636 P/B MPS Long Housing Shaft
98-Y4016361 P/B Shaft- Housing, Long
98-Y401649 P/b mps 25mm Wide Idler Roller
98-Y401657 P/B MPS Short Housing Shaft
98-Y4016571 P/B Shaft- Housing, Short
98-Y401660 P/B Assy. Housing Bearing Long
98-Y401661 P/B Housing, Long
98-Y401662 P/B Spacer- Bearing, Long
98-Y401693 P/B NIP Roller Assy Northport FIM
98-Y401698 P/B Shaft IP Northport FIM
98-Y401703 P/B HPI Crowned Idler
98-Y401703 P/B HPI Crowned Idler
98-Y4017031 P/B Roller
98-Y401733 P/B HPI Cylinder Gate Assy
98-Y401734-A P/B HPI Accumulator Drive Belt
98-Y401736 P/B Cylinder Mount-Gate
98-Y4017361 P/B Mount
98-Y401741 P/B HPI Gate Cylinder Clamp
98-Y4017421 P/B Roller
98-Y4017422 P/B HIP Roller
98-Y401742-A P/B HPI Nip Roller HSN
98-Y401742-PB P/B HPI Nip Roller HSN (Peer)
98-Y401743 P/B Drive Roller- HSN
98-Y4017431 P/B Roller
98-Y401745 P/B HPI Flat Log Drive Belts Idler
98-Y4017451 P/B Roller
98-Y401826 P/B Bracket-Jam Photocell
98-Y401827 P/B Standoff-M4
98-Y4018271 P/B Standoff
98-Y401829 P/B Standoff-M6
98-Y4018291 P/B Standoff
98-Y401843 P/B Frame Upper Cover
98-Y4018431 P/B Frame Upper
98-Y401844 P/B Frame Assy RH
98-Y4018441 P/B Frame Assy RH
98-Y401868 P/B Disc Plate Trim Vac Cutter
98-Y401908 P/B HPI Strap Belt Tension
98-Y401927 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-Y401931 P/B Cover Bracket-Magnet
98-Y401933 P/B Drive Pulley 28T 3MM GT
98-Y401936 P/B Bracket, Top Cover Interlock
98-Y4019361 P/B Top Cover
98-Y401972 P/B Assy Pulley Z=66
98-Y401973 P/B Roller
98-Y401981 P/B HPI 28T 3mmGT No Flange Pulley
98-Y402009 P/B Support- Gas, Strut RAT Left
98-Y402010 P/B Support- Gas, Strut RAT Right
98-Y402045 P/B GSM C Plus Assy
98-Y402066 P/B Plate, Anchor Mounting, 1/8
98-Y402067 P/B Spring Anchor
98-Y402068 P/B Blade Cross Frame
98-Y402069 P/B Lower Blade Support Left Hand East
98-Y402070 P/B Side Frame Pin Side 1/8 inch
98-Y402071 P/B Lower Blade Support
98-Y402074 P/B HPI LH Motor Mount
98-Y402075 P/B Motor/ Bearing Mount
98-Y402076 P/B HPI RH Motor Mount
98-Y402077 P/B Crank Shaft
98-Y402078 P/B Crank Pin with Pulley
98-Y4020781 P/B Crank Pin with Pulley
98-Y402079 P/B HPI Crank Pin
98-Y402081 P/B HPI Guide Pin and Bushing
98-Y402082 P/B Manifold Cover
98-Y402083 P/B Shield
98-Y402085 P/B Clamp
98-Y402086 P/B Exit Roller Shaft Support
98-Y402087 P/B Lower Blade Support Upstream
98-Y402088 P/B Blade Entry Guide
98-Y402089 P/B Exit Guide Bar
98-Y402092 P/B Retaining Clip
98-Y402093 P/B Connecting Rod
98-Y402094 P/B Sleeve (Exit Roller)
98-Y402097 P/B Lower Paper Cutter
98-Y402098 P/B Blade Entrance Block
98-Y402100 P/B Exit Roller Shaft
98-Y402101 P/B Spacer Block
98-Y402102 P/B HPI Log Roller Bearing Mount
98-Y402103 P/B HPI Exit Roller
98-Y402104 P/B HPI Paper Guide Spring
98-Y402105 P/B Exit Roller Cross Member
98-Y402106 P/B Assy, Exit Roller
98-Y402107 P/B HPI Bearing Keeper
98-Y402108 P/B HPI RH Log Bearing Mount
98-Y402109 P/B Blade Crankshaft Pulley
98-Y402114 P/B Pivot Pin Lower Blade RH
98-Y402115 P/B Pivot Pin Lower Blade
98-Y402116 P/B Flexible Exit Guide Keeper
98-Y4021161 P/B Flexible Exit Guide Keeper
98-Y402118 P/B Square Nut
98-Y402119 P/B Paper Guide Blade Exit
98-Y402120 P/B Roller Spring Block
98-Y402121 P/B Spring Block
98-Y402123 P/B Screw Retainer
98-Y402127 P/B HPI 26T 3mm GT Pulley
98-Y4021271 P/B Pulley, 26T, 3mm
98-Y402128 P/B Pulley 27T Clamp Hub
98-Y402129 P/B Assy, Roller Tensioner
98-Y402131 P/B Stud, Tensioner Spring, Long
98-Y402133 P/B HPI Center Bearing Hub
98-Y402135 P/B Assy, Upper Exit Roller
98-Y402136 P/B Upper Photocell Bar
98-Y402137 P/B Lower LED Mount
98-Y402142 P/B HPI Roller w/Shaft
98-Y402178 P/B HPI Cutter Paper Entrance Guide Clamp
98-Y402182-A P/B HPI Knife Oiler Felt
98-Y402184 P/B Pulley Slitter Drive 28T
98-Y402185 P/B HPI Upper Slitter Spring
98-Y402194 P/B HPI Slitter Shaft
98-Y402198 P/B Drive Hub
98-Y402200 P/B HPI Trimmer Knife
98-Y402206 P/B Clamp-Base
98-Y402207 P/B Clamp-Top
98-Y402208 P/B Tiebar-Brush Guide
98-Y402209 P/B Brush Guide
98-Y402210 P/B Pin Hinge- Top Cover
98-Y402238 Pitney Bowes Motor
98-Y402245 P/B Pulley Tractor Drive 21T
98-Y402252 P/B Assy, Blade Block Eastport, 1/8"
98-Y402256 P/B Spring, Extension
98-Y402258 P/B Bracket, Set-Up Tool
98-Y402290 P/B HPI Upper PC Bar Standoff
98-Y402292 P/B Lower Blade Support LH West
98-Y402294 P/B Assy, Blade Block Westport, 1/8"
98-Y402367 P/B HPI Long Side Guide Plate
98-Y402377 P/B HPI NIP Roller Support
98-Y4023771 P/B Support- NIP Roller Bottom
98-Y4023772 P/B Support- NIP Roller Top
98-Y402383 P/B Drive Roller-NIP
98-Y4023831 P/B Plug
98-Y4023832 P/B Pin
98-Y402384 P/B Pulley-3mm, 60T
98-Y402386 P/B HPI Bearing Clamp
98-Y402387 P/B Hub-Bearing
98-Y402388 P/B HPI 25mm Collar
98-Y402391 P/B HPI Idler Arm
98-Y402394 P/B Clamp Collar
98-Y4023941 P/B Roller
98-Y402425 P/B Roller
98-Y402426 P/B Assy, Brush
98-Y402426 P/B Assy, Upper Infeed Roller
98-Y402427 P/B Assy, Web Infeed Roller
98-Y402428 P/B Assy, Lower Infeed Roller
98-Y402429 P/B Assy, Idler Roller
98-Y402430 P/B Brush, Brass
98-Y402431 P/B Brush Handle
98-Y402432 P/B Brush Holder- 8' Length
98-Y402433 P/B Brush MTG Rod
98-Y402434 P/B Spring Pin
98-Y402435 P/B Bushing, 8x12x10
98-Y402436 P/B D Washer
98-Y402437 P/B Joiner Plate
98-Y402438 P/B Infeed Deck, Horizontal
98-Y4024381 P/B Infeed Deck, Horizontal
98-Y402439 P/B Infeed MTG Bracket Right
98-Y402440 P/B Infeed MTG Bracket Left
98-Y402441 P/B Shaft, Lower Infeed Roller
98-Y402442 P/B Shaft, Upper Infeed Roller
98-Y402443 P/B Stud, Spring
98-Y402444 P/B Side Plate, Upper Infeed
98-Y402445 P/B Side Plate, Infeed Extension
98-Y402446 P/B Tube, Upright
98-Y402447 P/B End Cap, Idler Roller
98-Y402448 P/B Tube, Idler Roller
98-Y402449 P/B Infeed Baffle, Vertical
98-Y402490 P/B H/E HEI RAT/Broker Fold- Cutter
98-Y402532 P/B Photocell Tube
98-Y402533 P/B Bottom Deck- Brush
98-Y402565 P/B Guide Divert Lower
98-Y402566 P/B Guide Divert Upper
98-Y402567 P/B Tray Divert
98-Y402572 P/B Chamfer Cut Spring Anchor Plate
98-Y402573 P/B Shoulder Screw, Modified
98-Y402576 P/B Assy, HPI Accumulator
98-Y402577 P/B Flat Belts Drive Roller Brush
98-Y4025773 P/B Drive Roller
98-Y402578 P/B Wear Plate
98-Y402580 P/B Support Frame Top
98-Y402586 P/B Shield Divert Bin
98-Y402587 P/B Assy- Divert Bin
98-Y402591 P/B Brace Cover Accum.
98-Y402592 P/B Accumulator Hood- Plastic w/ Door Components
98-Y402593 P/B Frame Door
98-Y402594 P/B Assy-Top Cover Accum.
98-Y402595 P/B Support Leg- Right
98-Y402596 P/B Support Leg- Left
98-Y402614 P/B HPI G-Trax Exit Roller Arm
98-Y402615 P/B Exit Roller Arm
98-Y402623 P/B Tamping Deck
98-Y402624 P/B Assy HPI Accum. Cabinet
98-Y4026241 P/B Assy HPI Accum. Cabinet
98-Y40262412 P/B Lever Leg
98-Y40262414 P/B Lever Leg- Rod
98-Y40262415 P/B 3/4x10 Jacking Nut
98-Y40262416 P/B Weld Nut Jack Post
98-Y40262417 P/B 1/2-13 Hex Nut Steel Zinc Plate
98-Y4026242 P/B Board Support
98-Y4026243 P/B Deck
98-Y4026244 P/B Folder End
98-Y4026245 P/B Frame Top
98-Y4026246 P/B Inner Cast-Channel
98-Y4026247 P/B Inner Wall
98-Y4026248 P/B Input End Frame
98-Y4026249 P/B Stiffener Top Frame
98-Y402627 P/B H/A Cutter LED Jumper
98-Y402628 P/B H/A Cutter PC Jumper
98-Y402650 P/B Base Cabinet
98-Y402657 P/B Blade Infeed Guide Assy
98-Y402663 P/B Nut Plate Hinge
98-Y402673 P/B Entrance Deck- 7inch Kit
98-Y402674 P/B Guide- 7 inch Kit
98-Y402690 P/B HPI Left/Center Lower Hub Assy
98-Y402691 P/B HPI Right Lower Hub Assy
98-Y402726 P/B Shaft-Upper
98-Y402730 P/B HPI High Speed NIP Assy
98-Y402735 P/B Lower Deck HPI HSN
98-Y402736 P/B Top Deck Lower
98-Y402737 P/B Slide Block
98-Y402738 P/B Roller Flange
98-Y402739 P/B HPI HSN OP Sideframe
98-Y4027391 P/B Side Frame
98-Y402740 P/B HPI HSN Nonop Sideframe
98-Y4027401 P/B Side Frame
98-Y402742 P/B HSN HPI Drive Roller
98-Y4027421 P/B Roller
98-Y4027423 P/B Upper Deck HPI HSN
98-Y402749 P/B HPI Flipper Shaft
98-Y402750 P/B Flipper-HPI
98-Y402751 P/B HPI Flipper Clamp
98-Y402773 P/B Lower Blade Support Left Hand
98-Y402776 P/B Lower Blade Support Left Hand West
98-Y402777 P/B Side Frame, Pin Side, 7.8mm
98-Y402783 P/B Mount Block
98-Y402785 P/B Plate, Anchor Mounting 7.8mm
98-Y402805 P/B Blade Opener
98-Y402810 P/B Spring, Paper Guide-Wide
98-Y402812 P/B Blade Block Frame Assy. 1/8 East
98-Y402815 P/B GND Cable- Web Stabilizer to Quad Cart
98-Y402822 P/B Blade Block Frame Assy, 1/8 West
98-Y402823 P/B Blade Block Frame Assy, 7.8mm East
98-Y402824 P/B Blade Block Frame Assy, 7.8mm West
98-Y402825 P/B Blade Block Frame Assy, Chamfer West
98-Y402826 P/B Blade Block Frame Assy, Chamfer East
98-Y402849 P/B Assy, Blade Block, Chamfer, EastPort
98-Y402850 P/B Assy, Blade Block, Chamfer, WestPort
98-Y402851 P/B Assy, Blade Block, Westport, 1/6 Chipout
98-Y402852 P/B Assy, Blade Block, Eastport, 1/6
98-Y402853 P/B Blade Block Frame Assy 1/6 in East
98-Y402854 P/B Blade Block Frame Assy 1/6 in West
98-Y402855 P/B Lower Blade Support East, 1/6 in
98-Y402856 P/B Lower Blade Support LH West, 1/6 in
98-Y402857 P/B Side Frame, Pin Side, 1/6 Side
98-Y402859 P/B Plate, Anchor Mounting 1/6in
98-Y402863 P/B Spring Anchor, Chamfer 1/8"
98-Y4028843 P/B A/C Interface Adapter Plate
98-Y402893 P/B Adapter, Chip Out Air Fitting
98-Y402897 P/B Assy HPI Reverse Accum. Cabinet
98-Y4028971 P/B Assy HPI Reverse Accum. Cabinet
98-Y402901 P/B H/A Servo RAT Interlock North
98-Y402905 P/B Assy HPI Reverse Accum.
98-Y402915 P/B Leading Link- NP FIM
98-Y4029181 P/B Link
98-Y402919 P/B Trailing Link-NP FIM
98-Y4029191 P/B Link
98-Y402928 P/B Divert Deck Lower
98-Y402929 P/B Support Divert Guide
98-Y4029291 P/B Support Divert Guide
98-Y402930 P/B Top Divert Deck Upper
98-Y402942 P/B Patent Marking Label
98-Y402944 P/B Upper Blade Holder Assy, Steel West
98-Y402945 P/B Upper Blade Holder Assy, Steel East
98-Y402946 P/B End Cap, Steel, Pin Side, West
98-Y402947 P/B End Cap, Steel, Non Pin Side, West
98-Y402948 P/B End Cap, Steel, Non Pin Side, East
98-Y402949 P/B End Cap, Steel, Pin Side, East
98-Y402950 P/B Upper Blade Holder
98-Y402951 P/B Nut, Plate
98-Y402962 P/B G-Trax Exit Roller Assy
98-Y402963 P/B HPI G-Trax Axle/Wheel Assy
98-Y402964 P/B HPI G-Trax Exit Roller Shaft
98-Y402965 P/B HPI Exit Roller
98-Y402966 P/B HPI G-Trax Exit Roller Sleeve
98-Y402971 P/B Blade Entrance Guide
98-Y402973 P/B HPI Lifter Pivot Shaft
98-Y402974 P/B HPI Lifter Pivot Shaft
98-Y402977 P/B Assy, Web Infeed Roller Electrical
98-Y403000 P/B Tube Assy
98-Y403001 P/B Hub Guide
98-Y403015 P/B Bracket-Web Infeed, RH
98-Y403016 P/B Bracket-Web Infeed, LH
98-Y403026 P/B Upper Blade, 7.9mm Alum/Carbide
98-Y403027 P/B Upper Blade, Holder Assy, West
98-Y4030271 P/B Upper Blade, Holder Beam, West
98-Y403028 P/B Upper Blade, Holder Assy, East
98-Y403037 P/B Support Upper Deck
98-Y403038 P/B Assy- Upper Deck- HPI HSN
98-Y403039 P/B Assy- HEI Short-Docs Kit
98-Y403052 P/B Flipper Stop
98-Y403052 P/B HPI Flipper Stop
98-Y4030521 P/B Flipper Stop
98-Y403056 P/B HPI Flipper Assy
98-Y403058 P/B HPI= Reverse High Speed NIP Assy
98-Y403059 P/B Lower Deck HPI Reverse
98-Y403072 P/B Upper Deck HPI Reverse
98-Y403072 P/B Assy- Upper Deck HPI Reverse
98-Y403073 P/B Deck Lower Top Reverse
98-Y403093 P/B HPI FIM Exit Roller
98-Y403153 P/B HPI Roller and Pulley
98-Y403157 P/B HPI Roller Assy
98-Y403158 P/B HPI Bearing and Hub
98-Y403177 P/B Bearing Standoff- Compliant Roller
98-Y403207 P/B Drive Roller Assy, 65mm
98-Y403223 P/B Scale- Distance to Blade mm
98-Y403224 P/B Scale- Distance to Blade inch
98-Y403262 P/B Upper Turn bar Narrow Drive East
98-Y403263 P/B Upper Turn bar Narrow Drive East
98-Y403302 P/B Deflector Tongue, Center Cut
98-Y403322 P/B Shaft Turn bar Pulley
98-Y403341 P/B HPI Side Guide Clamp Knob
98-Y403342 P/B Clamp Rod-Side Guide
98-Y403342 P/B Assy- ST1 Tensioner
98-Y403360 P/B Conveyor NIP Roller
98-Y4033601 P/B End Cap
98-Y4033602 P/B End Cap
98-Y4033603 P/B Roller
98-Y403361 P/B HPI FIM Exit Roller
98-Y4033611 P/B Cap 1
98-Y4033612 P/B Cap 2
98-Y4033613 P/B Roller
98-Y403367 P/B Turn bar Dual Pulley Assy 50T
98-Y4033673 P/B Turn bar Dual Pulley 50 Flange
98-Y403378 P/B Plate- Aligner
98-Y403383 P/B HPI Retainer Plate Roller
98-Y403431 P/B Assy- Sprocket Split Drive 20T
98-Y403436 P/B Lower Support Block Pinned
98-Y4034361 P/B Lower Support Block
98-Y403440 P/B Gear Drive 48T
98-Y403441 P/B Assy Support Plate
98-Y4034411 P/B Plate
98-Y403446 P/B Bucklechute Guide Block
98-Y403448 P/B Assy- Web Infeed Roller, Pinless Cutter
98-Y4034481 P/B Plug
98-Y403449 P/B Right Bucklechute Guide Block
98-Y403450 P/B Left Bucklechute Guide Block
98-Y403451 P/B Bracket, Brush Mounting
98-Y403452 P/B Spacer
98-Y403453 P/B Bushing
98-Y403460 P/B Assy-Accum. Fan
98-Y403464 P/B H/A Accumulator Fan
98-Y403474 P/B H/A Accumulator Fan Extension
98-Y403477 P/B Front-Fender TNT
98-Y403478 P/B Buffer Roller-Narrow
98-Y403479 P/B Narrow Lower Roller-Carbide
98-Y403480 P/B Hub, Roller Compliant Narrow
98-Y403481 P/B Hub, Compliant Roller Narrow
98-Y403482 P/B HPI Super Compliant Roller 2-1/2x1/2
98-Y403485 P/B MPS Buffer Main Pulley Spur Gear (Gear Only) for Y403487
98-Y403500 P/B Upper Blade Carbide 1/8"
98-Y403501 P/B Lower Blade Carbide
98-Y403510 P/B Assy, Blade Block, Eastport 7.8 mm
98-Y403511 P/B Assy, Blade Block, Westport 7.8mm Carbide
98-Y403549 P/B Motor Pulley Clamp-50T FHT2
98-Y403563 P/B HPI Long Roller w/BeaRings
98-Y403564 P/B HPI Pivot Bushing
98-Y403565 P/B HPI Roller Shaft
98-Y403616 P/B H/A J13/Primary and J14/Secondary
98-Y4036261 P/B Plate Anti
98-Y403627 P/B Sprint Stud Short
98-Y403632 P/B Washer Double D
98-Y403635 P/B Assy-ST2 Tensioner
98-Y403651 P/B HPI Paper Guide Assy
98-Y403652 P/B Bar-Spring Adjuster HPI
98-Y403653 P/B Guide Spring HPI
98-Y403654 P/B Holder Spring Bar HPI
98-Y403671 P/B Turn bar Dual Pulley 50T
98-Y403672 P/B Turn bar Dual Pulley 50T
98-Y403698 P/B Safety Brush- Web Infeed
98-Y403747 P/B Rear Fender TNT
98-Y403765 P/B Short Bearing Spacer
98-Y403766 P/B Short Bearing Housing
98-Y403767 P/B MPS Short Bearing Housing Assy
98-Y403768 P/B MPS Short Housing Assy
98-Y403794 P/B Plate-Washer
98-Y403951 P/B Drive Roller- 3 Roller
98-Y403952 P/B HPI 60 HRC Slitter Shaft
98-Y403969 P/B Gate Shaft-Air Cylinder
98-Y403972 P/B Standoff, Back Cover
98-Y403999 P/B MPS Output Side Guides Kit
98-Y404011 P/B STL Pulley Drive Shaft
98-Y4040111 P/B Shaft
98-Y4040112 P/B Pulley
98-Y4040113 P/B Pulley
98-Y40402 P/B Kit-FPS Output Side Guides
98-Y404098 P/B HPI FIM Exit Roller
98-Y4040981 P/B Shaft
98-Y4040982 P/B Cap
98-Y4040983 P/B Conveyor NIP Roller
98-Y404101 P/B Shaft
98-Y4041011 P/B Cap
98-Y4041012 P/B Cap
98-Y4041013 P/B Assy- Thumb Screw
98-Y404109 P/B Pin, Center Jaw Roller
98-Y404126 P/B Roller Center Jaw Opener
98-Y404127 P/B Bracket-Accum Rail
98-Y404131 P/B Rail
98-Y4041311 P/B Upper Carbide Blade, 1/6"
98-Y404216 P/B Strap, Flat
98-Y404239 P/B Dump Roller- Aluminum
98-Y404240 P/B TNT Fender Strap Kit
98-Y404243 P/B Roller Tube
98-Y404244 P/B Spacer-Adapter
98-Y404245 P/B Roller-Wide (urethane)
98-Y404328 P/B Roller
98-Y4043281 P/B Roller-Wide
98-Y4043282 P/B Tensioner Bearing Shaft-Wide
98-Y404329 P/B Frame Roller Bearing Wide
98-Y404330 P/B Assy Tension Bracket wide
98-Y404331 P/B Assy Roller Bracket Wide
98-Y404332 P/B Tension Idler Frame Wide
98-Y404333 P/B Tension Idler Assy Wide
98-Y404334 P/B Slitter Housing, Upper
98-Y404386 P/B Slitter Housing
98-Y4043861 P/B Rod Tensioner
98-Y404427 P/B HPI Timing Belt
98-Y404432 P/B HPI Flat Drive Belt -5.5� Custom Brokerfold Material
98-Y404433 P/B Integrity Kit Molded Idler Roller
98-Y404439 P/B Integrity Kit Assy Molded Drive Roller
98-Y404440 P/B Roller
98-Y4044401 P/B Support 50K-SHT, FDR Bottom Scan
98-Y404460 P/B Latch-Open
98-Y404471 P/B HPI #10 & A4 Molded Acumm. Roller
98-Y404471-R P/B HPI #10 & A4 Molded Acumm. Roller Refurb. (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y404471-R-Rev. P/B HPI #10 & A4 Molded Accum. Roller Refurb. Revised No Gear (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y404472 P/B HPI 7" & Below Molded Accum. Roller
98-Y404472-R P/B HPI 7" & Below Molded Accum. Roller Refurb. (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y404472-R-Rev. P/B HPI 7" & Below Molded Accum. Roller Revised No Gear (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y404788 P/B Dump Station Belt
98-Y404847 P/B Latch-Closed
98-Y404848 P/B Latch-Straight
98-Y404849 P/B Latch-Support
98-Y405010 P/B Brush Support
98-Y405011 P/B Strap Support Block
98-Y405012 P/B Strap Support Bar
98-Y405013 P/B Brush Slide
98-Y405014 P/B Brush Mount
98-Y405015 P/B Upper Box Mounting Bar
98-Y405052 P/B Latch Closed-NonOP
98-Y405054 P/B Hinge-Air box Door
98-Y405059 P/B Fan Box Support
98-Y405067 P/B Sleeve Bearing
98-Y405078 P/B Airbox Divot Handle
98-Y405831 P/B Cross Brace Folder
98-Y406002 P/B Housing
98-Y407084 P/B HPI Wrist Pin
98-Y410004 P/B Shaft
98-Y410005 P/B Shaft Drive Takeaway RF
98-Y410006 P/B Shaft
98-Y410086 P/B Shaft Refeed Jack
98-Y410162 P/B Jack Shaft, Refeed Short
98-Y410168 P/B APS , FPS Drive Shaft Twist
98-Y413044 P/B APS, FPS Idler Crown Roller
98-Y4130441 P/B Idler
98-Y413045 P/B APS Drive Crown Roller
98-Y4130451 P/B Crown Roller
98-Y413046 P/B APS, FPS Crown Roller Bearing
98-Y4130461 P/B Crown Roller
98-Y413048 P/B APS, FPS Idler Crown Roller
98-Y4130481 P/B Idler
98-Y414002 P/B Washer
98-Y414006 P/B Spacer
98-Y414023 P/B Left Cap
98-Y414024 P/B Right Cap
98-Y414025 P/B Relieved Brass
98-Y414028 P/B MPS, APS, 12mm Bearing Housing
98-Y415015 P/B APS, HPI, MPS Dump Roller Collar
98-Y415022 P/B Adj Ring
98-Y416010 P/B Cap for Vacuum Assemblies
98-Y416036 P/B Knob
98-Y433000 P/B Gear 48PD
98-Y445026 P/B Plate End Vac
98-Y445164 P/B Plate- Clamp
98-Y445165 P/B Way Block-Y- Axis
98-Y445166 P/B Way Block-Z-Axis
98-Y445167 P/B Support- Micro Head
98-Y445168 P/B Plate- Upper GIB Support
98-Y445169 P/B GIB- Brass Head
98-Y445170 P/B GIB- Spring Head
98-Y445171 P/B Stripper Plate
98-Y445172 P/B Plate- Bottom Head
98-Y446022 P/B Clamp Hub
98-Y450029 P/B Guard
98-Y458186 P/B APS, HPI, Carbide Twist Roller
98-Y462054 P/B APS, FPS Exit Idler Twist Spacer
98-Y472003 P/B Twist Wire
98-Y480010 P/B Shaft Assy
98-Y480241 P/B Cap Assy
98-Y480286 P/B G-Trap, MPS, APS Carbide Pulley Assy
98-Y482009 P/B G-Trap, MPS, APS HPI LED Display Assy
98-Y482023 P/B APS, MPS, HPI Enhanced SMC Assy
98-Y482023 P/B APS MPS HPI Enhanced SMC Assy
98-Y483008FD P/B H/A Safety Chain IN
98-Y483009KA P/B Harness Assy.- Safety Chain Out
98-Y483487 P/B MPS Buffer Main Dr. Pulley 26K (No Collar)
98-Y484005 P/B SKF BRG Slimline
98-Y484006 P/B O'Ring Parker
98-Y484007 P/B Radial BRG
98-Y484008 P/B Metric Multi Retaining Ring
98-Y484009 P/B Hex Nut Slim
98-Y484010 P/B Socket Head Cap Screw PLN
98-Y484012 P/B Torrington
98-Y484039 P/B Micrometer Head
98-Y484056 P/B Spring -Plunger
98-Y484119 P/B APS Tensioner Spacer
98-Y484170 P/B Knob- Thumb Screw
98-Y484171 P/B Compression Spring
98-Y484199 P/B Drive Roller- Refeed
98-Y484214 P/B SKF-61809-2RSI
98-Y484283 P/B Flow Control Value Tubing
98-Y484284 P/B APS, MPS Flat Slot Nozzle
98-Y484285 P/B APS, MPS Hose Segment Pack
98-Y484285 P/B APS, MPS Hose Segment Pack
98-Y484286 P/B APS, MPS 1/8� NPT Connector
98-Y484306 P/B Gear-Drive 55T
98-Y484307 P/B Gear-Driven 55T
98-Y484308 P/B Gear-Driven 36T
98-Y484345 P/B SpRing, Arm Pivot
98-Y484351 P/B Coupling Flexible Spider
98-Y486001 P/B Drum Perforated
98-Y490525 P/B Urge Roller
98-Y500002AA P/B Support Chassis Deck
98-Y500004 P/B Ramp
98-Y500005 P/B Bar
98-Y500033 P/B Arm-Exit Belt Pivot
98-Y500034 P/B Tie Bar-Exit Belt Pivot
98-Y500050CC P/B Harness Assy.-G-Trax Rat Motor
98-Y500183 P/B Ramp
98-Y500184 P/B Ramp Flap
98-Y500185 P/B APS, MPS Exciter Wheel
98-Y500208 P/B Holder-Deflector, Accum Exit
98-Y500219 P/B Block-Center, Leap Frog
98-Y500225 P/B Harness Assy.-Opticon Scanner
98-Y500228 P/B Rod-Stop Finger, Leap Frog
98-Y500245 P/B Arm Assy.- Idler Buffer Entry
98-Y500265 P/B Nip Roller- Buffer Exit
98-Y500270 P/B Pivot Arm Assy- Accumulator
98-Y500279 P/B Arm Entry Nip
98-Y500280 P/B Stud
98-Y500281 P/B Roller-Entry Nip, Buffer
98-Y5002811 P/B Roller Nip
98-Y5002812 P/B Roller
98-Y500282 P/B Arm Assy
98-Y500291 P/B Rod Adjust
98-Y500292 P/B Spacer
98-Y500339 P/B Shaft, Top
98-Y500364 P/B Idler Roller, Flip
98-Y500365 P/B Shaft, Nip Roller
98-Y500369 P/B Core Drive Roller
98-Y500374 P/B Assy, Drive Roller
98-Y5003741 P/B Drive Roller
98-Y500377 P/B Frame, Flip, RH
98-Y500380 P/B Frame, Flip, LH
98-Y500526 P/B APS , MPS Demand Roller Shaft
98-Y5005261 P/B Bushing
98-Y5005262 P/B Shaft
98-Y500527 P/B APS, MPS Demand Roller Shaft Spacer
98-Y500537 P/B Shaft, Input
98-Y500552 P/B Upper Turn bar
98-Y500553 P/B Lower Turn bar, Westport
98-Y5005531 P/B Block
98-Y5005532 P/B Ear
98-Y500592 P/B Front Frame- APS FDR
98-Y5005921 P/B Hub
98-Y500593 P/B Rear Frame- APS FDR
98-Y500685 P/B Air Cylinder- Leap Frog
98-Y500711 P/B Bearing Block- Hopper
98-Y5007111 P/B Bearing Block
98-Y500712 P/B Hopper Assy
98-Y500714 P/B Skin
98-Y500728 P/B Stud Idler Pulley
98-Y500755 P/B Finger
98-Y500789 P/B Follower Arm- Suction Cups
98-Y500849 P/B Gripper Pin
98-Y500870 P/B Crankshaft Bearing Mount
98-Y5008701 P/B Crank Shaft
98-Y500908 P/B Plate Cylinder Holder
98-Y500909 P/B Hook- Cylinder, 10.32 THD
98-Y500912 P/B Assy- Center Deck--4STA
98-Y500914 P/B Frame Center Deck, LH
98-Y500915 P/B Frame-Center Deck- Leap Frog
98-Y500916 P/B Center Deck- Leap Frog
98-Y500917 P/B Bearing Block- NIP Center Deck
98-Y500933 P/B Shaft-Vacuum Arm
98-Y500953 P/B Track, Up Arm
98-Y500954 P/B Slider, Cup Arm
98-Y500955 P/B Suction Cup Ring, Blue
98-Y500956 P/B Suction Cup Ring, Red
98-Y500957 P/B Vacuum Bellow Sucker, Shortened
98-Y500958 P/B Suction Cup Assy, Short Blue
98-Y500959 P/B Suction Cup Assy, Tall Red
98-Y500984 P/B Scanner Mounting Bracket
98-Y5009841 P/B Scanner-Bracket
98-Y500985 P/B Scanner Mount- APS Enclosure Feeder
98-Y500986 P/B Insert Feeder Scanner Mount-M53
98-Y500987 P/B Paper Deflector- Scanner
98-Y500988 P/B Deflector Mounting Block Scanner
98-Y500989 P/B Paper Deflector Insert Scanner
98-Y501022 P/B Assy- SMC Board Mount
98-Y501025 P/B C/A APS Feeder Safety Chain Jumper
98-Y501028 P/B Hopper Plate
98-Y501030 P/B Side Frame Outer Export Sum
98-Y501038 P/B Transport- Guide, Flutter Central, LH
98-Y501039 P/B Mtg Bracket, Transport Guide
98-Y501040 P/B Clamp, Pressure Bar
98-Y501041 P/B Pressure Bar, Flutter Central
98-Y501042 P/B Pressure Plate, Flutter Central
98-Y501043 P/B Transport Guide, Flutter Central, RH
98-Y501044 P/B Assy, Flutter Central, LH
98-Y501045 P/B Side Support- Scanner
98-Y501046 P/B Scanner Mount, Fixed
98-Y5010461 P/B Scanner Mount
98-Y501047 P/B Beam Support- Scanner
98-Y501048 P/B MTG Bracket-Rotary Feeder Scanner
98-Y501049 P/B Glass Mirror-Scanner
98-Y501050 P/B Assy- Rotar Feeder Scanner
98-Y501051 P/B Aligner Bearing
98-Y501052 P/B Assy-Flutter Central
98-Y501054 P/B Rod, Scanner Slider
98-Y501059 P/B Roller, Double Detect
98-Y5010591 P/B Roller
98-Y501080 P/B H/A APS 26k Friction feeder M2
98-Y501081 P/B H/A APS 26k Friction feeder M1
98-Y501093 P/B Scanner Side Support-Front Mount
98-Y501097 P/B Adjusting Bracket- MS3 Scanner
98-Y501101 P/B Bre Feeder Guide- OP Side
98-Y5011011 P/B Feeder Guide
98-Y501102 P/B Bre Feeder Guide- NonOP Side
98-Y5011021 P/B Guide
98-Y501103 P/B Feeder Side Guide- OP Side
98-Y501104 P/B Feeder Side Guide- NonOP Side
98-Y501109 P/B 175w Power Supply
98-Y501110 P/B Feeder Side Guide OP Side - Bre
98-Y501111 P/B Feeder Side Guide NonOP Side-Bre
98-Y501149 P/B Roller, Drive, Pocket
98-Y5011491 P/B Hub
98-Y501150 P/B Demand Roller
98-Y5011501 P/B Hub
98-Y5011502 P/B Shaft
98-Y501154 P/B Assy-Roller& Drive Shaft
98-Y501155 P/B Harness Bridge Integrity Sensor
98-Y501315 P/B D-Roller
98-Y502101 P/B Bridge Housing
98-Y5021011 P/B Housing
98-Y502102 P/B Mtg Bracket Feeder
98-Y5021021 P/B Mounting Bracket
98-Y510015 P/B Shaft- Drive Center Deck
98-Y510016 P/B Shaft- Nip Roller, Center Deck
98-Y510101 P/B Shaft
98-Y510102 P/B Shaft-Drive Sep Roller
98-Y510104AA P/B Shaft
98-Y510104BB P/B Shaft
98-Y510112 P/B Tie rod
98-Y510113 P/B Tie rod Idler Pivot Exit
98-Y510114 P/B Rod-Latch Exit
98-Y510122 P/B Shaft- Double Detect
98-Y510126 P/B FDR Mounting Rod
98-Y510127 P/B APS, MPS Spindle Stone
98-Y5101271 P/B Spindle Stone
98-Y510202 P/B Shaft- Main Drive
98-Y510206 P/B Rod-Belt Adjuster
98-Y510208 P/B Shaft Hold Down SKI
98-Y5102081 P/B Shaft Hold Down
98-Y510212 P/B Shaft-NIP Idler
98-Y510213 P/B Shaft-Strap
98-Y511014 P/B Stud-Idler, Center Deck
98-Y511101 P/B Stud
98-Y511107 P/B Stud
98-Y511108 P/B Rod-End Latch Exit
98-Y511111 P/B APS , MPS Roller Pack Control Front Stud
98-Y511116 P/B Shaft- Feed Belt
98-Y511117 P/B Pin
98-Y511118 P/B Post Feed Deck
98-Y511201 P/B Threaded Stud
98-Y512004 P/B Pivot Pin-Stop, Sub Setting
98-Y513002 P/B Hub, Nip Roller, Center Deck
98-Y514004 P/B Sleeve, Clevis
98-Y514100 P/B APS, MPS Guide Plate Pivot Plug
98-Y515003 P/B Lock Nut-Scanner
98-Y515101 P/B Ncollar- Double Detect
98-Y516002 P/B Spacer Block
98-Y516003 P/B APS, MPS Belt Tensioner Adjustment Screw
98-Y5160031 P/B Hub
98-Y516201 P/B SKI Mounting
98-Y518009 P/B Hub-Nip Arm
98-Y518011 P/B Knob-Scanner Adjust
98-Y518100 P/B Hub
98-Y518116 P/B Sleeve-Latch Pull Stop
98-Y518119 P/B Sleeve Idler, Small
98-Y518120 P/B Sleeve Idler, Large
98-Y518121 P/B APS, MPS Side Guide Knob
98-Y518122 P/B APS , MPS Exit Roller Hub
98-Y5181221 P/B Hub Exit Roller
98-Y520001 P/B Extension Spring
98-Y520100 P/B Spring Latch Rod
98-Y520103 P/B Compression Spring
98-Y520104 P/B SpRing-Compression Double Detect
98-Y521102AA P/B APS, MPS RH Torsion Spring
98-Y521102BB P/B APS , MPS LH Torsion Spring
98-Y521103 P/B APS, MPS Torsion Spring Idler 3
98-Y535100 P/B APS, MPS Side Guide Pinion Gear
98-Y536100 P/B Rack Guide Adjust
98-Y537006 P/B APS, MPS Tensioner Pulley
98-Y5370061 P/B Pulley
98-Y537007 P/B APS, MPS NIP Drive Pulley
98-Y5370071 P/B Pulley
98-Y5370071 P/B Pulley
98-Y537008 P/B APS, MPS 24T DR CTR NIP Pulley
98-Y5370081 P/B Pulley
98-Y537009 P/B APS, MPS 24T CTR NIP Idler Pulley
98-Y5370091 P/B Pulley
98-Y537010 P/B Pulley 22T
98-Y5370101 P/B Pulley
98-Y537011 P/B MPS 24T 3mm HTD 10mm Bore Pulley
98-Y5370111 P/B Pulley
98-Y537100 P/B APS, MPS 34T Roller Drive Pulley
98-Y5371001 P/B Pulley
98-Y537103 P/B APS, MPS 26T Feed Belt Takeup Pulley
98-Y5371031 P/B Pulley
98-Y537109 P/B Pulley 48T Drive
98-Y537116 P/B APS, MPS 48T/34T Dual Pulley
98-Y5371161 P/B Sleeve
98-Y5371162 P/B Pulley 48T
98-Y5371163 P/B Pulley 34T
98-Y537118 P/B APS 22T Pulley
98-Y5371181 P/B Pulley 48T
98-Y537119 P/B APS, MPS 26T Feed Drive Pulley
98-Y545018 P/B Support-Center Deck
98-Y545024 P/B Base, Belt Tensioner
98-Y5450241 P/B Base
98-Y545027 P/B APS, MPS, NIP Bearing Block
98-Y545028 P/B APS, MPS, CTR Deck Drive Bearing Block
98-Y545030 P/B Side Support-Scanner
98-Y545106 P/B Rib Outer Plate
98-Y5451061 P/B Rib Outer Plate
98-Y545111 P/B Holder
98-Y545114 P/B Base-Belt Housing
98-Y5451141 P/B Base
98-Y545128 P/B Support Deck
98-Y5451281 P/B Deck
98-Y545131 P/B Support Bar- Double Detect
98-Y545132 P/B Deck Support- Front
98-Y5451321 P/B Deck Support
98-Y545133 P/B APS, MPS Ramp Bar
98-Y545135 P/B Cross Bar- Double Detect
98-Y5451351 P/B Cross Bar
98-Y5451352 P/B Block
98-Y545141 P/B Arm Front Bridge
98-Y5451411 P/B Arm Front
98-Y545142 P/B Arm Rear Bridge
98-Y5451421 P/B Arm Rear
98-Y545143 P/B Stop Rear Latch
98-Y5451431 P/B Latch
98-Y545144 P/B Triangle Pivot Feed Belts
98-Y5451441 P/B Triangle Pivot Feed
98-Y545145 P/B APS, MPS Sep Drive Roller Housing
98-Y5451451 P/B Housing
98-Y545146 P/B Support Drive Shaft
98-Y5451461 P/B Support
98-Y545148 P/B Clamp Side Guide
98-Y5451481 P/B Clamp Side Guide
98-Y545150 P/B Track Side Guide
98-Y5451501 P/B Track Side Guide
98-Y545151 P/B Guide Sep. Roller Entry
98-Y545152 P/B Holder
98-Y545153 P/B Holder
98-Y545200 P/B Block Belt Tensioner
98-Y5452001 P/B Block
98-Y545235 P/B Adaptor, Motor FDR Transport
98-Y545236 P/B Adaptor, Motor FDR Separator
98-Y545718 P/B Deck Sub Setting
98-Y546009 P/B Side Guide, LH
98-Y5460091 P/B Side Guide
98-Y546010 P/B Side Guide, RH
98-Y546011 P/B Side Guide, HR
98-Y5460111 P/B Side Guide, LH
98-Y546012 P/B Side Guide, RH
98-Y5460121 P/B Side Guide, RH
98-Y546014 P/B APS, MPS Guide Wheel Buffer
98-Y546100 P/B Side Guide
98-Y546101 P/B Side Guide
98-Y546101 P/B Side Guide
98-Y546102 P/B Standoff
98-Y546106 P/B Tensioner Feed Belts
98-Y5461061 P/B Feed Belt
98-Y546107 P/B Stone Holder
98-Y546110 P/B Stone Holder
98-Y546309 P/B ARGO Side Guide- LH 2 Station
98-Y5463091 P/B ARGO Side Guide
98-Y546310 P/B ARGO Side Guide-RH 3 Station
98-Y5463101 P/B ARGO Side Guide
98-Y546311 P/B ARGO Side Guide-LH 4 Station
98-Y546312 P/B ARGO Side Guide-RH 4 Station
98-Y5463121 P/B ARGO Side Guide- RH 4 Station
98-Y550011 P/B ARGO Arm Nip Roller
98-Y550012 P/B Link- Sub Setting
98-Y550100 P/B Arm Plate, Idler Output
98-Y550110 P/B Plate, Connecting Clamp
98-Y550112 P/B Nut Plate, Interlock Switch
98-Y550115 P/B Shim- FDR Position
98-Y550116 P/B Arm
98-Y550117 P/B Arm Plate
98-Y550118 P/B Arm Plate
98-Y550203 P/B Strap, Retard
98-Y550709 P/B Link-Sub Setting
98-Y551 P/B Scanner-Kit
98-Y551117 P/B Bracket- Sensor Outer
98-Y551120 P/B Plate- Outer Guide
98-Y551121 P/B Plate Inner Guide
98-Y551128 P/B Deck, Paper
98-Y5511281 P/B Paper Deck
98-Y551132 P/B Rack Cover
98-Y551135 P/B Guide Plate, CHS
98-Y5511351 P/B Guide-Plate SKI
98-Y5511352 P/B Guide- Plate
98-Y551136 P/B Clip- Grounding
98-Y551137 P/B Bracket-Interlock Sensor
98-Y551138 P/B Bracket-Interlock Switch, Tran
98-Y551139 P/B Bracket-Interlock Switch, Bridge
98-Y551153 P/B Sensor Bracket, Internal
98-Y551154 P/B Sensor Bracket, Entry
98-Y551155 P/B Connector Bracket
98-Y551160 P/B Holder Sensor
98-Y551181 P/B Side frame Center Deck, LH 3STA
98-Y551182 P/B Side frame Center Deck, RH 3STA
98-Y551183 P/B Side frame Center Deck, LH 4STA
98-Y551184 P/B Side frame Center Deck, RH 4STA
98-Y551185 P/B Tensioner Bracket Center Deck
98-Y551193 P/B Brace Scanner
98-Y551194 P/B Mounting Bracket-Scanner
98-Y551236 P/B SKI Paper Hold Down
98-Y5512361 P/B SKI Assy Cross Bar
98-Y551246 P/B Plate- Outer Guide, LDR Sensor
98-Y551249 P/B APS, MPS, Retard Roller Shield
98-Y551250 P/B Stop Finger- Sub Setting
98-Y5512501 P/B Stop Finger
98-Y551251 P/B MTG Plate-Sub Setting
98-Y5512511 P/B MTg Plate
98-Y551252 P/B Guide
98-Y5512521 P/B Guide Plate
98-Y5512522 P/B Guide
98-Y551263 P/B Special Curved Plate
98-Y551264 P/B Hopper Plate
98-Y551717 P/B Stop Finger- Sub Setting
98-Y551718 P/B MTG Plate- Sub Setting
98-Y551804 P/B Stiffener- MPS Feeder Foot
98-Y55203 P/B Center Deck-4 Station
98-Y55303 P/B Rear Deck Plate
98-Y554 P/B Assy, MPS Friction Feeder
98-Y558107 Plate- Hopper Center
98-Y558202 P/B Center Deck-3 Station
98-Y5582021 P/B Spacer
98-Y558304 P/B Front Deck Plate
98-Y558801 P/B Panel-FDR Card
98-Y562102 P/B APS, MPS Pack Control Large Roller
98-Y562104 P/B APS, MPS Pack Pressure Ramp
98-Y562107 P/B Safety Guard
98-Y562108 P/B APS, MPS Double Detect Magnet Holder
98-Y56211 P/B Guard- Front Drive Belt
98-Y562112 P/B Guard- Rear Drive Belt
98-Y562113 P/B APS, MPS Paper Shift Guide
98-Y562134 P/B APS, MPS Ramp Assy
98-Y562135 P/B APS, MPS Vibrating Straight Ramp
98-Y562216 P/B G-Trap APS, MPS, HPI Feeder Lens Cover
98-Y565003CC P/B APS Pusher 6 Stacker Belt
98-Y565101 P/B APS, MPS Exit Roller Tire
98-Y565103 P/B APS Pocket Drive Roller
98-Y565104 P/B APS Inserter Feed Roller (No Grooves)
98-Y565104-B P/B APS Insert. Feed Roller Blue No Grooves
98-Y565104-G P/B APS Insert Feed Roller (Grooved)
98-Y565201 P/B Tire- Tip Roller
98-Y570002 P/B Lead Screw-Scanner
98-Y571004 P/B MAH-A1-4 Turcite (plastic)
98-Y572000 P/B APS/HPI/MPS Optical Detector
98-Y572001 P/B APS/HPI/MPS APS Infrared LED
98-Y580009 P/B AC Distribution Box
98-Y580028 P/B APS, MPS Overhead RTD Greenhouse Assy Strap
98-Y580030 P/B APS, MPS Ctr Deck NIP Tensioner Assy
98-Y5800301 P/B Tensioner Assy
98-Y580041 P/B APS, MPS NIP Arm Assy
98-Y5800411 P/B Nip Roller
98-Y580042 P/B Nip Assy- Center Deck
98-Y580042-T P/B APS Roller Tire
98-Y580043 P/B Shaft Assy- Drive, Center Deck
98-Y580044 P/B APS, MPS Retard Strap Assy
98-Y580045 P/B Assy Feeder Mounting Bracket
98-Y580054 P/B Assy Link and Stud
98-Y580058 P/B Assy Nip Arm
98-Y580101 P/B Idler Assy
98-Y580101-T P/B HPI Output Idler Assy Tire (Tire Only)
98-Y580103 P/B Idler Assy
98-Y580110 P/B Rod Latch Assy
98-Y580111 P/B Assy-Support Block
98-Y5801111 P/B Support Block
98-Y580116 P/B APS Prime Feed Roller Assy
98-Y5801201 P/B Roller
98-Y5801202 P/B Feed Roller
98-Y580120-A P/B APS Feed Roller Assy
98-Y580121 P/B Assy- Feeder Belt
98-Y580122 P/B Hopper Assy- HI Cap Feeder
98-Y580123 P/B Bridge Assy
98-Y580124 P/B Assy- Outer Guide Plate
98-Y580125 P/B APS, MPS 2nd & 3rd Drive Assy
98-Y580126 P/B APS, MPS 4th Drive Assy
98-Y580127 P/B Idler Assy
98-Y580128 P/B Idler Assy
98-Y580132 P/B Hopper Assy
98-Y580133 P/B Feeder Bridge Assy
98-Y580134 P/B Outer Plate Assy
98-Y580150 P/B Feeder Service Module
98-Y580151 P/B Feeder Service Module
98-Y580212 P/B Assy, Center Deck-3 Station
98-Y580213 P/B Assy, Center Deck-4 Station
98-Y580216 P/B Belt Tensioner Assy
98-Y580304 P/B Assy, Base-Belt Tensioner
98-Y580309 P/B Assy, Paper Hold Down
98-Y580702 P/B Assy, Link & Stud Subset
98-Y582000 P/B Series 8 1881 DCR Quad Encoder
98-Y582101 P/B APS, MPS Feeder Double Detect Assy
98-Y583035 P/B Harness Assy, Switch Pole Reed
98-Y583035 Sensor
98-Y583039HD P/B Harness Assy-AC Interconnect
98-Y583040CD P/B Harness Assy-Interface/Interconnect
98-Y583089BD P/B Harness Assy- Super Hurst Power
98-Y583092 P/B Harness Assy
98-Y583093 P/B Harness Assy
98-Y583102 P/B APS, MPS, Interlock Switch Harness Assy
98-Y583116 P/B Harness Assy
98-Y584042 P/B Track- Scanner
98-Y584045 P/B Harness Assy Scanner
98-Y584048 P/B Air Cylinder-Subset
98-Y5840485P P/B Air Cylinder-Subset
98-Y584106 P/B APS Series, 100 T Blue Belt
98-Y584115 P/B APS, MPS 10 Needle Bearing
98-Y584115 P/B APS MPS 10 Needle Bearing
98-Y584128 P/B APS Series, 100 T Red Belt
98-Y586102 P/B Front Cover-Feeder
98-Y588308 P/B Arm Nip Roller
98-Y590010 P/B Subsetting Assy
98-Y600001 P/B Support Main Drive Shaft
98-Y600004 P/B APS, MPS, Drive Gear Shaft
98-Y600005 P/B APS, MPS, Drive Gear Bearing Housing
98-Y600008 Roller
98-Y600008-R P/B HPI Dump Roller Assy Refurb (Cust Core Req)
98-Y600011 P/B Support Main
98-Y600035 P/B Spacer Drive Shaft
98-Y600036 P/B APS, MPS Double Detect Arm Assy
98-Y6000361 P/B Double Detect
98-Y600037 P/B APS, MPS Deck Locking Rod
98-Y600041 P/B Pulley-Roller Drive 22T
98-Y600046 P/B Swing Frame RH
98-Y600056 P/B Harness Assy-Vertical Stacker
98-Y600059 P/B Guide Upper Deck
98-Y6000591 P/B Deck
98-Y600060 P/B Shaft Pivot Shield
98-Y600061 P/B APS/MPS Lower Entrance Spring
98-Y600102 P/B APS Roof Plate
98-Y600107 P/B Wear Plate
98-Y600108 P/B APS Deck Vacuum
98-Y600175 P/B Flange Pulley- Roller Drive 22T
98-Y600189 P/B Standoff m/f M4 THD x 54mm LG
98-Y600190 P/B Main Plate- Vacuum Deck
98-Y6001901 P/B Main Plate
98-Y600200 P/B Deck Assy Entrance Guide
98-Y6002001 P/B Deck
98-Y600212 P/B Block Stop Plunger
98-Y600213 P/B Plate- Stop Plunger
98-Y600214 P/B Assy- Pulley 31T 3mm GT
98-Y6002141 P/B Pulley
98-Y600220 P/B Pulley-Assy 3mm GT 30T
98-Y6002201 P/B Pulley
98-Y600221 P/B Timing Pulley Assy- 3mm GT 32T
98-Y6002211 P/B Pulley
98-Y600222 P/B Timing Pulley Assy- 3mm GT 56T
98-Y6002221 P/B Timing Pulley
98-Y600223 P/B Timing Pulley Assy- 3mm GT 31T
98-Y6002231 P/B Pulley
98-Y600224 Pitney Bowes MPS Under/Over Roller
98-Y6002241 P/B Roller
98-Y600224-RA Pitney Bowes MPS Under/Over Roller, Recoat (Customer Core RequiRed)
98-Y600228 P/B MPS KTR .375 Bore Special 26K Coupling
98-Y600233 P/B H/A 26k Upper Engine Disconnect
98-Y600237 P/B Pulley- Roller Drive 3mm GT 22T
98-Y600239 P/B Drive Gear Bearing Housing
98-Y600240 P/B Drive Gear Shaft
98-Y600241 P/B Drive Shaft Spacer
98-Y600242 P/B H/A 26k Upper Engine Disconnect LED
98-Y600245 P/B Assy-Swing Frame, Pocket, 26k
98-Y600248 P/B APS, MPS 26K Dump roller Assy
98-Y600250 P/B Drive Shaft Assy
98-Y600291 P/B Shaft-Exit Drive
98-Y600296 P/B Shaft-Take up
98-Y600298 P/B Spacer- Belt Tensioner, 26k
98-Y600299 P/B Sensor- Mounting Plate- RH, 26k
98-Y600305 P/B Deck-Vacuum-Lower
98-Y6003051 P/B Deck Vacuum
98-Y600306 P/B Manifold- Vacuum Entrance
98-Y600307 P/B Manifold-Vacuum Exit
98-Y600309 P/B Pulley Shaft-Drive T5-20
98-Y600314 P/B Inlet-Vacuum Entrance
98-Y600315 P/B Inlet-Vacuum Exit
98-Y600316 P/B Base Plate-Lift
98-Y600317 P/B Plate-Carriage Side
98-Y6003171 P/B Plate
98-Y600319 P/B Shaft Drive Outboard
98-Y600320 P/B Assy-Stiffener Lower Plate
98-Y6003201 P/B Plate
98-Y600322 P/B Block- Housing Support
98-Y600323 P/B Bracket- Exit Rollers-RH
98-Y600324 P/B Bracket-Exit Rollers-LH
98-Y600327 P/B Deck-Cover LH
98-Y600328 P/B Deck-Cover RH
98-Y6003281 P/B Deck Cover
98-Y6003281 P/B Deck Cover
98-Y600329 P/B Deck Exit
98-Y600330 P/B Assy-Vac Carriage
98-Y600331 P/B Standoff-Deck
98-Y600333 P/B Pivot Shaft Exit Roller
98-Y600335 P/B Exit-Clamp Short Arm
98-Y600336 P/B Assy- Compliant Exit Roller Clamp Arm
98-Y600337 P/B Drive Housing Assy-26k
98-Y6003371 P/B Housing
98-Y600338 P/B Assy-Compliant Enter Roller Clamp Arm
98-Y600343 P/B Main-Plate Carriage
98-Y600344 P/B MPS RH Env Stop
98-Y600344 P/B MPS RH Envelope Stop
98-Y600346 P/B MPS Env Stop Shaft
98-Y600349 P/B Shaft Plte-Motor Side
98-Y600352 P/B Shaft-PC Support
98-Y600353 P/B MPS Prox Disc Sensor Assy
98-Y6003531 P/B Disc Sensor
98-Y6003532 P/B Pin- Sensor Trip
98-Y600356 P/B Locking-Block- Knob LH
98-Y600357 P/B MPS RH Knob Locking Block
98-Y600358 P/B MPS RH Carriage Side Plate Assy
98-Y6003581 P/B Side Plate Detail 1
98-Y6003582 P/B Side Plate Detail 2
98-Y600359 P/B MPS Carriage Knob Lock Assy
98-Y6003591 P/B Knob
98-Y600360 P/B Assy- Slide FBW240-Modified
98-Y600361 P/B Exit-Clamp Arm
98-Y600363 P/B D-Standoff-Short
98-Y600365 P/B Lower-Bracket APS Sensors
98-Y600375 P/B Bracket- Air Cylinders
98-Y600378 P/B MPS 26K Drive Assy
98-Y600389 P/B Spacer-Tube
98-Y600390 P/B Side frame, Assy Vac Deck, RH
98-Y6003901 P/B Side frame
98-Y600391 P/B Side frame, Assy Vac Deck, LH
98-Y6003911 P/B Side frame
98-Y600392 P/B Main Mounting Plate Assy
98-Y600393 P/B Mounting Plate-Main
98-Y600395 P/B Clamp Bottom, 26k
98-Y600396 P/B Clamp Top, 26k
98-Y600397 P/B Pivoting Support, 26k
98-Y6003971 P/B Pivot Support
98-Y600405 P/B Plate Assy-Main Support, 26k
98-Y6004051 P/B Plate Main Support
98-Y600407 P/B Sensor Mounting Plate-LH, 26k
98-Y600409 P/B Plate, Motor Mtg
98-Y600410 P/B Standoff, Motor Mtg
98-Y600411 P/B Bracket, Motor Back Stops
98-Y600412 P/B Washer
98-Y600415 P/B MPS Emerson 1 HP 10mm Shaft AC Motor
98-Y600421 P/B Spring
98-Y600422 P/B MPS Paper Guide
98-Y600422 P/B MPS Paper Guide
98-Y600423 P/B MPS Outer Paper Guide Assy
98-Y600425 P/B Carriage Stop-26k
98-Y600426 P/B Roof Plate-26K, Long
98-Y600428 P/B Collar-Upper, Lower
98-Y600433 P/B Assy-Envl Vac Feeder Timing Belt
98-Y600434 P/B Assy-Upper/Lower, 26k
98-Y600435 P/B MPS 26K Timing Belt Transport Assy
98-Y600436 P/B MPS 26K Deck Vacuum Top Timing Belt
98-Y600437 P/B Pulley Assy-Shaft Entrance T5, 26k
98-Y6004371 P/B End Cap
98-Y6004372 P/B Pulley
98-Y600438 P/B Shaft- Pulley, Idler, 26k
98-Y600439 P/B Spacer-Idler Log Timing Belts, 26k
98-Y600440 P/B Timing Belt- Matched Set T5 168T 9mm
98-Y600441 P/B MPS Idler Log Take Up Assy Timing Belt
98-Y600442 P/B MPS Idler Log Roller Assy Timing Belts
98-Y600444 See 98-Y658473
98-Y600448 P/B Assy-Shield Insert
98-Y6004481 P/B Support Foot
98-Y6004482 P/B Screw Retainer
98-Y6004483 P/B Shield
98-Y600450 P/B Spacer-Dual Pulley, 26k
98-Y600451 P/B MPS Dual Compliant Roller Hub
98-Y6004511 P/B Hub
98-Y600458 P/B Rubber Backing Strap-Top Guide
98-Y600472 P/B Spacer- Dump Roller
98-Y600474 P/B Shield Roof Plate
98-Y600488 P/B MPS Oil Impreg. Bronze Wear Plate
98-Y600493 See 98-Y658473
98-Y600493 P/B APS Tension Roller Assy
98-Y6004931 P/B Roller
98-Y6004932 P/B Roller
98-Y600500 P/B Clamp Assy- Valve Spacer
98-Y600506 P/B Plate-Hopper Support
98-Y600510 P/B Pnuematic Feed Head Assy
98-Y600511 P/B Wave Spring Feed Head
98-Y600512 P/B APS Hopper Support Assy
98-Y600512 P/B APS Hopper Support Assy
98-Y600532 P/B Roller Under Over Plama
98-Y600533 P/B Service Kit Under Over Roller
98-Y600545 P/B Swing Frame LH
98-Y600559 P/B Pnuematic Cylinder Assy
98-Y600559-R P/B Pnuematic Cylinder Assy Refurbish
98-Y600566 P/B Deflector Envelope
98-Y600582 P/B APS, MPS, NIP Roller Feed Head Assy
98-Y600595 P/B Shaft- Plasma Main Roller
98-Y600596 P/B Roller- Core Center
98-Y600597 P/B Roller- Core Outer
98-Y600598 P/B Assy. Main Roller
98-Y600600 P/B MPS Vacuum Deck Service Belt Set
98-Y604000 P/B Roller Drive Pocket
98-Y604002 P/B Support Pivot Casting
98-Y6040021 P/B Pivot Support
98-Y6040022 P/B Pivot Support Legs
98-Y6040023 P/B Pivot Support Upright
98-Y6040024 P/B Pivot Support Bracket
98-Y6040025L P/B Pivot Support Uprights- Left
98-Y6040025R P/B Pivot Support Uprights-Right
98-Y607000FF P/B Hub Clamp 8.04mm
98-Y607000GG P/B Hub Clamp
98-Y607000HH P/B Hub Clamp
98-Y607000JJ P/B Hub Clamp
98-Y607000KK P/B Hub Clamp
98-Y610001 P/B APS, MPS Vac Env FDR Shaft
98-Y610001 P/B APS MPS Vacuum Envelope Feeder Shaft
98-Y610014 P/B Shaft- Main Roller
98-Y610026 P/B APS, MPS Feed Drive Shaft
98-Y610033 P/B APS, MPS Roller Idler Shaft
98-Y610036 P/B Shaft Vac Deck Drive
98-Y610055 P/B APS Shaft Stops
98-Y610100 P/B Shaft-Small Idler Roller
98-Y610101 P/B Shaft- Large Idler Roller
98-Y610443 P/B Shaft-Hopper
98-Y610449 P/B Shaft, Drive Gear
98-Y610450 P/B Shaft
98-Y610455 P/B Shaft
98-Y611006 P/B APS, MPS Bearing Pulley Support Standoff
98-Y611024 P/B Stud, Arm Pivot (Large)
98-Y611025 P/B Stud, Arm Pivot and Pulley
98-Y611028 P/B APS Belt Tensioner Short Stud
98-Y611033 P/B Stud- Idler Pulley Take Up
98-Y611100 P/B Standoff
98-Y611101 P/B Standoff
98-Y611329 P/B Rod Tensioner
98-Y612012 P/B Pin- Spring Mount
98-Y612013 P/B Pin- Air Cyl. Mount
98-Y612102 P/B Shaft Pivot Double Detect
98-Y6130001 P/B Roller
98-Y6130002 P/B Roller
98-Y613000-A P/B Under/Over Roller
98-Y613000-R P/B APS Under/Over Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.) -RA
98-Y613000-RA P/B Under/Over Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y613003 P/B Stop Roller
98-Y6130031 P/B Roller Stop
98-Y613004 P/B Drum Envelope Feed
98-Y6130041 P/B Drum Envelope
98-Y613005 P/B Roller- Takeaway Nip
98-Y613006 P/B APS, MPS Takeaway Idler Roller
98-Y6130061 P/B Roller
98-Y613012 P/B Roller Assy
98-Y613013 P/B APS, MPS 20mm Idler Roller
98-Y6130131 P/B Roller
98-Y613015 P/B Roller, Lift Plate Drum
98-Y613017-A P/B APS Roller-Cart Tire
98-Y613018 P/B APS Front Roller Stop
98-Y6130181 P/B Roller
98-Y613306-A Pitney Bowes APS Roller-Under/Over w/ Collar
98-Y613306-R P/B APS Roller-Under/Over w/Collar Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y613309 P/B Center Core
98-Y613310 P/B Outer Core
98-Y613609 P/B Roller- Core Center
98-Y613610 P/B Roller- Core Outer
98-Y614010 P/B Bushing
98-Y614011 P/B Bushing Bronze
98-Y6140111 P/B 12-28x25-22x3
98-Y614019 P/B APS Vacuum Tension Bearing Housing
98-Y6140191 P/B Housing
98-Y614020 P/B Plunger- Boss
98-Y614103 P/B Cylinder-Pivot, Long
98-Y614104 P/B Cylinder-Pivot, Short
98-Y614304 P/B Feed Head
98-Y614315 P/B Spacer
98-Y614319 P/B Roller
98-Y614320 P/B APS, MPS Housing
98-Y6143201 P/B Housing
98-Y614321 P/B APS, MPS Main Needle Bearing Housing
98-Y6143211 P/B Housing
98-Y615006 P/B APS 10mm Clamp Collar
98-Y615206 P/B Lower Prox Collar
98-Y616004 P/B Pin- Locating
98-Y616306 P/B Flange
98-Y616600 P/B Flange
98-Y618001 Pitney Bowes APS TakeawAy Idler Tire
98-Y618004 P/B Hub- Dump Roller
98-Y6180041 P/B Roller
98-Y618200 P/B Hub- Idler Belt Side
98-Y618250 P/B Block
98-Y618251 P/B Block
98-Y618305 P/B Pneumatic Valve- Feed Head
98-Y618311 P/B Housing
98-Y623000 Pitney Bowes HPI SpRing-Leaf
98-Y637000 P/B Pulley Feed Drive
98-Y637001 P/B Pulley Roller Drive
98-Y637006 P/B Pulley Driven
98-Y637215 P/B Pulley Drive Overhead Pushers
98-Y637216 P/B Pulley Motor
98-Y645003 P/B APS, MPS Stripper Bar Adjustment
98-Y645035 P/B Roller
98-Y6450351 P/B Roller
98-Y645036 P/B Support Block-Vac. Nip Roller
98-Y645038 P/B Block-Driven Pulleys
98-Y6450381 P/B Pulley
98-Y645040 P/B Block-Drive Pulleys
98-Y6450401 P/B Block
98-Y645064 P/B Support- Belt Strip
98-Y6450641 P/B Support
98-Y645076 P/B Yoke
98-Y645122 P/B Bar-Flapper Stop
98-Y645136 P/B Block-Roller Adj. Spring
98-Y6451361 P/B Block
98-Y645141 P/B Deflector Bar- Sensor
98-Y6451411 P/B Bar-Flapper Stop
98-Y645142 P/B Deck "D" Roller
98-Y645257 P/B Plate-Upper Cover Engine
98-Y645276 P/B Bracket- Prox Sensor
98-Y6452911 P/B Pin
98-Y645299 P/B Plate-Engine Support
98-Y6452991 P/B Plate
98-Y645316 P/B Back Stop- Envelope
98-Y645355 P/B Block-Drive Pulleys
98-Y6453551 P/B Pulley Block
98-Y645358 P/B Bracket- Motor Stops
98-Y6453581 P/B Bracket
98-Y645367 P/B Mount Stop
98-Y6453671 P/B Mount Stop
98-Y645368 P/B APS Front Vacuum Block
98-Y645371 P/B Block-Locking Rod Support
98-Y645420 P/B APS, MPS, Take Up T-Nut
98-Y645542 P/B APS, MPS Lower Bearing Housing
98-Y6455421 P/B Lower Housing
98-Y645545 P/B APS, MPS Vacuum Adapter Housing
98-Y6455451 P/B Housing
98-Y645547 P/B Plate (for Y680408)
98-Y645549 P/B Plate
98-Y645553 P/B Yoke (for Y680410)
98-Y645557 P/B Block, Lead Screw Support
98-Y645607 P/B Claw Envelope Stripper
98-Y645612 P/B Bar Support Tie
98-Y6456121 P/B Bar
98-Y645630 P/B Block- Latch Pin
98-Y646617 P/B APS, MPS Feed Drum Plasma Segment
98-Y6500061 P/B Deck Pin
98-Y650022 Pitney Bowes HPI Link-Flapper
98-Y650034 P/B Deck- Vacuum
98-Y650050 P/B Plate- Vertical Support
98-Y6500501 P/B Vertical Support
98-Y650053 P/B Bracket Sensor
98-Y650220 P/B Bracket Double Detect Sensor
98-Y650221 P/B APS, MPS Small Flat Spring
98-Y650222 P/B APS, MPS Large Flat Spring
98-Y651038 P/B Deck -Roller Guide- Deck Swing
98-Y651146 P/B Pad-Plate
98-Y651199 P/B Bracket/Handle-Sensor
98-Y651480 P/B Frame-Idler Roller
98-Y651622 P/B APS, Mps Latch Bracket
98-Y656100 P/B Bracket- Sensor Top LH
98-Y656101 P/B Bracket- Sensor Top RH
98-Y656600 P/B Stop- Plunger
98-Y658085 P/B Slide-Adjust, Vac Lifter
98-Y658089 P/B Bracket Double Detect Sensor
98-Y6580891 P/B Mtg Bracket
98-Y658164 P/B Center Deck-Chassis to Engine
98-Y6581641 P/B Idler
98-Y658473-A P/B APS Tension Roller Assy
98-Y658473-R P/B APS Tension Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y658473-Wilen P/B APS Tension Roller Assy.(Wilen Direct)
98-Y658501 P/B APS, MPS Idler Roller Deck
98-Y6585011 P/B Block
98-Y658502 P/B APS, MPS Right Stop Block
98-Y6585021 P/B Spacer
98-Y662007 P/B APS, MPS Driver Idler Spacer
98-Y662011 P/B Arm
98-Y662228 P/B APS, MPS Delrin Housing Pad
98-Y662229 P/B Arm
98-Y662230 P/B Sleeve 48mm
98-Y665006 P/B HPI Dump Roller Tire
98-Y665008 P/B APS Rubber Gasket
98-Y665009 P/B Sleeve 42mm
98-Y665203 P/B Tire Idler Exit
98-Y670002 P/B Screw, Adjust-LH
98-Y670003 P/B Screw, Adjust-RH
98-Y680009 P/B APS/MPS Exit Envelope Feed Head Shaft Assy
98-Y680010 P/B APS, MPS NIP Roller Feed Head Assy
98-Y680010 P/B APS, MPS NIP Roller Feed Head Assy
98-Y680010 P/B APS MPS Nip Roller Head Assy
98-Y680031 P/B APS 42T128T HTD Pulley
98-Y680048 P/B APS Drive Shaft Assy
98-Y680050 P/B APS, MPS, Yoke Exit Assy
98-Y6800612 P/B Roller Flapper
98-Y680061-A Pitney Bowes APS Flapper Roller
98-Y680119 P/B Knob- Locking, Stripper Bar
98-Y680135 P/B Vacuum Deck Assy.
98-Y680150 P/B Assy Bracket- Entrance Guide
98-Y6801501 P/B Bracket Entrance
98-Y680240 P/B Assy-Deck, Lower Entrance
98-Y680242 P/B Plate Assy
98-Y6802421 P/B Plates
98-Y680244 P/B Assy- Upper Deck Vertical Trans
98-Y6803012BB P/B Harness Assy-MoconInterconnect IN
98-Y6803012CD P/B Harness Assy- MoconInterconnect IN
98-Y6803015ED P/B Harness Assy- 48VDC
98-Y6803015FD P/B Harness Assy-48VDC
98-Y6803016ED P/B Cable Assy
98-Y6803016FD P/B Cable Assy
98-Y680360 P/B APS, MPS, Pnuematic Valve Feed Head Assy
98-Y6803601 P/B Valve
98-Y680408 P/B APS, MPS, Upper Plates Assy
98-Y680410 P/B Assy-Yoke (Lower Deck)
98-Y680412 P/B Assy, roller Bracket
98-Y680413 P/B Assy, Double Detect Arm
98-Y6804131 P/B Double Detect
98-Y680414 P/B APS Main Roller Assy
98-Y680414-R P/B APS Main Roller Assy Recoat (Cust Core Req.) -RA
98-Y680414-RA P/B APS Main Roller Assy Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y680414-RA-1 P/B APS Main Roller Assy Recoat 1 New Hub (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y680415 P/B Assy- Tension Bracket
98-Y680541 P/B Assy, Swing Frame LH
98-Y6805411 P/B Swing Frame
98-Y680614 P/B APS Plasma Coated Main Roller Assy
98-Y680645 P/B Swing Frame Pocket Assy
98-Y681111 P/B APS, MPS Entrance Roller Assy
98-Y681112 P/B APS, MPS Spring Bearing Assy
98-Y683022 P/B Harness Assy Deck LED
98-Y683024AC P/B DSR Communication Cable
98-Y683024AE P/B DSR Communication Cable
98-Y683024AH P/B DSR Communication Cable
98-Y683036 P/B APS, MPS, Envelope Feeder Proximity Sensor
98-Y683042 P/B APS, MPS Linear Hall Sensor
98-Y683073AA P/B Harness Assy Deck LED
98-Y683087 P/B Upper Engine M7 Ext Sign
98-Y683112 P/B APS, HPI, Interlock Jumper Harness Assy
98-Y684000 P/B Pulley Takeaway Drive
98-Y684003 P/B Spur Gear
98-Y684015 P/B CR Seal 7018
98-Y684022 P/B APS, MPS 36T Pulley
98-Y6840221 P/B Pulley
98-Y684044 P/B Pulley Belt- Vac Deck
98-Y6840441 P/B Pulley
98-Y684045 P/B Pulley Belt- Vac Deck
98-Y6840451 P/B Pulley
98-Y684052 P/B APS 31T HTD Timing Pulley
98-Y684056 P/B APS 56T 3mm Timing Pulley
98-Y6840561 P/B Pulley
98-Y684059 P/B APS 30T 3mm HTD Pulley
98-Y684067 P/B Lid Support
98-Y684071 P/B SpRing Double Detect
98-Y684081 P/B Tubing-Vacuum
98-Y684081A P/B Light Weight Ext Flapper Spring
98-Y684097 P/B APS, MPS 3mm Double Defect Magnet
98-Y684103 P/B Pulley-Belt-Vac Deck
98-Y684110 P/B Pulley 50T-Motor-Vacuum Feeder
98-Y684112 P/B Shaft Spacer 0.25in
98-Y684115 P/B APS 44T Pulley
98-Y6841151 P/B Pulley 44T
98-Y684300 Belt
98-Y684476 P/B APS 9MM Wide Vac Deck Belt
98-Y6844853 P/B External Clip
98-Y684497 P/B APS/MPS Gear Spur 45T Driver
98-Y684498 P/B SpRing-Lower Deck Lock
98-Y684503 P/B Servomotor
98-Y684504 P/B Servo Motor
98-Y684601 P/B Tubing Vac Deck
98-Y686001-A P/B APS Inserter Roller D Molded
98-Y686001-R P/B Inserter Roller D Molded Recoat
98-Y6880151 P/B APS/MPS Dump Roller Assy
98-Y690004 Pitney Bowes 10mm Ball Stud
98-Y700187 P/B APS ver 3/ver 4 Water Pump
98-Y700193 P/B Cap Ball
98-Y700357 P/B Assy Crowned Roller BF
98-Y700418 P/B MPS Hollow Ball Aligner
98-Y700477 P/B Guide, Upper
98-Y700478 P/B Tray, Offline Feeder
98-Y7004781 P/B Tray, Offline
98-Y700479 P/B Support, Inner, Off-line Feed Tray
98-Y700480 P/B Off-line Feeder Tray Assy
98-Y700513 PB APS Becker VT 4.25 Vacuum Pump Carbon Vane Kit
98-Y700539 P/B Gate Shaft- Solenoid
98-Y700541 P/B Pivot Shaft Gate
98-Y7007433 P/B Support Rail-Bracket
98-Y704506 P/B Guide-Exit (Envelope guide)
98-Y704507 P/B Rail- Mounting Left
98-Y704511 P/B Retainer-Wire Guide, Upstream
98-Y704512 P/B Retainer-Wire Guide, Downstream
98-Y704514 P/B Retainer-Wire Guide, Low Profile
98-Y704520 P/B Guide- Envelope (Sapphire)
98-Y704525 P/B Handle- Installation
98-Y710003 P/B Shaft, Idler Bearing
98-Y710036 P/B Shaft 45DGS Takeaway Roller
98-Y710041 P/B APS, MPS Small 2 Roller Drive Shaft
98-Y7100411 P/B Shaft
98-Y710042 P/B APS, MPS, Large 2 Roller Drive Shaft
98-Y7100421 P/B Shaft
98-Y710043-FR PB APS Shaft Finned Rollers (Roller Only) each
98-Y710043-FR-Rev P/B APS Shaft Finned Roller Revised w/Hub (Roller Only) ea.
98-Y7100500 P/B Pin-Alignment, Left
98-Y710067 P/B APS, MPS, Gate Pivot Shaft
98-Y710501 P/B Pin-Alignment, Right
98-Y710504 P/B Bushing- Threaded (Envelope Guide)
98-Y710505 P/B Stud- Starwheel (Envelope Guide)
98-Y710510 P/B Stud- Starwheel (Envelope Guide)
98-Y711011 P/B Stud
98-Y712345 P/B APS Assy-Idler Roller
98-Y713004 P/B Roller, Crown Bearing
98-Y713007 P/B Hub, Sealer Roller
98-Y714004 P/B Spacer
98-Y714005 P/B Spacer, Drum Bearing
98-Y714008 P/B APS/MPS Pulley Spacer
98-Y716001 P/B Drum Output APS
98-Y718011 P/B Hub, Roller, Wide
98-Y72000 P/B SpRing Extension
98-Y732005 P/B Pulley, Urge Roller
98-Y732006 P/B Pulley, Input Drive Roller
98-Y737017 P/B Pulley
98-Y744001 P/B Plate
98-Y745041 P/B Bracket, Bearing Mount Aligner
98-Y745042 P/B Plate, Bearing Mtg
98-Y7450521 P/B Mounting Plate
98-Y745058 P/B Bar, Belt Aligner
98-Y745064 P/B Plate, Aligner
98-Y7450641 P/B Plate
98-Y751506 P/B Clip- Tensioning Screw
98-Y758520 P/B Guide-Input (Envelope Plate)
98-Y762013 P/B APS, MPS, Flat Belt Support
98-Y762016 P/B Nut, Lead screw Ali
98-Y762502 P/B Bushing-Mounting (Env. Guide)
98-Y765005 Pitney Bowes Sealer Drivebelt
98-Y765006 P/B APS Motor Drive Belt
98-Y765007 P/B Belt Double Side 5MM
98-Y768000 Y768000 Linatex 800 5M 15HTD Timing Belt (1/16")
98-Y770000 P/B APS Lead Screw Aligner Shaft
98-Y770001 P/B Lead Screw
98-Y772008 P/B Roller, Large
98-Y7720081 P/B Roller
98-Y772010 P/B Urge Roller, Upper
98-Y7720101 P/B Roller
98-Y772011 P/B Roller, Input Drive (Upper)
98-Y772011A P/B Roller
98-Y772012 P/B Roller, Input Drive (Lower)
98-Y7720121 P/B Input Roller
98-Y780080 P/B Assy, Lead Screw, Long
98-Y780081 P/B Assy, Lead Screw, Short
98-Y780091 P/B APS, MPS Idler Bearing Shaft Assy
98-Y780115 P/B Assy Roller Wide
98-Y780115-R P/B Assy Roller Wide Recoat -RA
98-Y780115-RA P/B Assy Roller Wide Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y780116 P/B HPI Crown Roller Assy
98-Y780117 P/B APS, MPS Bar Belt Aligner Assy
98-Y780119 P/B Assy Drum Roller
98-Y780126 Pitney Bowes 18 T Pulley
98-Y780127 Pitney Bowes Motor Pulley
98-Y780148 P/B Pulley Assy
98-Y780170 P/B Assy, Urge Roller
98-Y780173 P/B Input Drive Roller
98-Y780179 P/B Nip, Input Assy
98-Y780540 P/B Guide-Envelope (sapphire)
98-Y780550 P/B Envelope Guide Assy
98-Y780555 P/B Guide Wire Assy
98-Y781006 P/B Roller Idler Assy
98-Y7810061 P/B Roller
98-Y7810062 P/B Idler
98-Y784026 P/B APS MPS Turn Drum Inner Belt
98-Y784027 Belt
98-Y784029 P/B APS, MPS, Aligner Movement Pulley
98-Y786000 P/B APS Assy Sealer Roller
98-Y786000-R P/B APS Assy Sealer Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.) -RA
98-Y786000-RA P/B APS Assy Sealer Roller Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
98-Y786506 P/B Starwheel (Sapphire)
98-Y800611 P/B Roller
98-YGT4525 P/B Block, OHS
98-YGT45251 P/B Block, OHS
98-YGT5115 P/B Finger-Long Stop, Leap Frog
98-YGT5116 P/B Arm Nip Roller
98-YGT8014 P/B Assy, OHS
98-YGT8015 P/B Assy-Arm Nip
98-YGT80151 P/B Arm Nip
98-ZV17108 P/B Epic Slide Shaft
98-ZV17424 P/B Epic Lower Idler Shaft
98-ZV17425 P/B Up Drive Shaft
98-ZV17426 P/B Epic Upper Idler Shaft
98-ZV37500 P/B Epic Pulley-O-Ring Small
98-ZV45411 P/B Epic Linkage Sub Set Stops
98-ZV51429 P/B Epic Tamper Wear Plate
98-ZV62502 P/B Epic Flange
98-ZX00034 P/B Block, Gate Mtg
98-ZX00069 P/B Flat Belt TNT 3 Stage Buffer
98-ZX00075 P/B Spring Deck, TIM, TNT Buffer Folder
98-ZX00100 P/B Frame Assy-Welded, Rotary FDR
98-ZX00101 P/B Side Frame- Rear, Rotary FDR
98-ZX00102 P/B Top Frame- Rotary FDR
98-ZX001021 P/B Top Frame
98-ZX00103 P/B Angle Frame- Rotary FDR
98-ZX00104 P/B Back Frame- Rotary FDR
98-ZX00105 P/B End Frame- Rotary FDR
98-ZX00107 P/B Bracket-Front Frame
98-ZX00109 P/B Side Frame- Front, Rotary FDR
98-ZX00115 P/B Guide- Slider
98-ZX00120 P/B Base Frame Assy
98-ZX00122 P/B Angle Bracket-Base Frame
98-ZX00123 P/B Back Bracket- Base Frame
98-ZX00124 P/B Main Support- Base Frame
98-ZX00125 P/B Pivot Shaft- Base Frame
98-ZX00127 P/B Clamp, Cam Finger
98-ZX001271 P/B Clamp, Cam Finger
98-ZX00128 P/B Cam Assy- Sep Finder
98-ZX00131 P/B Shaft- Separator Arm
98-ZX00135 P/B Coupling
98-ZX00136 P/B RH Lead screw
98-ZX00137 P/B LH Lead screw
98-ZX00138 P/B Plug-Bearing, Lead Screw
98-ZX00139 P/B Spacer-ADJ Lead Screw
98-ZX00140 P/B Back Stop Assy
98-ZX00141 P/B Plate- Back Stop
98-ZX00142 P/B Block- Back Stop
98-ZX001421 P/B Block- Back Stop
98-ZX00143 P/B Clamp-Back Stop
98-ZX001431 P/B Rod-Clamp
98-ZX001432 P/B Block D-Clamp
98-ZX00145 P/B Center Gate Assy
98-ZX00146 P/B Plate- Center Gate
98-ZX00147 P/B Air Block- Center Gate
98-ZX00148 P/B Pin Center Gate
98-ZX00149 P/B Clamp-Center Gate
98-ZX00150 P/B Pin-Pointed
98-ZX00152 P/B Strip Pin- Support
98-ZX00154 P/B Shaft-Pressure Finger
98-ZX00155 P/B Support Block-Finger
98-ZX00158 P/B Crank Arm-Finger
98-ZX001581 P/B Crank Arm
98-ZX00159 P/B Arm-Link Finger
98-ZX00160 P/B Pin-Finger Pivot- Long
98-ZX00161 P/B Pin- Finger Pivot- Short
98-ZX00162 P/B Bracket- Spring, Finger Device
98-ZX00163 P/B Guide- Spring, Finger Device
98-ZX00164 P/B Clamp- Follower Finger
98-ZX00166 P/B Assy- Pressure Relief Device
98-ZX00167 P/B Suction Connection Assy
98-ZX00168 P/B Suction Cup Assy
98-ZX00169 P/B Holder- Suction Cups
98-ZX00175 P/B Adjusting Screw-Suction Cups
98-ZX00176 P/B Bracket- Suction Cup, Front
98-ZX00177 P/B Bracket-Suction Cup, Rear
98-ZX00178 P/B Stud-Pivot
98-ZX00179 P/B Axle- Suction Cup
98-ZX00180 P/B Lever- Suction Cam
98-ZX00181 P/B Axle-Frame
98-ZX00182 P/B Clam- Collar .20ID
98-ZX00183 P/B Catch-Lock
98-ZX00184 P/B Bearing Housing-Flanged
98-ZX001841 P/B Bearing Housing
98-ZX00185 P/B Assy-Exit Roller
98-ZX00188 P/B Guide- Paper, Center
98-ZX001881 P/B Guide- Paper
98-ZX00189 P/B Bracket- Fixed Exit Roller
98-ZX001891 P/B Bracket- Fixed Roller
98-ZX00192 P/B Roller-Exit
98-ZX00193 P/B Roller Assy- Rear Exit
98-ZX00194 P/B Roller Assy- Rear Exit
98-ZX00195 P/B Bracket- Pivot Exit Roller, Long
98-ZX001951 P/B Bracket- Pivot Exit
98-ZX00196 P/B Shaft-Roller, Exit
98-ZX00197 P/B Block-Stop
98-ZX00198 P/B Bolt-Knob
98-ZX00199 P/B Knob Assy- Deck Height
98-ZX00200 P/B Rotary Feeder-Rear
98-ZX00201 P/B Rotary Feeder
98-ZX00202 P/B Gripper Assy
98-ZX002021 P/B Gripper
98-ZX00203 P/B Wrist Pin
98-ZX00204 P/B Pivot Pin
98-ZX00205 P/B Follower Stud
98-ZX00206 P/B Spring, Pusher Assy
98-ZX00207 P/B Guide Pin
98-ZX00208 P/B Knuckle
98-ZX00209 P/B Bar Spring
98-ZX002091 P/B Bar
98-ZX00213 P/B Finger-Pressure Relief
98-ZX00214 P/B Lever Arm- Pressure Relief
98-ZX00215 Gripper Arm
98-ZX00216 P/B Gear Box-Worm
98-ZX00218 P/B Drum Hub
98-ZX00219 P/B Hub Clamp
98-ZX00223 P/B Spacer-Frame
98-ZX00224 P/B Knob-Side Guide
98-ZX00226 P/B Clamp collar
98-ZX00227 P/B Pad-Gripper
98-ZX00228 P/B Bearing Hub
98-ZX00229 P/B Shroud-Jog Switch
98-ZX00230 P/B Holder- Exit Sensor
98-ZX00236 P/B Finger Cam
98-ZX00238 P/B Traction Belt
98-ZX00239 P/B Photocell Block
98-ZX00242 P/B Bearing- Cam Follower
98-ZX00243 P/B Vacuum Valve Assy
98-ZX00244 P/B Track Assy- Side Guide
98-ZX00245 P/B Valve Assy- Pack Air
98-ZX00249 P/B Cover- Rear Cam Follower
98-ZX002491 P/B Cover-Rear
98-ZX00250 P/B Plate- Feeder Lift
98-ZX00251 P/B Latch- Upper Frame
98-ZX00252 P/B Stud- Latch Pivot
98-ZX00253 P/B Stud-Latch
98-ZX00257 P/B Spring- Tors, Latch
98-ZX00258 P/B Bracket- Vacuum Valve
98-ZX00259 P/B Rod-Exit Roller
98-ZX00260 P/B Support Bracket-Exit Roller
98-ZX00261 P/B Deck Assy- Rotary Folder
98-ZX00262 P/B Deck Support-Rotary Folder
98-ZX002622 P/B Deck Support
98-ZX00263 P/B Support Plate- Slider
98-ZX00264 P/B Side Guide Assy- Front
98-ZX00265 P/B Side Guide Assy-Rear
98-ZX00266 P/B Side Guide-Front
98-ZX00267 P/B Assy Pneumatic Feed Head
98-ZX002671 P/B Side Guide
98-ZX002672 P/B Side Guide
98-ZX00269 P/B LNP Thermocop Rc-1008
98-ZX00270 P/B Back Stop
98--ZX00271 P/B Back Stop Assy
98-ZX00272 P/B Arm Assy- Finger Cam
98-ZX00273 P/B Arm-Finger Cam
98-ZX00275 P/B Exit Sensor Bracket Assy
98-ZX00276 P/B Holder- Exit Sensor, Lower
98-ZX00277 P/B Bracket- Exit Sensor, Rear
98-ZX00278 P/B Bracket- Exit Sensor, Front
98-ZX00279 P/B Sensor Bracket
98-ZX002792 P/B Sensor Bracket
98-ZX00281 P/B Nozzle-Hose
98-ZX002811 P/B Nozzle
98-ZX002812 P/B Nozzle
98-ZX002813 P/B Nozzle
98-ZX00284 P/B O-Ring, TIM, Baum Upper
98-ZX00285 P/B O-Ring, TIM, Baum Lower
98-ZX00297 P/B Assy-Legacy Folder Transfer Interface
98-ZX00298 P/B Deck, Legacy Folder TIM, TNT Buffer
98-ZX002981 P/B Deck-Legacy
98-ZX00310 P/B Suction Cup Kit- Rotary Feeder
98-ZX003101 P/B Suction Cup Kit- Rotary Feeder
98-ZX00363 P/B Suction Cup Cam
98-ZX00364 P/B Assy- Rotary Double Detect
98-ZX00365 P/B Sensor Plate
98-ZX00366 P/B Flag Clamp
98-ZX003661 P/B Flag Clamp
98-ZX00367 P/B Flag
98-ZX00368 P/B Sensor Holder
98-ZX003681 P/B Holder
98-ZX00397 P/B Assy- Double Detect Shaft
98-ZX00399 P/B Sleeve Hub
98-ZX00405 P/B Assy-Pressure Relief Fingers
98-ZX00408 P/B Double Detect Arm
98-ZX00434 P/B Assy- Drag Strap
98-ZX00435 P/B Drag Strap Bracket
98-ZX00490 P/B Plate-Filter Mounting
98-ZX00495 P/B NIP Buffer Assy
98-ZX00498 P/B Roller, RNR Buffer
98-ZX00499 P/B Pulley, 50T
98-ZX00500 P/B Rotary Feeder Assy
98-ZX00501 P/B Drum Assy
98-ZX00502 P/B Base Assy- Rotary Feeder
98-ZX00503 P/B Upper Frame Assy- Rotary Feeder
98-ZX00505 P/B Assy-Roller RNR Buffer
98-ZX00590 P/B Assy-Roller Idler
98-ZX00633 P/B Cylinder- Pivot
98-ZX00665 P/B Assy- Housing, Bearing, LH
98-ZX00885 P/B Epic/FPS/MSE Belt Turnover Lower
98-ZX00886 P/B Epic/FPS/MSE Belt Turnover Upper
98-ZX00954 P/B 42T 2MM GT Timing Idler Pulley Assy
98-ZX01347 P/B Bar Envelope Chain Guide Support
98-ZX01348 P/B Gripper Track Assy
98-ZX01392 P/B Nip Roller Support Bar
98-ZX01577 P/B Rotate Roller
98-ZX01623 P/B Shaft, Pivot, Exit Nip
98-ZX01656 P/B Bracket, Photocell
98-ZX01661 P/B Mount-Envelope Edge Support
98-ZX01675 P/B Deck Envelope Support
98-ZX01690 P/B Deck, Fixed, Interface
98-ZX01698 P/B Stand-off, Mount, Guide Bar
98-ZX01705 P/B Drive Shaft, 3 Roller
98-ZX017051 P/B Drive Shaft
98-ZX01773 P/B Stiffener Cover ZX07
98-ZX01876 P/B Pin, Stop Tensioner ZXSA
98-ZX01879 P/B Shaft Spring Support-ZXSA
98-ZX01901 P/B Assy-Belt Roller Crowned
98-ZX02040 P/B 3.5 Wide Env Pusher Block
98-ZX05258 P/B Bracket Photocell
98-ZX05288 P/B Bar Rail- Down stream
98-ZX05307 P/B Nut, Tee
98-ZX06120 P/B Standoff, Ball Stud
98-ZX080005 P/B FPS 20 LB Gas Spring Assy
98-ZX09201 P/B Harness Assy-Upper Rotary Feeder Main
98-ZX09202 P/B Harness Assy-Lower Rotary Feeder Main
98-ZX10010 P/B Pivot Shaft
98-ZX10011 P/B Shaft shuttle
98-ZX10014 P/B Link Bar
98-ZX10018 P/B Shaft Front Table Env. Chain Drive
98-ZX10020 P/B Pivot Shuttle Arm
98-ZX10022 P/B Shaft, Cam
98-ZX100221 P/B Shaft Cam
98-ZX10800 P/B Shaft-Index Idler
98-ZX10801 P/B Shaft, Gripper Opener
98-ZX10803 P/B Spacer Timing Pulley
98-ZX10805 P/B Shaft-Bar Block Pivot
98-ZX10808 P/B Spacer-Idler Roller
98-ZX10809 P/B Pin-Spring
98-ZX10810 P/B Spring Pin- Cam Drive
98-ZX11004 P/B Envelope Shuttle Pivot
98-ZX14004 P/B Cam Shaft Spacer Short
98-ZX14005 P/B Cam Shaft Spacer Long
98-ZX17001 P/B Flat Idler
98-ZX17003 P/B Pivot Pin
98-ZX17004 P/B Idler Post
98-ZX20005 P/B Gripper Extension Spring
98-ZX35801 P/B Sprocket- Idler 21T
98-ZX37006 P/B Pulley, 100T 5mm GT2 5/8 Bore
98-ZX37007 P/B Pulley, 20T 55mm GT2, 10mm Bore
98-ZX370071 P/B Pulley, 20T 55mm GT2
98-ZX37008 P/B Pulley, 20T 5mm GT2, 14mm Bore
98-ZX370081 P/B Pulley
98-ZX370082 P/B Collar
98-ZX40012 P/B Shuttle Cam
98-ZX40013 P/B Gripper Cam, Both
98-ZX45011 P/B Follower Shoe
98-ZX45012 P/B Base, Double Detect
98-ZX45013 P/B Bearing Blocks
98-ZX45020 P/B Plate, Servo Shuttle (10x13)
98-ZX45021 P/B Block, Envelope Shuttle
98-ZX450211 P/B Block Envelope
98-ZX45028 P/B Manifold Block
98-ZX450281 P/B Manifold Block
98-ZX45035 P/B Pivot Base
98-ZX45045 P/B Opener Crank
98-ZX450451 P/B Crank
98-ZX45046 P/B Shuttle Motion Link
98-ZX450461 P/B Link
98-ZX45049 P/B Idler Block
98-ZX45055 P/B Block, Jaw Opener
98-ZX45058 P/B Bearing Block Cam Shaft
98-ZX450581 P/B Bearing Block
98-ZX45059 P/B Shuttle Pivot Bar
98-ZX450591 P/B Pivot Bar
98-ZX45060 P/B Arm RH Jaw Opener, Front
98-ZX45061 P/B Block, Shuttle Shaft
98-ZX45064 P/B Bar, Finger Arm
98-ZX45065 P/B Bar, RH Jaw Opener
98-ZX45074 P/B Pivot Support Block
98-ZX45802 P/B Spacer, Interlock
98-ZX45811 P/B Bearing Mounting Block Assy
98-ZX45813 P/B Block Bearing Retaining
98-ZX45814 P/B Pulley 72T 5mm GT2
98-ZX45815 P/B Bar Envelope Chain Guide Support
98-ZX45816 P/B Bar Envelope Chain Guide Support
98-ZX45817 P/B Bearing Mount U Block Rear
98-ZX45818 P/B Bearing Retaining Block Upper Rear
98-ZX45819 P/B Block Bearing Retaining Upper Rear
98-ZX45820 P/B Arm RH Jaw Opener, Rear
98-ZX45822 P/B Bearing Stop Plate
98-ZX45823 P/B Stop Bearing Plate
98-ZX45826 P/B Plate Bearing Retainer
98-ZX45827 P/B Plate Rear Bearing Retainer
98-ZX45838 P/B Sensor Mounting Support- Integrity Lower
98-ZX45839 P/B Spring Mounting Bracket
98-ZX45840 P/B Plate Assy-Motor Mounting
98-ZX45841 P/B Block
98-ZX458411 P/B Block
98-ZX50002 P/B Plate, Insertion Deck
98-ZX50004 P/B Pivot Support Plate
98-ZX50800 P/B Pivot Link Tensioner-Drive Motor
98-ZX50801 P/B Link-Tensioner Cam Drive
98-ZX51032 P/B Plate, Photocell Mtg
98-ZX51051 P/B Stud, Tensioner
98-ZX51058 P/B Bracket, Envelope Sensor
98-ZX51059 P/B Bracket, Envelope Sensor
98-ZX510591 P/B Bracket
98-ZX51060 P/B Bracket, Upper Envelope Sensor
98-ZX510601 P/B Bracket
98-ZX51061 P/B Bracket Cam Home Sensor
98-ZX51817 P/B Sensor Bracket-Center, Lower
98-ZX51818 P/B Tension Stanchion
98-ZX518181 P/B Stanchion-Long Plate
98-ZX518182 P/B Stanchion-End Plate
98-ZX51819 P/B Nut-Plate
98-ZX58041 P/B Bracket, Chain Tensioner
98-ZX580411 P/B Bracket
98-ZX80005 P/B FPS 20LB Gas Spring Assy (No Ends)
98-ZX80018 P/B Shuttle Plate Assy 10x13 Servo
98-ZX80020 P/B Assy Deck Insertion-Vacuum 10x13
98-ZX80028 P/B Rod Link Assy
98-ZX80029 P/B Jaw Opener Assy
98-ZX80030 P/B Envelope Shuttle Assy
98-ZX80041 P/B Assy Moving Actuator
98-ZX80043 P/B Assy, Index Idler
98-ZX80046 P/B Gate Assy
98-ZX80047 P/B Sub-Assy Bearing Block
98-ZX80048 P/B Sub-Assy Bearing Block
98-ZX80049 P/B Turnover Roller on Front Table
98-ZX80050 P/B Assy, Cam Shaft
98-ZX80052 P/B Assy- Chain Motor Mount w/ Auto tension
98-ZX808211 P/B Sprocket
98-ZX80822 P/B Shaft Assy-Bearing
98-ZX808221 P/B Shaft Assy
98-ZX80824 P/B Idler Sprocket Assy- 21T
98-ZX808241 P/B Idler Sprocket
98-ZX80825 P/B Assy RH Jaw Opener Shaft
98-ZX80826 P/B Bearing Assy- Jaw Opener Shaft
98-ZX80828 P/B Bearing Mtg Block Machining Assy
98-ZX84012 P/B Air Cylinder- Chain Tensioner
98-ZY15600 Pitney Bowes Epic Roller, Rat 45
98-ZY15601 Pitney Bowes Epic Roller, Rat 20
98-ZY15633 P/B Roller, Rat 20, Hard
98-ZY15636 P/B Roller, Rat 45
98-ZY15650 P/B Roller, Rat 45H
98-ZY15651 P/B Roller, Rat 20H
98-ZY15807 P/B Seal Roller
98-ZY15827 P/B Epic Coupled Transport Pulley
98-ZY15828 P/B Epic Seal Roller Shaft
98-ZY16326 Pitney Bowes Epic Roller, Flapper
98-ZY16328 P/B Hub-Transport Roller
98-ZY16410 P/B Epic Shaft Arming Roller Idler
98-ZY16413 Pitney Bowes Epic Roller, Arming Drive
98-ZY16703 P/B Drive Roller
98-ZY16711 P/B Roller, Idler
98-ZY16744 P/B Epic Shaft
98-ZY17301 Pitney Bowes Epic Roller, Flapper Idler
98-ZY17303 Pitney Bowes Epic Roller, Transport Idler
98-ZY17503 P/B Epic Bearing Block Buffer
98-ZY37501 P/B Epic Pulley 5mm GT 20T
98-ZY45718 P/B Epic Shield Locking Spacer
98-ZY46301 P/B Epic Bearing Assy Deflector Pivot
98-ZY56806 P/B Spring Strap Brush
98-ZY66400 Pitney Bowes Epic Roller, Arming Idler
98-ZY81329 P/B Transport Roller Assy
98-ZY81528 P/B Assy Gas Spring 50# 3.94 Stroke
98-ZY87704 P/B Roller- Rubber Retard-40 Duro Chamfer