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Cummins Parts

Cummins™, JetScan™, JetCount™ and JetSort™ are trademarks of Cummins-Allison Corp. J.D. Crow & Associates, LLC is an independent manufacturer and supplier of replacement parts for Cummins™ products and is not affiliated with Cummins-Allison Corp.

46-015-0010-00 Cummins JetScan AC On/Off Switch
46-015-0022-00 Cummins Jetscan Line Filter
46-015-0022-00-U Cummins Jetscan Line Filter, Used
46-016-0029-U Cummins JetScan Main Board, Good Used
46-016-0094-01-U Cummins 4062 Main PCB Used
46-016-0122-01-U Cummins JetScan 4065 Upper Read Head Assembly - Used
46-016-0128-00-U Cummins JetScan Upper Read Head PC Board, Good Used
46-016-0128-01-U Cummins JetScan 4062 Lower Read Head PCB - Used
46-016-0173-00-U Cummins Stacker Sensor, Good Used
46-0622-01-U Cummins 4062 KeyBoard Assy. Good Used
46-11-6000-Pad Cummins 6000 Series Coin Counter 11" Dia. Pad Fully Taped See 46-11-Pad-T
46-11-Pad Cummins Coin Counter 11" Dia Pad
46-11-Pad-R Cummins Coin Counter 11" Pad Recoated -Foam Must be in Good Shape
46-11-Pad-T Cummins Coin Counter 11" Pad Thicker
46-136-CFB Cummins 136/Laurel TSF Coin Feed Belt
46-136-CFB-6X300 Cummins 136/Laurel TSF Coin Feed Belt - 6X360 **
46-13-Pad Cummins Coin Counter 13" Dia Pad Fully Taped
46-13-Pad-Hi Spd Cummins N/S High Speed 13" Coin Counter Pad (Firmer Top)
46-13-Pad-R Cummins Coin Counter 13" Pad Recoated - Foam Must be in Good Shape (NLA)
46-2000SH-U Cummins 2000 Sort Head Good Used
46-3100-DC-U Cummins 3100 Dime Chute (Good Used)
46-402-0010-U Cummins JetScan Main Drive Motor, Good Used
46-402-0064-01-Rev M Cummins 4065 Lower Read head PC Board
46-406-0019-01-U Cummins JetScan Stacker Sensor, Good Used
46-406-0025-00-U Cummins Encoder Assy. Used
46-406-0065-00 Cummins Jetscan Transport Timing Pulley
46-406-0065-00-U Cummins Jetscan Transport Timing Pulley Used
46-406-0085-00 Cummins Flanged BeaRing
46-406-0098-00 Cummins JetScan Setscrew 8-32x3/16
46-406-0106-00 Cummins Jetscan Xport Roller Shaft (for 406-0106-01 Assy)
46-406-0106-01 Cummins Jetscan Xport Roller Assy
46-406-0107-00 Cummins Jetscan Xport Roller Tire (Entire Assy 406-0106-01)
46-406-0220-00-U Cummins Rocker Arm SpRing, Used
46-406-0259-01 Cummins Jetcount/Jetscan Ratchet Arm Assy
46-406-0259-01-B Cummins Jetcount/Jetscan Clutch BeaRing (For Ratchet Arm)
46-406-0314-00 Cummins Jetscan Feeder Drive Pulley
46-406-0314-00-U Cummins Jetscan Feeder Drive Pulley Used
46-406-0344-00 Cummins Hub
46-406-0344-02-I Cummins JetScan Drum Roll Assy Insert O/S (Insert Only*N/S Ribs)(Cust. Should Send Cores in for Revision)
46-406-0344-02-IR Cummins JetScan Drum Roll Assy Insert Recoat O/S Core N/S Tread Ea.(Cust Core Req.)
46-406-0347-00 Cummins JetScan Retard Roller
46-406-0401-00-U Cummins 4062 Left Side Cover, Used
46-406-0403-03-U Cummins 4062 Catcher TrAy, Used
46-406-0405-01-U Cummins Feed Plate Cover,
46-406-0406-02-TH Cummins Jetscan Up Read Head T Handle Aluminum Good Used
46-406-0406-02-TH-U Cummins Jetscan Upper Read Head T-Handle - Good Used
46-406-0406-02-U Cummins JetScan 4062 Upper Read Head Assembly - Used
46-406-0420-00-U Cummins JetScan Retard Roller Bracket
46-406-0422-01-U Cummins JetScan Picker Roller Assy, Brass, Good Used
46-406-0427-01-U Cummins JetScan Pressure Roller Assy Used
46-406-0427-01-W-U Cummins JetScan Pressure Roller Assy, White Plastic Roller Only,Good Used
46-406-0430-00-U Cummins JetScan Mtg. Stud Long Used
46-406-0439-00 Cummins Jetscan Center Dr. Roller
46-406-0439-00-U Cummins Jetscan Center Dr. Roller Used
46-406-0440-00 Cummins Jetscan Center Dr. Tire
46-406-0443-00 Cummins JetScan O-Ring Pulley
46-406-0443-00-U Cummins JetScan O-Ring Pulley, Good Used
46-406-0447-00 Cummins JetScan Enc. Dr. Belt
46-406-0459-00 Cummins Jetscan O-Ring Sm. (1req.)
46-406-0459-00-V Cummins Jetscan O-Ring Sm, Viton(1req.)
46-406-0460-00 See 46-406-0806-00
46-406-0461-000-U Cummins Jet Scan Feeder Cover Good Used
46-406-0482-01-U Cummins JetScan Sensor Used
46-406-0490-00 Cummins JetScan Timing Pulley
46-406-0490-00-U Jet Scan Timing Pulley Used
46-406-0493-00 Cummins JetScan Fd Dr. Timing Belt
46-406-0501-00 Cummins Mylar Shim (.005)
46-406-0502-00 Cummins Mylar Shim(.010)
46-406-0522-00-U Cummins 4062 Magnetic Sensor, Good Used
46-406-0524-00-U Cummins Pressure Roller SpRing, Used
46-406-0527-00 Cummins Mylar Shim (.020)
46-406-0541-00 Cummins JetScan Dr. Motor Single Pkt.
46-406-0541-00-U Cummins JetScan Drive Motor, Good Used
46-406-0550-00 Cummins Jetscan Feed Roll Insert (Kick rubber) O/S
46-406-0551-00-RK Cummins JetScan Feed Roller - N/S Revision Kit IMPROVED (Alum) Fd Insert Includ (2/Pk)
46-406-0551-00-U Cummins JetScan Feed Roller - N/S, Good Used
46-406-0572-00-U Cummins JetScan Mtg. Stud Short Used
46-406-0579-00 Cummins JetScan Motor Dr. Belt
46-406-0585-01-U Cummins Jetscan 4062 Transformer/Power Supply Assy., Used
46-406-0592-00-U Cummins JetScan DisplAy Assembly (Good Used)
46-406-0594-00-U Cummins Jetscan Locator Nut, Used
46-406-0611-01-U Cummins JetScan 4062 Photodiode Sensor Assembly - Used
46-406-0622-01-U Cummins 4062 KeyBoard Assy., Good Used
46-406-0650-00 Cummins 4069/4139 N/S Xport Roller Assy (Smaller)
46-406-0650-00-T Cummins 4069/4139/4166 N/S Xport Roller Tire (Tire Only)
46-406-0676-00 Cummins Jetscan Feed Roller (Kick Rubber) N/S Insert
46-406-0730-00 Cummins JetCount Timing Belt
46-406-0742-00 See 46-406-0806-00
46-406-0784-00 See 46-406-0550-00
46-406-0801-00 Cummins Jetscan Hopper Extension TrAy
46-406-0801-00-U Cummins JetScan Hopper Extension TrAy, Good Used
46-406-0806-00 Cummins JetScan O-Ring (Lg. 2req.)(406-0460-00/406-0742-00)
46-406-0806-00-V Cummins JetScan O-Ring, Viton (Lg. 2req.)(406-0460-00/406-0742-00)
46-406-0883-01-I Cummins JetScan N/S Feed Roller Insert
46-406-0883-01-I-R Cummins JetScan N/S Fd Rllr Insert, Smooth Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
46-406-090025 Cummins 4096 Timing Belt
46-406-165025 Cummins Jetscan 4096 Timing Belt
46-406-203025 Cummins Jetscan 4096 Timing Belt 203T
46-406-24064 Cummins Main Drive Motor
46-406-4022-MDB Cummins 4022 Main Dr. Belt
46-406-4022-MDP Cummins 4022 Motor Drive Pulley
46-406-6050-00-U Cummins JetSort 2000/3000 Coin Drawer Good Used
46-406-9902-00-1406255450316 Cummins 4062 JetScan Refurbished (SN 1 4062 5545 03168)
46-406-9902-00-4062542803165 Cummins 4062 JetScan Serial# 4062542803165
46-406-9902-00-4062551203168 Cummins JetScan 4062 Serial Number 14062551203168
46-406-9902-00-4062552303168 Cummins 4062 JetScan SN 4062552303168 (Refurbished)
46-406-9902-00-4062553903168 Cummins 4062 JetSort SN 14062553903168
46-406-9902-00-4062555703168 Cummins 4062 JetScan SN 4062555703168 (Refurbished)
46-406-9902-00-406256073170 Cummins 4062 JetScan Serial Number 406256073170 (Refurbished)
46-406-KBButton Cummins Key Pad Button, Used
46-409-0002-00-R Cummins Jetscan O/S Pkt Shaft Rllr Assy Recoat (Cust Core Req.) 11.71" Long
46-409-0002-00-RA Cummins Jetscan O/S Pkt. Shaft Rllr Assy 11.71" Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
46-409-0002-21-R Cummins Jetscan O/S Pkt Shaft Rllr Assy Recoat (Cust Core Req.) 10.943"
46-409-0002-21-RA Cummins Jetscan O/S Pkt. Shaft Rllr Assy 10.943" Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
46-409-0002-22-R Cummins Jetscan O/S Pkt Shaft Rllr Assy Recoat (Cust Core Req.) 12.12"
46-409-0002-22-RA Cummins Jetscan O/S Pkt. Shaft Rllr Assy 12.12" Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
46-409-0168-00-R-NS Cummins Jetscan 409-705-00 Pkt Shaft Short 8.4795" Recoat (Cust Core Req.)
46-409-0169-00-R-N/S Cummins Jetscan 409-705-00 Pkt Shaft Middle Short Recoat 9.828"(Cust Core Req.)
46-409-0170-00-R-N/S Cummins Jetscan 409-705-00 Mid. Pkt Shaft Short N/S 9.079" (Cust Core Req.)
46-410-0177-00 Cummins MPS 4100 Timing Belt
46-410-0178-00 Cummins MPS 4100 Timing Belt
46-410-0179-00 Cummins Sorter Timing Belt
46-410-0180-00 Cummins Sorter Timing Belt
46-410-0182-00 Cummins Sorter Timing Belt
46-410-0183-00 Cummins Sorter Timing Belt
46-410-0204-00 Cummins Sorter Timing Belt
46-410-0418-00 Cummins Sorter Flat Belt
46-410-0491-00 Cummins Sorter Timing Belt
46-410-0991-00 Cummins MPS 4100 Timing Belt
46-410-3400-01-MD-25 No Longer Available
46-410-3400-01-MD-25 Cummins/Magner MPS Mini Duster 25/bx
46-410-3400-01-MD-5 No Longer Available
46-410-3400-01-MD-5 Cummins/Magner MPS Mini Duster 5/pk
46-420-0103-01 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-02 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-03 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-04 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-05 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-06 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-07 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-08 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-09 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-10 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-11 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-12 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-13 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-14 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-15 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-0103-16 Cummins Small Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-01 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-02 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-03 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-04 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-05 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-06 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-07 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-08 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-09 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-10 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-11 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-12 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-13 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-14 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-15 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-16 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-17 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-18 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-19 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-20 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-420-2142-21 Cummins Large Sorter Belt
46-4601-FIT-U Cummins 4601 Flat Inspection Tray-Used
46-4601-LIT-U Cummins 4601 Lift Inspection Tray-Used
46-600-0126-00 See 46-11-Pad
46-610-0180-01-U Cummins 1606 Jetsort Transformer, Used
46-610-7013-2101 Cummins Jetsort 1606 Coin Pkg Kit (Includes 6 coin tubes Plus adaptor
46-8-Pad Cummins Coin Counter 8" Dia Pad
46-A6B16220025 Cummins JetScan 4096 Main Dr. Timing Belt
46-A6Z16083025 Cummins 4096 N/S Xport Rollers Drive Belt
46-AKP4096-MT Cummins 4096 Drive Belt (Single)