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Checktech Parts

64-40300-1 See 64-CT66090-03
64-CT30160-1 See 64-CT66304-01
64-CT60005 See 64-CT66057
64-CT60008-1 See 64-CT66910-PK5
64-CT60015 See 64-CT66063
64-CT60019 CheckTech Feed Roller BeaRing
64-CT60041-1 See 64-CT66110-PK5
64-CT60057-1 See 64-CT66037-01
64-CT60058-1 See 64-CT66186-01
64-CT60079-1 CheckTech 6010/7010 Main Digital PCB
64-CT6010/7010 MBUK CheckTech 6010/7010 Main Board Upgrade Kit to a Dash 7
64-CT60101-1 See 64-CT66075-01
64-CT60101-3 See 64-CT66061-01
64-CT60102-5 See 64-CT66155-02
64-CT60103-7 See 64-CT66202-02
64-CT60105-5 See 64-CT66170-01
64-CT60109-3 See 64-CT66185-02
64-CT60129-5 See 64-CT66046-02
64-CT60135-15 See 64-CT66190-03
64-CT60142-13 See 64-CT66218-01
64-CT60144 See 64-CT66110-PK5
64-CT60155-1 See 64-CT66060-02
64-CT60155-3 See 64-CT66076-02
64-CT60230-1 See 64-CT66135-01
64-CT60238-1 CheckTech Reset Switch
64-CT60238-1-U CheckTech Reset Switch Good Used
64-CT60300-13 See 64-CT66090-03
64-CT60311-13R See 64-CT66092-R
64-CT60311-15 See 64-CT66092-02
64-CT60315-11 See 64-CT66096-01
64-CT60315-13R See 64-CT66096-R
64-CT60502-3 See 64-CT66146-01
64-CT60503-3 See 64-CT66150-01
64-CT60524-3 See 64-CT66010-01
64-CT60526-1 See 64-CT66229-01
64-CT60527-1 See 64-CT66227-01
64-CT60530-1 See 64-CT66236-01
64-CT60545-7 See 64-CT66071-02
64-CT60545-9 See 64-CT66082-02
64-CT60547-1 See 64-CT66107-01
64-CT60548-01 See CT66107-01
64-CT60565-3 CheckTech 6010/7010 Main Analog PCB
64-CT65565-5 See 64-CT66120-01
64-CT66010-01 CheckTech ON/OFF Switch w/Wires
64-CT66037-01 CheckTech Cam Lock Receptacle
64-CT66046-02 CheckTech Flicker CW Motor Assy
64-CT66057-01 Checktech 6105 O-Ring Flicker Roller Driven Purple
64-CT66057-01-BK CheckTech O-Ring Flicker Roller Driven Blk.
64-CT66060-02 CheckTech Combining CW Motor Assy
64-CT66061-01 CheckTech Combining/Stacker Roller Assy
64-CT66063-01 Checktech Medium O-Ring Purple
64-CT66063-01-BK CheckTech Med. O-Ring Black
64-CT66071-02 CheckTech Laminating CW Motor Assy
64-CT66075-01 CheckTech Laminating Roller Assembly
64-CT66076-02 CheckTech Stacker CCW Motor Assy
64-CT66082-02 CheckTech Tape Feed CCW Motor Assy
64-CT66090-03 CheckTech Cutter Assy (New)
64-CT66090-03-U CheckTech Cutter Assembly, Used
64-CT66090-R CheckTech Cutter Assy Rebuilt/Regrind 11411: (No Core CRedit)
64-CT66092-02 CheckTech Cutter Blade-Moving (New)
64-CT66092-R CheckTech Cutter Blade-Moving (Regrind) 11411: NLA. See CT66090-R
64-CT66096-01 CheckTech Cutter Blade Stationary (New)
64-CT66096-R CheckTech Cutter Blade Stationary (Regrind) 11411: NLA. See CT66090-R.
64-CT66098-01 CheckTech 4010 Nylon Ball BeaRing (6 per Machine-Sold as Each)
64-CT66107-01 CheckTech Cutter SoleNoid w/Connect
64-CT66110-PK5 CheckTech Vinyl Cap, SoleNoid Extent Pkg of 5
64-CT66111-01 CheckTech Rubber Bumper Assembly
64-CT66115-01 CheckTech Heater Press Micro Switch Assy
64-CT66120-01 CheckTech 6105 Main PC Board
64-CT66135-01 CheckTech Flicker Idler Roller Assy w/SpRing
64-CT66146-01 CheckTech 5010/6010/7010 Emitter PCB
64-CT66146-01-U CheckTech 6010 Emitter PCB (TMW40502-3)
64-CT66150-01 CheckTech Receiver Board Assembly
64-CT661501-01 See 64-CT66150-01
64-CT661501-01-U CheckTech 6010 Receiver TMW40503-3 Used
64-CT66155-02 CheckTech Combining Assembly
64-CT66170-01 CheckTech TMW4010 Heater Block Assy
64-CT66170-01-T CheckTech CT6105 Thermistor (for underneath Heater Block Assy)
64-CT66185-02 CheckTech Heater Press Assy, Lockable
64-CT66186-01 CheckTech Cam Lock
64-CT66190-01 See 64-CT66190-03
64-CT66190-03 CheckTech Heater Press Hsg. Assy
64-CT66202-02 CheckTech Roller, Teflon Coat Idler Assy
64-CT66218-01 CheckTech Roller, Tape Feed Idler Assy
64-CT66227-01 CheckTech Reflective Sensor, Tape Feed Assy
64-CT66229-01 CheckTech Tape Presence Sensor Assy
64-CT66236-01 CheckTech Sensor WiRing Harness
64-CT66304-01 CheckTech 6105-E / 3020 Drive Belt
64-CT66910-PK5 CheckTech Screw, Set 6-32X3/16" Pkg of 5
64-CT66964-01 CheckTech 7010 Flat Washer
64-CT70217-1 CheckTech O-Ring 1 1/2 ID Auto Feed Small
64-CT70218-1 CheckTech O-Ring Auto Feed Large
64-CT70525-1 CheckTech Load Switch
64-CTCBRGK CheckTech Cutter Blade Rubber Grommet Kit
64-CTERSK CheckTech Emitter Receiver Standoff Kit
64-CTHPUK CheckTech Heater Press Upgrade Kit
64-CTSBUK CheckTech Shoulder Bolt Upgrade Kit
64-TMW40502-3 See 64-CT66146-01
64-TMW40503-3 See CT661501-01
64-TMW40565-U Checktech 5010 Main PCB Used