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Duplo Parts

63-013-00003 Duplo D-590 BeaRing (Large)
63-013-00057 Duplo D-590 BeaRing (Small)
63-01310036 Duplo DF920 Main Pressure Roller BeaRing 2 RequiRed
63-014-10213 Duplo DC-10 Timing Belt
63-054-03016 Duplo DC-10 Fuse
63-054-10001 Duplo DC-10 Fuse
63-054-10108 Duplo DC-10 Switch
63-062-00516 Duplo DC-10 Photointerrupter
63-062-11644 Duplo DBM-350 Photo Interupter
63-11A-11393 Duplo DC-10/60 Collator Suction Belt
63-11A-13222 Duplo DC-10/60 Collator Roller
63-11A-15032 Duplo DSC-10/20 Base Unit
63-11A-15281 Duplo DSC-10/20 Base Unit
63-11A-20461 Duplo 4000 Guide Block
63-11A-40351 Duplo Model 4000 Collator Belt
63-11A-40352 Duplo DC-10/60 Collator Belt
63-11A-42040 Duplo Model 4000 Collator Belt
63-11A-80290 See 63-11A-83610
63-11A-80370 Duplo DFS 2000/4000 Electromagnetic Clutch
63-11A-80371 See 63-11A-80370
63-11A-83610 Duplo System 4000 Motor Driver (P2862)
63-11A-86011 Duplo 4000/5000 DC-10/60 Panel Unit Key
63-11C-10040 Duplo DBM-120 Conveyance Roller
63-11C-10050 Duplo DBM-120 Flat Belt
63-11C-20190 Duplo DBM 120 Hook
63-11C-33030 Duplo DSF 2000 Folder Main Fd Roller
63-11C-33080 Duplo DSF 2000 Folder Main Fd Roller
63-11C-34100 Duplo DBM-120 Flat Belt
63-11C-34110 Duplo DBM-120 Flat Belt
63-11C-45050 Duplo DBM-120 Flat Belt
63-11T-90473 Duplo DFC-12 Supplemental Feeder Plate
63-12-51051 Duplo V580 Shaft BeaRing
63-12H10030 Duplo DF920 Main Pressure Roller w/o beaRings
63-12H10340 Duplo DF920 Idler Roller w/ beaRings
63-12H10490 Duplo DF920 Roller Unit Roller- Each (2 requiRed)
63-12H-25030 12H-25030 Duplo DF915 Paper Folder Paper Feed Shaft
63-12H-26070 Duplo DF520/DF920 Paper Separator Assembly
63-12H-32030 Duplo DF920 Folding Plate 2
63-12H86050 Duplo DF920 Main Board
63-12H-86057 Duplo DF920 Control PCB
63-12J-35451 Duplo 5000 Collator Lever
63-12J-80050 Duplo 5000 Board
63-13Y-10021 Duplo DBM-350 Stiching Head
63-13Y-20420 Duplo DBM-300 Stopper
63-14A-13310 Duplo DSC-10/20 Roller Unit
63-15G-83600 Duplo Electromagnetic Clutch
63-17Y-11300 Duplo DF-850 Clutch Assy.
63-26-22520 Duplo V580 Sep. Plate
63-26-23350 Duplo V-580, V-415 Paper Feed Roller
63-3164144 Duplo 5000 Collator Connecting Funnel
63-3164218 Duplo 5000 Collator Wire Guiding Tube
63-3164457 Duplo 5000 Collator ???
63-3251213 Duplo 5000 Collator Flat Knife
63-5K-83040-U Duplo MD-100 SoleNoid Used
63-72-22310 Duplo Cutter Lever Unit, Feed Stand Unit
63-72-22360 Duplo Cutter Shaft
63-72-22470 Duplo V-417 SpRing To
63-72-23760 Duplo V-417 SpRing T
63-72-25310 Duplo V580 Shaft BeaRing
63-86040811 Duplo 5000 Collator Countersunk Screw
63-86V-71040 Duplo DF755 Solenoid
63-90-52391 Duplo V580 KNob Screw Unit
63-91V-10360 See 63-93E-63190
63-926-22971 Duplo D-580 SpRing NLA
63-926-23350 Duplo D580/590 Rubber Ring Unit
63-926-23791 Duplo V580 Paper Seperator
63-93E-63190 Duplo DFC-12/12B 10/10B Paper Separator Plate (91V-10360)(5 min)
63-93E-83150 Duplo DC-10 Magnet Sensor
63-93L-11701 Duplo DC-10 Feed Tires
63-941-10612 Duplo D580 Gear
63-941-10624 Duplo D590 Feed Shaft
63-941-10624 Duplo D590 Feed Shaft
63-941-21300 See 63-926-23350
63-941-21320 See 63-926-23350
63-941-40074 Duplo D380 Paper Holder
63-941-40120 Duplo DF520/D580/D590 Flat Belt
63-941-87440 Duplo 580 Motor
63-95K-11051 Duplo DFC-12 Rubber Ring Boss
63-95K-83111 Duplo DC-10 Motor
63-95K-83210 Duplo DC-10 Motor
63-96F-10060 Duplo 10000 Collator Valve
63-96-F81002 Duplo DC-10 Electromagnetic Clutch
63-96V-10192 Duplo 520 Roller
63-96V-10341 Duplo 520 Roller
63-96V-10500 Duplo DF520 Idler Roller
63-96V-11100 Duplo DF520 Paper Feed Clutch Unit
63-96V-22070 Duplo DF520 Rubber Roller
63-96V-22071 96V-22071 Duplo DF915 Feed Ring Unit
63-96V-22100 Duplo DF520 Rubber Roller
63-96V-22101 96V-22101 Duplo DF915 Feed Ring Unit
63-96V-53071 Duplo DF910/915 Separator Base Unit
63-96V-80266 Duplo DF-915 PS P.W.B Unit
63-96V-81010 Duplo DF520 DC Motor
63-96V-81660 Main Control Board for Duplo Model DF-520N, NLA
63-96V-82012 Duplo DF520 Ribbon Cable
63-97A-10060 Duplo DFC-12 Plate
63-97J-80130 Duplo DC-10 LED P.W.B Unit
63-97J-84162 Duplo DC-10 Eject. Unit II Bundled Wire 16
63-97J-84164 See 63-97J-84162
63-97J-85040 Duplo DC-10 Electromagnetic Clutch
63-97J-85050 Duplo DC-10 DC Motor Unit
63-97J-85060 Duplo DC-10 Magnet Switch
63-99D-85060 Duplo 5000 Collator Stepping Motor
63-9E1-23660 Duplo V580 Separator (C9-23660)
63-9G6-40020 Duplo V580 Cutter Assembly
63-9J1-S0001 Duplo V-416 Rotary SoleNoid
63-9LC-033-C Duplo Switch, Compatible
63-9M2W1170 Duplo Connector 6 Cable/LC
63-9P9-F1280 Duplo DC-645 Supporting Roller
63-9P9-N1330 Duplo DC-645 Drive Roller
63-9P9-S0054 Duplo DC-645 Roller Kit
63-9S2-N1011 Duplo DC-445 Driving Roller (9S2-N1370)
63-9S9-V3013 Duplo V-416 Main PCB Unit
63-9SR-660-E1 Duplo 660 Cutter, DisplAy KeyBoard Assy.
63-AA010 Duplo V-417 Ball BeaRing
63-AA013 Duplo V580 Bearing
63-AA024 Duplo V-417 Ball BeaRing
63-AA070 Duplo V580 Bearing
63-AA078 Duplo DC-645 Bearing
63-AA090 Duplo V-417 Ball BeaRing
63-AJ-003 Duplo V-580 Timing Belt
63-AJ-018 Duplo V-580 Timing Belt
63-AJ046 Duplo V-417 Timing Belt
63-AJ047 Duplo V-417 Timing Belt
63-AJ048 Duplo V-417 Timing Belt
63-AJ-135 Duplo V-580 Timing Belt
63-AL008 Duplo V-417 V-Belt
63-B3-50320 Duplo V580 Static Bar
63-C9-22360 Duplo Cutter Link
63-C9-22370 Duplo Cutter Eccentric Shaft
63-C9-22651 Duplo V-417 SpRing T
63-C9-23660 Duplo V580 Separator (9E1-23660)
63-CA033 Duplo V-417 Photo Unit Emit/Rec. Sensor Pair
63-D1-80181 Duplo V350 Switch
63-D5-51220 Duplo V415 Anti Static Brush
63-DF520-RK-R Duplo DF520 Folder Roller Kit, Recoat (Set of 4) (Cust. Cores Req.)
63-F2-10380 Duplo V-417 SpRing T
63-F2-10592 Duplo V417 Burst Roller A
63-F4-10081 Duplo V350 Drive Gear
63-F4-20250 Duplo V310/V350 Belt
63-F4-30020 Duplo V350 Left or Right Slitter Upper Blade
63-F4-30071 Duplo V350 Slitter Blade / Lower Right
63-F4-30081 Duplo V350 Slitter Blade/ Lower Left
63-F4-30310 Duplo V350 Idler Gear
63-F4-30340 Duplo V350 Shaft
63-F4-35030 Duplo V350 Center Slitter Upper Blade
63-F4-35250 Duplo V350 Center Slitter Lower Blade
63-F4-40110 Duplo V350 LU Mirror {paper hold down}
63-F4-82030 Duplo V350 Speed Control Assembly
63-G6-10040 Duplo V580 Static Brush
63-G6-10260 Duplo V580 KNob
63-G6-10590 Duplo V-417 SpRing T
63-G6-10741 Duplo V580 Angle Sensor
63-G6-11170 Duplo V580 Timing Pulley Unit
63-G6-20100 Duplo V580 Bearing Stopper
63-G6-20460 Duplo V570 O-Ring
63-G6-32011 Duplo V-580 Up Blade Unit
63-G6-32230 Duplo V-580 Lower Blade Unit
63-G6-50520 Duplo V580 Slit Plate
63-G6-80310 Duplo V580 Sensor
63-G6-80330 Duplo V580 Sensor
63-G6-80341 Duplo V580 Sensor
63-H5-X1010 See 63-9J1-S0001
63-J1-20020-R Duplo V-417 Sheet Burster Roller Assy 1 Refurb (Cust. Core Req)
63-J1-20120-R Duplo V-417 Sheet Burster Roller Assy Refurb (Cutomer Core Req)
63-J12-0220 Duplo V417 Roller See 63-J1-20220
63-J1-20220 Duplo V-416 Burst Section Roll Assy 3.
63-J12-0330 Duplo V417 Up. Roller See 63-J1-20330
63-J1-20330 Duplo V-416 Burst Sect. Upper Roller
63-J1-30050 Duplo V-417 Pulley Unit
63-J1-30190 Duplo V-415 Exhaust Roll Unit
63-J1-X1010 Duplo V-417 DC Motor
63-J8-B2040 Duplo Cutter Lever
63-J8-V3080 Duplo DP-2030 Control Panel PCB
63-JI-20020 Duplo Sheet Burster Roller Assy
63-JI-20120 Duplo Sheet Burster Roller Assy
63-L5-C3050 Duplo V580 Shaft BeaRing
63-L8-C1040 Duplo V-580 SpRing Coil Type
63-L8-C1050 Duplo V580 SpRing
63-L8-V3112 Duplo V580 Panel PCB Unit
63-LA013 Duplo V-417 Micro Switch
63-M2-A2150 Duplo V580 SpRing
63-M2-A3010 Duplo V580 Paper Feed Shaft
63-M2-B1010 Duplo V580 Timing Roller
63-M2-B1080 Duplo V-580 Roller
63-M2-B1210 Duplo V580 Timing Pulley Unit
63-M2-B1260 Duplo v580 Timing Pulley Unit
63-M2-B2021 Duplo V580 Upper Guide
63-M2-C1160 Duplo V580 Static Brush
63-M2-G3280 Duplo V580 Guide R
63-M2-W1110 Duplo V580 PPS Cable
63-M2-W1120 Duplo V580 Emitter
63-M2-W1130 Duplo V580 Receiver
63-M2-X1000 Duplo V-580 Cutter Unit
63-M2-X1020 Duplo Cutter
63-M2-X1030 Duplo 580 Motor
63-M2-X1030EA Eccentric Assy for 63-M2-X1030 Motor
63-M2-X1030NB Duplo 580 Motor, No Bracket
63-P9-A1290 Duplo DC-646 Flat Belt
63-P9-J1010 Duplo DC645 Cutter Unit
63-P9-N1131 Duplo DC645 Sponge Roller
63-P9-N1330 Duplo DC645 Driving Roller
63-P9-N1360 Duplo DC-645 Dr. Section Timing Pulley
63-P9-N1370 Duplo DC-645 Dr. Sect. Timing Pulley
63-P9-N1380 Duplo DC-645 Dr. Sect. Shaft 1 NLA
63-P9-Q5082 Duplo DC 445 Upper Blade-Perf Teeth
63-P9-S0024 Duplo DC645 Slitter 3,5
63-S2-A1141 Duplo DC 445 Feed Belt
63-S2-N1011 Duplo DC-445 Driving Roller 63-9S2-N1370
63-S2-N1021 Duplo Sponge Roller (9S2-N1350)
63-S2-N1022 Duplo DC-445 Sponge Roller (9S2-N1350)
63-S2-N1350 Duplo Sponge Roller (9S2-N1350)
63-S2-N1370 Duplo DC-445 Driving Roller (9S2-N1370)
63-S9-A1051 Duplo Hook
63-S9-V3011 See 63-9S9-V3013
63-W5-C2442 Duplo DC-645 Rotary Score Tool Unit
63-W5-G109 Duplo DC-646 Lower Blade
63-W5-G137 Duplo DC-646 Upper Blade
63-W5-S0012 Duplo DC- 646 Cutter Unit