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CTS Parts

80-10347 CTS LS100 / 2 Board
80-10720 CTS LS100 Motor Group
80-20958 CTS LS100 Kit Upgrade Stamp LS100
80-CTS-LS515-SE-IJ CTS LS515 Scanner
80-DOCTES-KIT-020-1 CTS LS100 Docutest 020-04 Scanner Calib. LS100/3&LS100/6 (10/pc)
80-Docutest 020-04 CTS LS 800 Test Document, 10 per pack
80-DOCUTEST-032 CTS LS100 MICR Calib for LS100/3&LS100/6 ea.
80-DOCUTEST-042 CTS LS100 MICR Calib. for LS100/7 (10/pk)
80-Docutest-042-EA CTS 800 Docutest Sheet Each
80-DOCUTEST-055 CTS LS100 Docutset-055 Scann Cal. for LS100/7 (ea.)
80-Docutest-069 CTS LS 515UV Calibration Document (Each)
80-DOCUTEST-07 CTS LS515 Docutest-07
80-FUSI-A001.00T CTS LS515 Fuse 1A T 5X20 for 220 Vac Power Source
80-IMB-0224 CTS LS515 Scat Cart 280x476x330
80-IMB-0225 CTS LS515 GR Guscio DX-SX Polietlene
80-IMB-0226 CTS LS515 Coperch Cart 656x460
80-IMB-0281 CTS LS150 Scat Cart 225x295x230 (2 ONDE)
80-IMB-0282 CTS LS150 Invol Int Poliet 829.5x230x28
80-P-05087 CTS Stud
80-P-05491 CTS LS515 Mylar
80-P-06806 CTS LS515 Axlebox Supporting Exit Paper Roller
80-R-01002 CTS LS515 BeaRing 4x13x5
80-R-01006 CTS LS515 BeaRing Roller Scanner 4x9x2,5
80-R-01125 CTS LS515 Toothed Belt 840 MXL Z 105
80-R-01131 CTS SB600 Toothed Belt
80-R-01177 CTS LS515 Toothed Belt MXL Z106 L0125
80-R-01197 CTS LS515 Toothed Belt 2320MXL Z 290
80-R-01206 CTS O-Ring
80-R-01252 CTS LS515 O-Ring *Use -A*
80-R-01252-A CTS LS515 O-Ring
80-R01300 CTS LS100 O-Ring EPDM F27x2.5
80-R-01300 CTS O-Ring*
80-R01311 CTS LS100 Extension SpRing (5 min)
80-R-01314 CTS SpRing
80-R-01329 CTS LS515/SRT800 Extension SpRings (5pc min)
80-R-01339 CTS LS515 Electromagnet SpRing (10 pc min)
80-R-01341 CTS LS515 Return SpRing Deviator Flap (10 pc min)
80-R-01342 CTS LS515 SpRing for Separator Flap(10 pc min)
80-R-01347 CTS SpRing
80-R-01348 CTS LS100 Micr Head SpRing (5min)
80-R-01349 CTS LS100/150 Multi Fdr Grp Ent. Rllr SpRing
80-R-01363 CTS Extension SpRing
80-R-01379 CTS LS100 Multi Fdr Grp Traction SpRing (5min)
80-R-01384 CTS LS100/LS150 Pinch Rllr SpRing
80-R-01385 CTS LS100/150 Spiral SpRing
80-R-01388 CTS LS100 Spiral SpRing
80-R-01509 CTS LS515 Flat Belt
80-R-01511 CTS LS100 Belt
80-R-01515 CTS LS100 Transport Belt
80-R-015609 CTS LS515 Pin 2 x 30 (10 pc min)
80-R-03311 CTS Conic Roller Group
80-R03314 CTS Conic Roller Group
80-R-03367 CTS Exit Roller
80-R-05093 CTS LS515/LS800 Head Fixing Plate
80-R-05123 CTS LS515 Scanner Plastic Cover (9418-0170)
80-R-05161 CTS LS515 Smoothing Washer 4 x 1 (100 pc)
80-R-05162 CTS LS515 DC Reducer's Belt Tensioning Support
80-R-05165 CTS LS515 Inking Roller SpRing (10 pc min)
80-R-05167 CTS LS515 Main Transport SpRing (10 pc min)
80-R-05187 CTS ASF800/LS150/515 Pre-Leafing Roller 80-R39-05187-A
80-R-05188 CTS LS515 Feeder Roller
80-R-05188-A CTS LS515 Feeder Roller
80-R-05191 CTS LS515 Transmission Wheel 16, 5x7
80-R-05200 CTS LS515 Reject Roller Control Wheel
80-R-05201 CTS LS515 Document Contrast Roller
80-R-05210 CTS LS515 Return Roller
80-R-05225 CTS LS515 Transport Roller Stamp Area
80-R-05225-T CTS LS515 Transport Roller Stamp Area, Tire Only
80-R-05246 CTS LS515 Output Motor Roller
80-R-05253 CTS LS515 Clutch SpRing (10 pc min)
80-R-05300 CTS LS515 SpRing Pinch Roller Electromagnet (10 pc min)
80-R-05385 CTS LS515 Pinch Roller Rubber
80-R-05385-CA CTS LS515 Pinch Roller Rubber, Comp
80-R-05385-T CTS LS515 Pinch Roller Rubber, Tire Only
80-R-05386 CST LS515 Inking Roller Black
80-R-05425 CTS LS515/LS800 Micr-Head Plastic Support
80-R-05429 CTS LS515 Deflector Group + Mylar
80-R-05431 CTS LS515 MICR Belt Tensioner
80-R-05433 CTS LS515 MICR Belt Mov Pulley
80-R-05434 CTS LS515 Contrast Roller
80-R-05440 CTS LS515 Transformer Fixing Cap
80-R-06492 CTS LS515 Clutch Void Stamp Group
80-R-06493 CTS LS515 Clutch Endorse Stamp Group
80-R-06730 CTS LS515 Floor Pan
80-R-06732 CTS LS515 Central Cover
80-R-06733 CTS LS515 Lateral Cover
80-R-06734 CTS LS515 Document STopper
80-R-06735 CTS LS515 Dip-Switch Cap
80-R-06736 CTS LS515 Lower Cap
80-R-06742 CTS LS515 Feeding Transmission Gear
80-R-06743 CTS LS515 Pre-Feeding Pulley
80-R-06744 CTS LS515 Pulley
80-R-06747 CTS LS515 Feeder Roller Group
80-R-06761 CTS LS515 Pre-leafing Metal Blade
80-R-06771 CTS LS515 Bin Deviator 1st-2nd Drawer
80-R-06772 CTS LS515 Flat Deviator x Photosensor
80-R-06773 CTS LS100 Flap Deviator
80-R-06774 CTS LS515 Deviator Flap for Single Sorter Only
80-R-06777 CTS LS515 Electronic Board Protection Plate
80-R-06780 CTS LS515 Toothed Washer Sorting 2� Bin
80-R-06800 CTS LS515 Separator and Flap Group
80-R-06801 CTS LS515 Separator and Flap Group + Mylar
80-R-06802 CTS LS515 Button Group
80-R-06807 CTS LS515 Oscillating Roller Group
80-R-06810 CST LS515 1st-2nd Scanner Roller NLA
80-R-06814 CTS LS515 Separator and Flaps + Mylar for Single Sorter Only
80-R-06822-LS515 CTS LS515 Body Work
80-R-06822-LS515-U CTS LS515 Scanner Body, Good Used
80-R-06829 CTS LS515 Contrast Roller Feeder Group
80-R-06831 CTS LS515 White Roller Group After Scanner
80-R-06831-W CTS LS515 Washer for Wht Rllr Group After Scanner
80-R-07349 CTS LS515 Holder+ Permanent Magnet
80-R-07667 CTS LS515/800 Printing Head Spit Pad (50 pc) (see 41-9418-0159-A)
80-R-08001-04 CTS LS100 External Cover
80-R-08002-04 CTS LS100 Internal Cover
80-R-08003 CTS LS100 Floor Plan LS100
80-R-08017 CTS LS100/LS150 Roller Contrast Group
80-R-08018 CTS LS100 Front Scanner Plastic Cover
80-R-08019 CTS LS100 Rear Scanner Plastic Cover
80-R08021 CTS LS100 Scanner Plastic Cover STopper
80-R-08021 CTS LS100 Scanner Plastic Cover STopper
80-R-08023 CTS LS100 Front Scanner Contrast Rllr
80-R08026 CTS LS100 Badge Reader Holder
80-R-08033 CTS LS100 Short Doc. Holder
80-R-08035 CTS LS100 Rear Scanner Contrast Rllr
80-R-08036 CTS LS100 Cog Whee Z=34mm 0.75
80-R-08042 CTS LS100 Roller + O-Ring Pinch Rllr
80-R-08044 CTS LS100 Internal Closing Flap
80-R-08045 CTS LS100 MFG Pre-Feeding O-Ring
80-R-08046 CTS LS100 MFG Reject Sliding Group (Foam Roller)
80-R-08052 CTS LS100 MFG Pinch Rllr SpRing (5min)
80-R-08055 CTS Roller
80-R-08067 CTS LS100 MFG Reject SpRing (5min)
80-R-08075 CTS Ls100 Document STopper
80-R-08076 CTS LS100 Cover Document STopper
80-R-08085 CTS LS100 Long Badge Support
80-R-08086 CTS LS100 External Cover Long Badge
80-R-08087 CTS LS100 Long Doc. Holder
80-R-08091 CTS LS100 Floor Pan LS100 for OCR Vers.
80-R-08116 CTS LS100 Front Scanner Plastic Cover
80-R-08117 CTS LS100 Rear Scanner Plastic Cover
80-R-08121 CTS LS100 MFG Pinch Rllr Pulley + Support
80-R-09422 CTS LS100 Stamp Holder
80-R-09567 CTS SpRing
80-R-09591 CTS SpRing
80-R-09598 CTS LS100 Printing Hd Spit Pad (10/pk)
80-R-10147 CTS LS515 Ink Jet Board (supplied w/o Eprom on Board)
80-R-10182 CTS LS515 Endorsement Stamp Drum Group
80-R-10186 CTS LS100/515 Ink Jet Holder + Cable
80-R-10196 CST LS515 Electromagnet E5499 L=200MM
80-R-10198 CTS LS515 Void Stamp Drum Group
80-R-10211 CTS LS515/STR800 Electromagnet + Cable L=108MM
80-R-10212 CTS LS515 Electromagnet + Cable L=300MM
80-R-10363 CTS LS100/515/SB600 Micr Reading Head Group
80-R-10438 CTS SB600 Photo Sensor Group
80-R-10554 CST LS515 LEMA 100 -E13B Board+FW
80-R-10639 CTS LS515 Motor Leafer Board COMO2
80-R-10650 CST LS515 Power Plug Group
80-R-10666 CTS LS100 Electromagnet 100 ohm + Cable L=70mm
80-R-10705 CTS LS100 Badge Hd Group TRK 2&3+ Cable
80-R-10721 CTS LS100 MFG Electromagnet E3499+Cable L=100mm
80-R-10727 CTS LS100 Badge Hd Group Trk 1&2 + Cable
80-R-10775 CTS LS515 Mother Board LS515 L.3-USB2- Gray Scale
80-R-10804 CTS LS100 OCR PCB *LS100/6 Only*
80-R-10805 CTS LS100 Board for LS100/2 LS100/3
80-R-10806 CTS Mother Board (USB 2)
80-R-10810 CTS SB600 Double Feed Detector Sensor
80-R-10814 CST LS515 Mother Board LS515 L.3-USB2- Color
80-R-10828 CTS LS100 Motor+Pulley+Cable
80-R-10834-01 CTS LS100/5 Board (LS100-5)
80-R-10840 CTS LS800 CPU (887-0231347)
80-R-10845 CTS LS100 I/J PCB (12 Nozzles) LS100/6 Only
80-R-10862 CTS LS515 Stepper Motor 200 Steps-2.0A
80-R-13863 CTS Low Photo Sensor Group
80-R-13865 CTS SB600 HIGT Photo Sensor Group
80-R-14001 CTS LS-515 Ink-Jet Board
80-R-14050 CTS LS100-7 Board
80-R-14059 CTS LS100-4 PCB for LS100/6 use R-14050
80-R-20102 CST LS515 Badge Reader Kit
80-R-20469 CST LS515 D.C. Motor+ Feeder Board
80-R-20799 CTS SB600 Endorser, Complete
80-R-20838 CTS SB600 Photo-Sensor Kit
80-R-20842 CST LS515 Front/Rear Scanner CIS Gray Scale
80-R-20843 CST LS515 Dummy Scanner Group
80-R-20844 CTS LS515 Front/Rear Scanner CIS color, NLA
80-R-20856 CTS LS100 Feeder Group
80-R-20856-CRLLR-A CTS LS100 Feeder Group Front Roller Only
80-R-20856-CRllr-RA CTS LS100 Feeder Group Front Roller Only RECOAT (Cust Core Req.)
80-R-20892 CTS Electronic Foreign Body Sensor Kit
80-R39-01088 CTS ASF800 Feeder Timing Belt (877-0231363)/998-0907001
80-R39-01104 CTS 800 Timing Belt (877-0231320)
80-R39-01108 CTS SRT800 Sorter Toothed Belt (998-0907001)
80-R39-01119 CTS LS800 Main Unit Toothed Belt (998-0907003)
80-R39-01122 CTS LS800 Main Unit Toothed Belt
80-R39-01158 CTS LS800 Main Unit Toothed Belt
80-R39-01161 CTS LS800 Main Unit Toothed Belt (877-0231321)
80-R39-01172 CTS ASF800 Feeder Toothed Belt (877-0231364)
80-R39-01175 CTS 800 Timing Belt (877-0231322)
80-R39-01194 CTS LS800 Main Unit Toothed Belt
80-R39-01195 CTS 800 Imaging Timing Belt(877-0231323)
80-R39-01246 CTS SRT800 Sorter O-Ring (998-0907013)
80-R39-01321 CTS ASF800/LS150 SpRing
80-R39-01323 CTS LS800 SpRing
80-R39-01325 CTS LS800 SpRing (10 pc min)
80-R39-01327 CTS LS800, SpRing
80-R39-01329 CTS SRT800 SpRing See R-01329
80-R39-01338 CTS SRT800 SpRing (5 pc min)
80-R39-01345 CTS SRT800 SpRing (5 pc min)
80-R39-01352 See 80-R39-01481
80-R39-01363 CTS LS800/LS100 SpRing (5 pc min) Replaces R39-01327
80-R39-01481 CTS LS800 SpRing (5 pc min) Replaces R39-01352
80-R39-01488 CTS LS800 SpRing (10 pc min)
80-R39-01489 CTS LS800 SpRing (10 pc min)
80-R39-01842 CTS SRT800, Pocket Controller Card, LS8-SRT2
80-R39-04029 CTS LS800 Kit Belt Rollers Washers (5 pc min)
80-R39-05093 CTS LS800 Head Fix Plate
80-R39-05187 CTS ASF800/LS150/515 Pre-Leafing Roller
80-R39-05187-TA CTS ASF800/LS150/515 Pre-Leafing Roller, Tire Only
80-R39-05204 CTS LS800 Bush with BeaRing of the Document Path
80-R39-05242 CTS LS800 Pulley Roller of the Document Path
80-R39-05425 CTS LS800/515 Micr Head Plastic Support and Doc Guide See R-05425
80-R39-06150 CTS LS800 SpRing (5 pc min)
80-R39-06263 CTS ASF800 Handgrip
80-R39-06314 CTS SRT800 SpRing (5 pc min)
80-R39-06315 CTS SRT800 SpRing (5 pc min)
80-R39-06326 CTS SRT800 Connection Plate LS800-SorteR
80-R39-06328 CTS SRT800 Connection plate Sorter-Sorter
80-R39-07172 CTS LS800, Roller
80-R39-08015 CTS LS800 Conical Contrast Roller
80-R39-08199 CTS LS800 Front Cover
80-R39-08200 CTS LS800 / Itan 3000 Scanner Plastic Cover (9418-0158)
80-R39-08201 CTS LS800 Deviator
80-R39-08202 CTS LS800 Rear Cover
80-R39-08204 CTS LS800 Plastic Housing
80-R39-08205 CTS LS800 Floor Pan
80-R39-08212 CTS LS800 Scanner Roller
80-R39-08212-Brg CTS LS800 Scanner Roller Flanged BeaRings
80-R39-08228 CTS LS800 Return Roller
80-R39-08235 CTS LS800/Itran 3000 Advancement Roller Group (877-0231341)
80-R39-08238 CTS LS800/Itran 3000 Exit Roller Group (877-0231342)
80-R39-08238-TK CTS LS800/Itran 3000 Exit Roller Group Tires Only
80-R39-08255 CTS LS800 Scanner Rllr Dual (Red)
80-R39-08255-P CTS LS800 Scanner Roller Pulley (Red/Dbl/Rllr)
80-R39-08300 CTS LS800 Contrast Roller Group
80-R39-08301 CTS LS800 Scanner Glass Lid
80-R39-08302 CTS LS800 Roller
80-R39-08302-RR CTS LS800/Itran 3000 Roller Revised
80-R39-08308 CTS LS800 Connection Plate Feeder-LS800
80-R39-08323 CTS LS800 Contrast Roller Replaces R39-07172
80-R39-08418 CTS ASF800 Document Flap
80-R39-08424 CTS ASF800/LS150 Document Wiper (41-9418-0157)
80-R39-08433 CTS ASF800 Floor Pan
80-R39-08434 CTS ASF800 Cover
80-R39-08435 CTS ASF800 Cover
80-R39-08441 CTS ASF800 SpRingMin Order 10
80-R39-08506 CTS LS800/Itran 3000 Pkt. Roller Group Assy
80-R39-08506-RD CTS LS800/Itran 3000 Pkt. Roller Rubber Disc
80-R39-08506-T CTS LS800/Itran 3000 Pkt Roller Tire (Tire Only)
80-R39-08506-TK CTS LS800/Itran 3000 Pkt. Roller Group Tire Kit (Disc & Tire Only)
80-R39-08522 CTS SRT800 Separator
80-R39-08523 CTS SRT800 Cover
80-R39-08524 CTS SRT800 Floor Pan
80-R39-08525 CTS SRT800 Deviator Blade
80-R39-10211 CTS SRT800 Electromagnet + Cable Length = 180mm See R10211
80-R39-10319 CTS LS800 DPRMK BD 1 (photosensor reflection)
80-R39-10345 CTS LS800/SRT800 Fan 24VDC 60x60x25+ Cable
80-R39-10636 CTS LS800 Electromagnet T25 24V 110ohm L210
80-R39-10841 CTS ASF800 LS8-ASF2 Board
80-R39-10842 CTS SRT800 LS8-SRT2 Board
80-R39-10844 CTS LS800 LS8MOT Board
80-R39-10852 CTS LS800 Document Collection Bin
80-R39-10853 CTS LS800 LEMDSP Board
80-R39-10856 CTS LS800 Magnetic Head
80-R39-10868 CTS LS800 LS8CPU-Board
80-R39-10894 CTS ASF800 Kit for Double Leafing Sensor + Metal + Cable
80-R39-10895 CTS ASF800 Cable + Sensor Double Leafing (Since Mech. lev 1.3)
80-R39-14045 CTS LS800 Board ST22 Sensor for Mech 1.6
80-R39-14055 CTS LS800 LS8CPU-Board Master Colour High Speed Version
80-R39-23149 CTS LS800 Kit External Power Supply Without plug
80-R39-23149-4 CTS LS800 Kit External Power Supply USA Plug
80-R39-23149-5 CTS LS800 Kit External Power Supply EU Plug
80-R39-43903 CTS LS800 Kit Upgrade Complete
80-R39-CAB-0170 CTS ASF800 Flat Cable 10 Wires
80-R39-CAB-0394 CTS LS800 PCB Connection Cable
80-R39-CAB-0400 CTS SRT800 Cable + Photosensor CTS ST07 ST08 (Double)
80-R39-CAB-0756 CTS ASF800 Cable + High Photosensor ST07
80-R39-CAB-0847 CTS SRT800 Flat Cable 14 Wires
80-R39-CAB-0848 CTS LS800 Cable Photosensor Reflection
80-R39-CAB-0849 CTS LS800 Cable for CPU Board and Motors Board
80-R39-CAB-0861 CTS LS800 Flat Cable FFC 22wAy x 250mm P.O. 5 mm (R39-CAB-0861)(This a Compatable Cable that is 305mm Long With Same Specs)
80-R39-CAB-0952 CTS LS800 Flat Cable for Connection Sorter 3� and 4�
80-R39-CAB-2512 CTS LS800 Cable Photosensor Wire Tond 3V L=300
80-R39-CABMOT-004 CTS LS800/SRT800 Cable for MOT S+MOLEX 4 Wires F*200mm*
80-R39-CABRETEPRO-01 CTS LS800 Connection Cable External Power Supply
80-R39-CAP-0998 CTS LS800 Sensor, New Style Feeder
80-R39-CAP-0999 CTS LS 800 Sensor, New Style Feeder
80-R39-FUSI-A002.50T CTS LS800 Fuse 2.5A T 250V 5x20
80-R39-ICCCD-CIS-04 CTS LS800 Scanner CIS 3 OUT 2LG RGB (877-0231358)
80-R39-ICCCD-CIS-14 CTS LS800 Scanner CIS 3 OUT High Speed
80-R39-INPUL18551108 CTS LS800 Switch
80-R39-MOTSTEP-04 CTS LS800 Stepper Motor T17 .75A
80-R39-MOTSTEP-06 CTS LS800/SRT800 Stepper Motor T17 0.8A
80-R39-MOTSTEP-13 CTS ASF800 Stepper Motor T17 1,2A
80-R39-MOTSTEP-18 CTS LS800 Stepper Motor T17 2A
80-R39-PASSCAV-08 Itran 3000, Grommet, 10 Pack
80-R39-TEST-CARR-01 CTS LS800 Carraige Group + Flat for Ink Jet Print Head
80-R39-TR-0089 See 80-R39-23149
80-R39-TR-0099 CTS LS800 Esternal Power Supply 24V DC 150W
80-R47-01121 CTS LS150 Feeder Toothed Belt
80-R47-01322 CTS LS150 SpRing (5 kit)
80-R47-01349 See 80-R-01349
80-R47-01353 CTS LS150 SpRing (5 kit)
80-R47-01358 CTS LS150 SpRing (5 kit)
80-R47-01384 See 80-R-01384
80-R47-01385 See R-01385
80-R47-01516 CTS LS150 Main Transport Belt
80-R47-016217 CTS LS150 Pre Saturated Swab (10 kit)
80-R47-030404 CTS LS150 SpRing (for Inkjet Group)
80-R47-031001 CTS LS150 MICR and OCR Head Support
80-R47-031002 CTS LS150 Plastic Flag for Manual Feeder (No Drop In)
80-R47-031003 CTS LS150 Floor Pan
80-R47-031004 CTS LS150 Right Side + Mag Stripe Holde
80-R47-031005 CTS LS150 Center Body + Light guide Hall
80-R47-031006 CTS LS150 Left Side Output Bin
80-R47-031010 CTS LS150 Output Bin Telescopic STopper
80-R47-031011 CTS LS150 Output Bin Telescopic Document STopper
80-R47-031013 CTS LS150 Feeder Document Holder
80-R47-031017 CTS LS150 Output Bin Flag
80-R47-031021 CTS LS150 Drop in Feeder Contrast Flag
80-R47-031022 CTS LS150 Left External Body Scanner Group
80-R47-031068 CTS LS150 Output Pocket Toothed Contrast Roller
80-R47-031093 CTS LS150 Mylar Back Door
80-R47-031097 CTS LS150 Mylar Output Bin
80-R47-031102 CTS LS150 SpRing (10 kit)
80-R47-031179 CTS LS150 Feed Pad
80-R47-05187 See 80-R39-05187
80-R47-08017 See 80-R-08017
80-R47-08424 See 80-R39-08424
80-R47-10901 CTS LS150 Electromagnet 24ohm (L15O)
80-R47-10902 CTS LS150 MICR Head
80-R47-10903 CTS LS150 Back Transport Motor + Pulley
80-R47-10904 CTS LS150 Feeder Transport Motor + Cable
80-R47-10908 CTS LS150 Kit Sensor Emitter-Receiver Doc Presence Feeder
80-R47-10909 CTS LS150 Double Leafing Emmitter-Receiver Sensor
80-R47-10910 CTS LS150 Drop In Feeder Motor
80-R47-10911 CTS LS150 Drop In Motor Group
80-R47-10912 CTS LS150 Plastic Body Back Door
80-R47-10940 CTS LS150 Double Leafing Emitter Receiver Sensor
80-R47-13875 CTS LS150 Output Bin Full Sensor
80-R47-14041 CTS LS150 USB 2.0 Board With Ink Jet
80-R47-14045 See 80-R39-14045
80-R47-14068 CTS LS150 Drop In Control Board Flag Sensor
80-R47-14069 CTS LS150 USB 2.0 Board with Ink Jet and Hub
80-R47-14080 CTS LS150 Piastra (Ink Jet)
80-R47-14169 CTS LS150 Piastra (JP Morgan)
80-R47-CAB-2511 CTS LS150 CIS Flat Cable
80-R47-CAB-2521 CTS LS150 Wire for Reflecting Sensor ST22 LIV.0
80-R47-CAB-2523 CTS LS150 Wire 8 VIE for Double Leafing Sensor
80-R47-CAB-2524 CTS LS150 Wire 7 VIE for Feeder Presence Sensor
80-R47-CAB-2527 CTS LS150 Drop In Wire 8 VIE 1:1
80-R47-CAB-2528 CTS LS150 Drop In Flat Cable 0.5mm L=48mm
80-R47-ICCCD-CIS-15 CTS LS150 CIS 300 dpi (grey scale)
80-R47LETT-BAD-0006 CTS LS150 Magnetic Stripe Reader Head Trk 1-2-3 + Cable
80-R47-TEST-CARR-02 CTS LS150 Ink Jet Holder + Cable
80-R48-032013 CTS LS-40Pinch Roller Assy.
80-R48-10922 CTS LS-40 Micr Head
80-R48-10924 CTL LS-40 Pinch Roller SoleNoid
80-R48-10926 CTS LS-40 Stepper Motor
80-R48-10929 CTS LS-40 Rear Scanner
80-R48-10930 CTS LS-40 Front Scanner
80-R48-10934 CTS LS-40 Badge, Head Group
80-R48-14120 CTS LS-40 Mother Board
80-R48-TR-0103 CTS LS-40 AC-DC SW 18W, 12V, 1.5 A
80-R57-14148 CTS LS515SE Electronic Board
80-R-CAB-0385 CTS LS515 Cable+Photosensor CTS+ST07 L=180MM
80-R-CAB-0386 CTS LS515 Cable+ Open Feeder Photosensor
80-R-CAB-0386-U CTS LS515 Cable + Open Feeder Photsensor Good Used
80-R-CAB-0436 CST LS515 Cable+Upper Photosensor CTS+ST07 L=200MM
80-R-CAB-0443 CTS LS515 Cable + Photosensor TLP802 + FOPAL L=140MM
80-R-CAB-0641 CTS LS100 Cable for Badge Hd Group
80-R-CAB-0715 CTS SB600, Cable, 3 Wires + Sensor
80-R-CAB-0838 CTS LS100 USB Cable
80-R-CAB-0858 CTS Flat Cable, 10 Wires (Rear Entry)
80-R-CAB-0859 CTS Flat Cable, 20 Wires (Front Entry)
80-R-CAB-0862 CTS SB600 FFC 22 Wires 430mm P.0, 5mm
80-R-CAB-0870 CTS LS100 Cable RS232 DB9 F 2MT
80-R-CAB-0904 CST LS515 8 Wires Cable Double Feeding
80-R-CAB-2502 CTS LS100 MFG Cable 2-wAy-Mtr Fdr Conn.
80-R-CAB-2515 CTS LS100 Cable 12wAyxScanner CIS
80-R-EPROM27C256 CTS LS515 EPROM For Ink Jet (Provided with the FW)
80-R-FOTTR-0004 CTS LS100 Foto Trans LTR209-E (kit 10pz)
80-R-FUSI-A001.60T CTS LS515 Fuse 1.6A T 5x20 for 120 Vac Source Power
80-R-ICCCD-CIS-01 CTS LS100 Front/Rear CIS Scanner 50mm/sec.
80-R-ICCCD-CIS-13 CTS LS100 Front/Rear CIS Scanner
80-R-ICEPLCC29F-70 CTS LS515 Flash EPROM PLCC 32 Which is Assembled on the Board (code 10554) and Having the FW Written on
80-R-IMB-0173 CTS LS100 Complete Carton Box
80-R-INPULB-BIP-01 CTS LS515 Bipolar On-Off Switch
80-R-Keeper CTS Keeper
80-R-LEDIREMIT-04 CTS LS100 LED IR Emitt LTE-209 (Kit 10pz)
80-R-PASCAV-08 CTS LS515 Fairlead Black Rubber
80-R-PIEDEGOMADE-5 CTS LS515 Adhesive Foot
80-R-SPINAPLUG06 CTS LS100/150 Plug Europa for TR-0094
80-R-SPINAPLUG07 CTS LS100/150 Plug USA for TR-0094
80-R-SPINAPLUG08 CTS LS100/150 Plug UK for TR-0094
80-R-SPINAPLUG09 CTS LS100/150 Plug Australia for TR-0094
80-R-TEST-CART-01 CTS LS100/515 I/J Cartridge
80-R-TR-0068 CTS LS515 Transformer 80VA/220V Low-N (For 220 Vac power source)
80-R-TR-0069 CTS LS 515 Transformer T 80VA/12V Low-N for120 Vac Source Power
80-R-TR-0094 CTS LS100/150 AC/DC 24v Transformer Without Plug
80-R-TR-0102 CTS AC/DC 24V, 3.75 A-90 W Power Supply
80-TES-Stamp-08-L CTS Print Head ( Needles)